Welcome to Culbokie Out of School Club


Culbokie Primary School,






[email protected]

Opening hours

3pm – 6pm, Monday – Friday (term time only)

What we do

We have lots of fun at Culbokie whether we are playing inside or out. The children are always laughing away. The club has use of the canteen area of the school and can access the school gym hall for plenty of indoor space to run about. We aim to be outside as much as possible and there are a great playground and grassy area behind the school. The children can choose what they want to do each day from the different resources on offer.  Favourite indoor activities include arts & crafts, putting on talent shows, hairdressing, board games, lego, badminton, face painting, baking, and lots of role-playing games. Some outdoor favourites are playing on the scooters, the sand tray (it gets turned into one of the best restaurants around!) bug hunts, playing 3.0, hide & seek and doing our litter picks.

Manager: Alison Morrison-Smith

Telephone: 07831735169

Email: [email protected] 

We are registered with Care Inspectorate. We currently do not have a report.

Our registration number is:  CS2010278889

Handy Parent Guide for Culbokie Fun Club

This booklet has been designed to provide parents with a quick guide to all useful information about starting at our setting