Parentzone Scotland – I am an engineer!

A recent newsletter from the Northern Alliance highlighted the website Parentzone Scotland for supporting Family Engagement. This website is a tool to support parents  ‘be at the heart of their child’s learning’ by providing useful information on a broad range of topics including curriculum, schools, additional support needs and ideas for supporting their child’s learning at home.

Their ’Supporting science, technologies, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at home’ page provides information and ideas for parents to support their child in different areas of STEM at different stages of their learning journey.

An example of one of the tools is: ‘I am an engineer!’

Parentzone Scotland describes this as,

“a learning resource for families to engage in STEM activities using the world around them. The workbook is split into sections depending on the age and stage of children and families and supports them to learn about engineering in a fun and challenging way. You can find out more about the work of some real-life engineers and have fun trying some of the STEM activities and challenges as a family”

To explore this valuable resource and much more, visit Parentzone Scotland at:

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