A new guide to self-evaluation for care services

Self-evaluation for improvement – your guide

The Care Inspectorate have published a new guide to support all care services in undertaking self-evaluation.

This useful document provides clear guidance and information on topics such as: 

  • What is self-evaluation?                                                 
  • How to use self-evaluation
  • Consulting with all service users
  • How to evaluate and know what you do well, identify how you know this and what/where to go next

The Care Inspectorate states:

“We support improvement and we want to empower services to evaluate their own performance. This guide helps services across all care settings understand how they can do that. We believe that self-evaluation can be a powerful tool to identify what’s working well and to identify and support improvement. We want all services to undertake self-evaluation. We see self-evaluation as a process that the care service leads on and it is for you to determine the frequency and focus of your self-evaluation” (page 2: Self-evaluation for improvement – your guide)

Click on the photo to access the document

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