It’s never too early to share a book!

We wanted to share a lovely example of how our Family Service workers are promoting early literacy and family learning through PEEP sessions which support parents and children to learn together. 

At a recent PEEP session, one of our FS practitioners was talking with parents about the benefits of sharing books with babies.  Parents of a 5-month-old baby were there and the Dad thought this a strange idea as his baby was far too little.  Staff encouraged him to try reading a story: he did so, and the little one was mesmerised!  When the story was finished he kept staring at his Dad until Dad read him another book!  Mum was so impressed with this she went out and bought some books for the little one and is now reading to him every day!

It’s never too early to share stories with a little one and there are a useful video and information for parents on the Parentzone website at  which also includes information about accessing libraries. You can find out about Bookbug bags available from the Scottish Book Trust here:


You can find out more about PEEP here:

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