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The purpose of this dedicated portal is to provide a one-stop ‘shop’ to enable all CALA practitioners to access the latest guidance, childcare related news, information, useful weblinks, CALA blog, twitter feed, CPL opportunities and national guidance documents to ensure you are appropriately supported, well informed and empowered to keep up to speed with key information for childcare practitioners.

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CALA Twitter and Blog

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Current Guidance to support the re-opening of Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland

Health Protection Scotland

Guidance for non-healthcare settings

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guidance on reopening ELC services

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Childminder services guidance

NHS Inform

Test and Protect

Coronavirus (COVID – 19)

 Guidance on re-opening of OSC services

Practice guidance

National practice guidance and support tools for practitioners. 

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Continuous Professional Learning 


CALA E-Learning zone

Click on the logo to access Education Scotland’s Improvement Hub

Click on the logo to access the Care Inspectorate Hub

Click on the logo to access the SSSC Learning Zone

HTSI (Highland Third Sector Interface)

Free online learning for third sector organisations during Covid-19. Courses vary in length (identified at course description) and include some 60-second bitesize modules. Courses of particular interest include:

  • Coping with Change, Self-care, Health & Wellbeing, Self-management.
  • Cyber Security, Data Protection
  • Health & Safety, Food Hygiene, Food Hygiene & Safety
  • IT skills, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word
  • Literacy Skills
  • Teamwork.

Please access via Marion, [email protected] (CALA practitioners only)

Click here for further informaiton

Scottish Government e-learning

Scottish Government ELC

Free e-learning for ELC practitioners – more in-depth modules to study over a few weeks

Current modules:

  • Understanding the social factors which may impact on children’s outcome in the early years
  • Supporting parents to further engage in their children’s development
  • Supporting the development and progression of children’s early language and literacy
  • Building confidence in identifying and responding to additional support needs
  • Staff skills, knowledge and confidence in delivering and learning in STEM subjects

Click here to access


Step into Leadership 

A new resource, 23 Things Leadership – Useful tool with activities to support leadership development in Social and health services – 23 different ‘things’ looking at all aspects of leadership/management, encouraging self-reflection.  Links to the SSSC open badges.

Click here to access


COVID-19 related information

Supporting children’s worry and anxiety

Podcast and Q&A webinar on the impact of COVID with Stan Godek. Useful awareness of common anxieties and strategies for supporting children.

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Posters, film for how to talk to parents, stories about COVID to share with children. How to talk about bereavement – and much more.

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While we can’t hug

Short film for children explaining other ways to show you care

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Leading in a crisis 

Particular support for reflection, developing own and other’s leadership capability during crisis e.g. Covid-19: access to a range of existing leadership resources, from a variety of sources, using a simple and accessible format.  Learners can access resources designed to support them develop their own skills in leading a crisis, leading with compassion, self-leadership, resilience and wellbeing.  There are also resources to support leaders support others in a crisis, and in particular resources related to supporting others to use their own leadership capability, supervision and support, and coaching and mentoring

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Child Action Prevention Trust

Free downloads on COVID and child safety

Click here to access


NHS Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

Range of support tools including info on children, teens, students.  Mood assessment, video guides e.g. anxiety, low mood, low confidence & assertiveness, unhelpful thoughts.  Links to therapies available, stress busters etc.

National wellbeing hub

Support page for those working in Health or Social Care in Scotland.  Links for individuals, managers/employers

Click here to access

NHS Highland Staff health & wellbeing

For NHS Highland staff – covers issues such as healthy mind, healthy body, finance, etc.  Also Moodzone assessment tool

Play – post Covid

Play – post-Covid

An article about getting play right in the early years post-COVID

Click here to access

COVID – 19 play report from Play Scotland

Click here to access

Attachment theory

Attachment theory

Attachment theory in practice

Click here to access


The psychology of play

The psychology of play

A 2 min video with input from psychologists helping children cope with stress and worry through play – good to share with parents

Action for children

Action for children

Support for children’s mental health

Click here to access


Trauma informed

Trauma-Informed – for those working with children and families video

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Coping and resilience

Coping and resilience

A useful infographic to help awareness of coping mechanisms and resilience

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Highland Council - CPL via Highland Digital School Hub

Words Up, RTA, access via Highland Digital School Hub

Click here to access

Further learning materials  on ELC Highland blog – including planning, SE, literacy, numeracy

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