Early Years Collaborative and CALA

The Early Years Collaborative kicked off in Glasgow in January 2013 at Learning Session 1 where around 800 people working in children’s services from each of the 32 local authorities in Scotland came together to hear about a methodology which could improve outcomes for children aged pre-birth to 5 years.

Since then much has been happening across Scotland and I recently attended Learning Session 5; the age range impacted by Early Years Collaborative is now pre-birth to 8 years of age.  Working within the Highland Community Planning Partnership to promote improvement has been exciting and challenging!  CALA has been involved in a number of improvements including working with nursery staff to encourage parents to engage more in the work of the centre and increasing the number of children who receive a regular bedtime story.


Guidance & the Improvement Model

You can find links to National Guidance on this page.  There’s lots of support and training (if needed) to help you or your team plan improvements – what we really need is the good ideas in the first place. If there’s something that you think could be done better then chat about it with your manager and get in touch by email or phone with me via the CALA Inverness office.  No idea is too small, large or unimportant, if it makes things better for the children we work with.  Please check back to the CALA website regularly and we’ll try to keep everyone informed.  I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Stephanie Bruce, CALA Executive Manager

01463 703033 / [email protected]