Important Information for Services from Care Inspectorate

The care inspectorate is making changes to the way you receive your PROVIDER UPDATES. You are required to click on the link below to select which update version you wish to receive and update your account.

The Care Inspectorate state:

We are tailoring the content you receive.

We carried out a Provider Update reader survey in July 2020 to help us get Provider Updates right for you. Based on what you said we are transitioning into three new editions of the Provider Update: 

  • Provider Updates for adult/older people services 
  • Provider Updates for early learning/out of school/children and young people services
  • Provider Updates for childminders 

We will be switching to the new editions of the Provider Update from 10th December 2020. 

Subscribers who receive the Provider Update 

Subscribers to the Provider Update must now choose which of the three editions they now want to receive going forward. You may choose to receive all three editions if you wish or any combination of the three. 

We will continue to issue reminders to subscribers to update their subscription topics as we will be switching entirely to the new editions of the Provider Update from 10 December 2020. 

Your subscription topics can be chosen by logging into your subscription account here and clicking ‘Add subscriptions’ which sits just under the ‘Submit’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons.


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