Safe Tea Campaign

Safe Tea Campaign: Helping to reduce the number of ‘scald injuries’ to young children

The ‘SafeTea’ campaign was launched on October 16th  2019 on social media, TV and radio, and aims to reduce hot drink scalds and improve first aid for children’s burns. The target audience is parents, grandparents and carers of children under 5 across the UK.

The ‘Safe Tea’ campaign states:

‘The British are great tea drinkers, but this social habit has one undesirable consequence – the scalding of young children with hot liquids, usually pulled down over themselves. Across the UK, 30 young children attend hospital every day for treatment of hot drink scalds’

The ‘Safe Tea’ campaign recognises that many of these injuries are preventable. Through sharing key information on safe practice of hot drinks around small children and first aid advice on what to do in the event of an accident, the campaign aims to tackle this problem and reduce the number of children being scalded by hot drinks.

SafeTea Ambassadors are organisations and groups who support the aims of the campaign and agree to disseminate information about SafeTea to their networks , promote campaign messages on social media and encourage individuals to get involved by become supporters. 

Please visit the SafeTea website to see the resources available

SafeTea is a national evidence-based campaign targeting one of the commonest preventable injuries to young children- please get involved and make help a difference by becoming a SafeTea Ambassador.

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