A special delivery supports children’s transition back to Reay ELC

Practitioners in Reay had a special delivery left outside of their setting this week! The children were super excited to open the parcel and find a tiger puppet and a letter introducing ‘Timmy the Tiger.’

The children discussed what they could do to make Timmy feel welcome and safe and decided that this week they would plan and build a special ‘den’ for him.

Senior Early Years Practitioner Yvonne explained that they will be using ‘Timmy the Tiger’ as a learning character to support children’s recall and learning experiences in a variety of ways.  For example,  before lockdown the children were working on a book on  SHANARRI and had started with SAFE and HEALTHY, using photos, pictures and children’s comments and descriptions. Next steps will be to revisit these encouraging children to tell Timmy the Tiger all about it, embedding and consolidating their understanding of what it means to be safe and healthy.  Children’s annual participation in the local garden show will be done virtually this year with Timmy the Tiger’s support to share photographs, recognise and celebrate children’s achievements with their families.

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