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SOSCN – Activity and Well-being

This module developed in partnership by Care and Learning Alliance (CALA) and the Scottish Out of School Network (SOSCN) and is available free of charge for everyone to access.

The module combines key aspects from two training programmes: Activity and Wellbeing – First Steps and Next Steps which have been delivered to out of school services by SOSCN over   a number of years and is designed to help practitioners to consider how they plan, deliver and review physical play opportunities for children in their settings.

Through interactive content, films, interviews, links to guidance and support materials and a few simple tasks to help consolidate your learning, this module will help all those working with children and young people to:

  • Explore and be more aware of three resources – ‘The British Heart Foundation Active Pack’, ‘The British Heart Foundation – Early Movers Resource Booklets’ and Education Scotland’s ‘Significant Aspects of Learning’.
  • Identify how to use the British Heart Foundation – Early Movers Resource Booklets and Significant Aspects of Learning in practice to support how we plan for and facilitate physical play for children of all ages and stages that is fun, active and inclusive.

The module is beneficial for a wide range of learners, such as:

  • Managers, practitioners, community groups, support staff or volunteers who work with or for children and young people and their families delivering high quality play opportunities
  • Parent, carers and significant family adults in children’s families
  • Those considering a career in childcare

For further information and access to the module, visit CALA e-learning.

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