Out of school care consultation

Scottish Government: Consultation on Out of School Care

A new consultation on Out of School Care has been launched by the Scottish Government who published their draft framework on ‘Out of School Care  – draft framework 2019’ on Friday 30th of August.

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The Scottish Government is inviting all organisations involved in supporting children and families to respond to the consultation. Scottish Government is also asking organisations to share and encourage all stakeholders to also input to the consultation.

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Please follow this link for the consultation: https://consult.gov.scot/children-and-families/out-of-school-care/

A new guide to self-evaluation for care services

Self-evaluation for improvement – your guide

The Care Inspectorate have published a new guide to support all care services in undertaking self-evaluation.

This useful document provides clear guidance and information on topics such as: 

  • What is self-evaluation?                                                 
  • How to use self-evaluation
  • Consulting with all service users
  • How to evaluate and know what you do well, identify how you know this and what/where to go next

The Care Inspectorate states:

“We support improvement and we want to empower services to evaluate their own performance. This guide helps services across all care settings understand how they can do that. We believe that self-evaluation can be a powerful tool to identify what’s working well and to identify and support improvement. We want all services to undertake self-evaluation. We see self-evaluation as a process that the care service leads on and it is for you to determine the frequency and focus of your self-evaluation” (page 2: Self-evaluation for improvement – your guide)

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Out of School Care Consultation

CALA has welcomed the opportunity to be part of the reference group working with Scottish Government on the ‘Out of School Care in Scotland: draft framework 2019’.

The Scottish Government is now seeking the thoughts and views of children, parents, carers and professionals in the sector on what they think about out of school care and what else Scottish Government could do.

Your views and opinions are a vital part of this process and we would encourage everyone with an interest to take part.

Click here to access the consultation and submit your comments.

Care Inspectorate Hub – Outdoor Learning Guidance Tools

Outdoor Learning 

Guidance Tools available on the Care Inspectorate Hub

Children in our CALA centres have come back after their summer holidays and got straight back into exploring their outdoor play environments and favourite spaces in their communities. Lots of exploring, investigating and discoveries have already been made by the children and observations, interests and ideas captured to inform future planning.

With the national focus on Outdoor Learning and as we plan our outdoor environments and experiences, we thought it might be a timely reminder to highlight some of the valuable tools to help support good practice in your ELC setting on the ‘Care Inspectorate Hub’ Click on each of the documents to access.

Employers: Government help with childcare costs for your employees

Employers: Government help with childcare costs for employees

As childcare vouchers have closed to new entrants, there still may be help at hand for employers with Tax-Free Childcare, a government scheme to help working parents with the cost of childcare.
Eligible parents could get up to £2,000 per child, per year, to spend on qualifying childcare. For parents with 2 children, that could mean a saving of £4,000 on the family budget.

You don’t need to do anything, but telling your employees about Tax-Free Childcare could:

• help them with their childcare costs
• help their return to work
• help them work more hours, if they want to
• help you retain staff you’ve invested in.

For more information, tell your employees to visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/tfc2.

Early Years Information Pathway, NHS Health Scotland


The following information comes from an email sent by Play Scotland:

“The Early Years Information Pathway is designed to guide professionals through the national information resources that are available to facilitate discussion and effective communication with parents and carers. The pathway covers pre-birth to preschool. Full details and copy of the publication can be found here

Stop it Now!

Infection Prevention Guidance

Learning Outdoors Early Years