Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre

Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre

Childcare spaces available for 0-2 years.

Are you looking for childcare for your baby in Inverness?

Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre currently has spaces in their ‘Little Explorers Room’ for babies and toddlers 0-2 years.

The children and staff have put together the small slide show below to demonstrate some of the daily play and learning experiences they have at Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre – why not pop along for a visit and join the fun!

For further information contact: Tel: 01463 222115 or email [email protected]

Gardening Fun at Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre

The children and staff at Wimberley would like to express a big thank for all their kind donations to:

  • Morrison’s, Inverness,
  • Munro’s Nurseries, Munlochy 
  • Simpsons Garden Centre, Inverness,

The resources and materials enabled our children to begin creating a vegetable plot, raised beds and a Bug Hotel.

This has been invaluable for our children’s learning; they have been exploring how things grow, how to care for them and are looking forward to the next step of tasting the fruits of their labour.

We have plans to extend this area further,  so watch this space! 

         “We were planting and looking after the vegetables and flowers.”

“We have been working together to make it all happen and looking forward to meeting our residents in the bug hotel.”

Thank you also to all our Mummies, Daddies, Grannies and Grandpas, who have also helped us make our garden so much more fun.

Best wishes from everyone in Wimberley.

Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre – Summer 2017 Newsletter

The following blog update comes from Tracy at Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre:

WECC Baby Room

All of us in the baby room would like to wish our children well who have recently moved up to the 2-5 room, and we welcome our newest intake of children whom are all settling in very well.

screenshot-outlook-office-com-2017-08-11-10-04-00Here in the baby room we have been making the most of the quieter days, while some of you have been enjoying your holidays, we have been able to go to Simpsons where the children were mesmerized by the different colourful fish, we have also been to feed the ducks and swans at the University where we were able to see the baby swans.

screenshot-outlook-office-com-2017-08-11-10-05-13With all this nice weather we have been having we have been able to enjoy lots of outdoor play at various parks and in the garden; drawing with chalk, singing songs on the seesaw, exploring the big garden and playing on the tree house and climbing frames.

Currently our planning is focussed around continuing to settle new children and sensory play which children have been very engaged in. So far this week babies have liked play with oats, pasta, lentils, crazy soap and gloop.


If your child is ill, please do not bring him/her to the Centre. Coughs, sneezes, sickness and diarrhoea spread very rapidly through the group. If your child has an infectious illness, please keep him/her away from the group until the infectious period is over. In line with NHS infection control guidelines we ask that in the case of sickness and diarrhoea you keep your child at home until they have been clear for 48 hours.

The following guidelines are the minimum periods of exclusion – the doctor in attendance may in some cases desire longer exclusions.

· Chickenpox 5 days from onset of rash

· Measles 5 days from onset of rash

· Rubella 5 days from onset of rash

· Mumps until the swelling has subsided, but not less than 9 days from the onset of symptoms.

Head lice – head lice are common and easily spread amongst children; treatment is simple via a number of over the counter remedies. There is no need to be embarrassed about your child having nits or lice. For further information please ask your pharmacist. As soon as you have completed the simple treatment your child can attend the centre as normal.

WECC 2 – 5 Room


All of us are wishing our children leaving to go to school or further afield well in their new adventures, and would like to welcome our new children just moved up from our baby room whom are already settling in well due to the transitions they have been experiencing over the past few months.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have kindly donated toys and resources to us, we really appreciate these gestures as do the children.

screenshot-outlook-office-com-2017-08-11-10-11-37We have been making the most of the nice weather with lots of outdoor play in the garden and at various parks. We’ve been busy in the holidays bug hunting finding lots of slugs, snails, slaters and spiders. We also enjoyed getting our green fingers on planting our bulbs and seeds which we can hopefully see grow into beautiful flowers.

Our planning is currently focussed on learning about princes and princesses through reading various fairytale stories such as Cinderella, Rapunzel and Beauty and the Beast. Children have been busy making their own crowns and wands and dressing up as their favourite characters.