Play and Learning ideas

Play and learning ideas

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29th June – 6th July

You said, we did....

You asked us to provide clear, concise information, simple play ideas and news without having to wade through lots of reading. So we have been working hard to keep our dedicated Family Information and Support pages populated with carefully chosen, relevant play ideas and information to help you be in the know. Hopefully we’ve inspired you with some simple play ideas and offered reassurance that you are supporting your children’s learning through play.

As promised, we’ve also populated our News from CALA services page with further play and learning ideas from our practitioners, including videos of baby massage, narrated stories, puppets & much more. Click here to access

Supporting young children’s behaviour for parents

We are providing FREE access to this module during the COVID – 19 pandemic to support families. With the significant changes to our daily routines parents may be seeing different behaviours from their children. While we can’t offer a magic wand for you, you may find some of the information and strategies helpful.

Under 3’s


Games to play with your babies and toddlers


Early sit-ups

Another fun idea from the [email protected] activity sheets

3 – 6years

Walk the line!

Why not dress up as a pirate and change this game to Walk the plank!

Run for it!

Have fun rolling the dice and doing the actions!

7 years and over

Up in the air balloon game!

How long can you keep it up in the air – don’t let it fall!

Active Play Games

Check out the’ Active Play Ideas’ booklet from Play Scotland

Useful links to further ideas and resources

Dice Popping Balloons

Got Ya!

Splat Painting

Feel Mats

Jenga Boxes

Sensory Tunnel - 0-3 years

Puppet Theatre

Not just a box

No mess painting in a box

Stack and knock game

Horizontal Basketball

Cup hockey

Eye spy bottles

Sensory peek a boo board

Noughts and crosses

Fun with bottle tops

What is in the clouds?

Frozen Paint Cubes

Soft play hockey

Captain Pugwash has a problem

Posting for the under threes

Three little pigs

Hide and seek

Wonder of balloons

Goldilocks and the three bears

Science ideas for over 7’s

Water play for babies and toddlers

Some fun ideas for water play indoors and out with your baby and or toddler

Anytime, any weather outside water play!

Water play – hours of fun!

Fun with guttering

Some simple fund ideas with guttering – click on the image to access the full document


How to make Gloop – click on the image to access the full document

No-cook playdough

No-cook playdough

Hours of fun play and learning with a quick and easy no-cook recipe for playdough.

Picture Attack

Picture Attack

No pens/paper/crayons art.

3 and over - Be a Superhero

Be a Superhero!

Which Superhero will you become?

Rainbow targets 3-5 years

Ball games

Big bubble play

Sensory obstacle course 0-3 years

Singalong 0-3 years

Play and learning with sticks

Gaelic Story

Making oatmeal playdough

Memory Box

Memory Box

This is a very extraordinary time that we are living through at the moment and will be a historical period of time that people will look back on in future generations – keep your own ‘historical record’ and make your own memory box.

Click here to download a copy

Wave bottles

Wave bottles

A sensory idea for the under 2’s

Click here to download a copy

Water Play

Water Play

Hours of fun and learning

Click here to download a copy

Ideas for daily garden/exercise time

Percussion Play

Percussion Play

Click here to access




Become a Graffiti artist!

Click here to access

Water Painting

Water Play

No Paint? Try out some of these ideas with just water!

Click here to access

House work is fun!

Click here to download

Hula Hoop Challenge

Story and Song

Stick shapes and mobiles

Stick shapes and mobiles

Stick puppets

Stick puppets and favourtie stories


CALA - Ideas for children over 7 (Poster 1)

CALA - Ideas for children over 7 (Poster 2)

Ideas from CALA

Some simple ideas for games that can be played indoors or out!

Get creative with old clothes - over 7’s

Get creative with old clothes

A fun idea for out budding fashionistas!

Jelly Bags - 0-3 years

0-3 Discovery basket

Discovery basket

Learning through senses fusing simple objects gathered from around the house.

0-3 Sensory Painting

Sensory Painting
Whole-body sensory painting experience

Top Marks

Top Marks

A range of  online games and activities covering a range of topics for children of all ages. Click here to access

Grow your own vegetables from scraps

Grow your own vegetables from scraps!

When Mum or Dad is using onions in cooking – why not ask them to save you the bottom part of the onion with the roots. Pop it into a shallow bowl of water and put to one side in a bright and warm place in the house. Check-in with it every couple of days and watch for ‘shoots’ appearing on the onion roots. Once the shoots appear plant in the garden and see if it grows!

Try it out with some other vegetables – carrots, cabbage etc.

(Idea submitted by Katrina Woods, Junior World).

Murdina - Gaelic song

Songs, rhymes and stories with Nicki and Bookbug

Eilidh - Baby Massage

Bump 2 Bairns

Bumps 2 Bairns

Daily activities and ideas to do with 3-5 year olds.

Click here to access

National Literacy Trust

Literacy Trust

Discover Apps to support your child’s language and literacy development.

For ages 0 years to 5 years

Click here to access


Bookbug App

Bookbug songs and rhyme app

Click here to access

The Maths Factor

The Maths Factor

(created by Carol Vorderman)

This programme is for children aged 4-12 years and provides lots of opportunites for children to develop their maths skills through fun and interactive online tasks and games.

Statement from ‘The Maths Factor’:

“Following the Government’s decision to implement widespread school closures across the UK to minimise the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We will be making The Maths Factor FREE for everyone (usually about £2 per week) to support childrens’ continued learning at home for the duration of the UK Schools closure period. We want to help you and your child as much as we can.”

BBC Bitesize - TV

Educational Programmes and games for children and young people 3 – 18 from BBC Bitesize.

In response to school closures and the COVID-19 situation Bitesize are: 

‘changing to bring you daily content that supports your education and wellbeing. Stay on track with Bitesize, we’ve got you’

Click here to access

One Parent Families Scotland

One Parent Families Scotland

Activities for kids when you’re social distancing

Click here to access

Gaelic resources from Stòrlann.

Goireasan Gàidhlig bho Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig

Gaelic resources from Stòrlann.

Click here to access the website

Nature Ideas - Culbokie Out of School Club

Creative Star

Creative Star

Although we may be restricted in some of the ideas for outdoor play, there are many that can be adapted for indoors or in the confines of your own garden.

Click here to access



Movement and mindfulness for children

Click here to access


Play Scotland

Play Scotland – I’m bored!

Ideas to do at home for children.

Click here to access

Play Scotland - Home play pack

Play Scotland state:

“We know children need play to thrive and make sense of their world, and that play supports their mental and physical health and wellbeing. Play Scotland have created this pack and our #101waystoplay campaign in order to support children and families to stimulate their imagination, creativity and play time. Many ideas can be led and carried out by children themselves, with very little adult support and some are good fun for all the family! Many are suitable for indoors or confined spaces, and most are low cost or free”

Click here to access the pack

Junk Modelling - ELC Shetland

The Great Indoors! - Scouts

Some great ideas from the Scouts UK page – especially useful for older children

Click to access


Inspired ideas for families and children of all ages

Click here to access


Ideas from Itison

5 tips including free printables, online resources and more for ITISON

Click here to access

Scotland Learns - activities to help parents and carers support their child’s learning at home

From Education Scotland:

Here you will find a range of ideas and suggestions of activities to help parents and carers support their child’s learning at home. The activities are aimed at a variety of ages and we will be adding new activities each week. Choose an activity from the list that your children would like to do. Our weekly newsletter for parents and carers also has additional ideas, hints and tips and links to other useful resources

Click here to access

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