Moving on with CALA

We’ve been just blown away by the number of daily views, parent interaction and feedback that our Family Information and Support pages (developed in response to Covid-19) have received over the last term – thank you for helping to keep us all so connected!

In recognition that the summer holidays are here and how we are so looking forward to the re-opening of our childcare settings in August we’re moving on with what information we provide whilst retaining what you told us was most useful but with a fresh new look!  Some areas are still work in progress, however, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Parents Portal and Practitioners Portal full of carefully selected items including Health and Wellbeing we think will be of most interest to you.  Our ‘Family Servicespage shares your favourite play/videos/songs and stories in English and Gaelic. Our ‘News from CALA Settings’ will be populated just before the start of the new term so you’ll know just what to expect when your child returns to their setting.

Why not have a look, we’d love to have your feedback

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