Santa Loves STEM Video from the Institute of Engineering and Technology

As most of us are aware, there is huge demand for a workforce with STEM skills (Science, Engineering, Maths and Technology) and the IET (Institution for Engineering and Technology) has launched its annual ‘Santa Loves STEM’ video (IET) aiming to inspire the next generation.

In the animated story, we learn how Santa’s children, Sammy Science, Tommy Technology, Evie Engineer and Mollie Mathematician saved Christmas. We are shown the STEM toys they were given as children and the influence this had on their hobbies and future careers growing up.

The video aims to show young people and their influencers the importance of STEM throughout a variety of careers. It highlights how a hobby can lead to a job that you’re truly passionate about.

As well as the film, there is:

  • Further information about how the STEM toys influenced Santa’s children: click here to access.
  • Ideas of some fun things to make and do at home using items readily available, including a dissolving egg, magnetic slime, a kaleidoscope and even a smartphone projector: click here to access.
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