Bookbug’s Big Picnic

BookBug, Debbie and I took our painting kits, Song Band and Storybook along to our Lybster and Miller Family Centre peep Groups, where everyone took part in our fun-filled joint session for “Bookbug’s Big Picnic peep Adventure”.

We Set out the paints, brushes, boxes and paper, and let the children be creative, giving them the opportunity to express themselves and explore the endless fun they could have with just their imagination. Both parents and children had immense fun just by simply interacting whilst having FUN.

ORIM and mark making were the themes for our big picnic.

For snack, the children enjoyed Bookbug’s Big Picnic – which included sandwiches and lots of other yummy, healthy snacks.

We read “Peep Paints his Room” – our families had fantastic fun with the song band, especially when singing “ Tiny Tim” and pulling it sooooo tightly and only letting go when his bubble finally popped.

We finished off with lots of stomping about and singing lots more action songs.

The Bookbug App

Scottish Book Trust have released a Bookbug app, allowing parents and practitioners to access songs, rhymes and new words on their phone. The following description comes from the Bookbug website: 

“Download our free Bookbug app to share songs and rhymes on the go, look up new words or make up your own songs and rhymes to our new instrumental versions! Apps can be great for supporting children’s learning and encouraging play and creativity. Bookbug’s Songs and Rhymes app is one more way to fit songs and rhymes into your day and it’s here to support you as you play and sing with your wee one.”
“Explore the app together and create your own personalised playlists. You can also use the app to find your nearest Bookbug Session!”
Download the app by searching “Bookbug” on either the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. 

Bookbug’s Big Giggle at Alness Little Storks

The following blog post was submitted by Monika Maleszka-Ritchie, CALA Bi-lingual Coordinator:


This year’s Bookbug Week was celebrated at the Alness Little Storks. The theme was ‘Bookbug’s Big Giggle’, which we shared with lots of cool songs and rhymes.

Although Alness Little Storks is a Polish group, everybody got giggling with ‘We are going on the Bear Hunt’, which was chock full of silliness and fun. We have been walking though water (“splishy sploshy” / “pluskpluskplusk”) and through woods made of sticks. We have been tiptoeing on the grass and crushing tissue paper and tin foil to make lots of funny noises.

Cotton balls are always funny – and they also make great snow, so soft and not cold at all! Eventualy we met a bear in the dark cave – and even though he was not scary at all, we ran as fast as we could all the way home. Remember, having a giggle and being a wee bit silly (zwariowani in Polish) is really important in promoting positive mental health in babies and children… even their parents and carers too!

It’s Bookbug Week!


The theme of this year’s BookBug week is ‘Bookbug’s Big Giggle’, and events are taking place throughout Scotland to celebrate. CALA’s Toddler Team have been getting in on the action, and we will be sharing their experiences on the blog soon.

Here’s how you can get involved in Bookbug Week:

Click here to find out what events are taking place near you. 

Keep an eye on Bookbug’s Facebook page for news and competitions throughout the week.

Learn more about Bookbug Week and by visiting the BookBug website, which features ideas you can try at home.