#Openingdoors is now entering its forth year of providing mentoring and guidance to young people aged 16-24 years who are interested in a career in Early Learning and Childcare. This fourth year also sees an exciting new branch of #Openingdoors that offers the same mentoring opportunities to those over the age of 25 who are perhaps changing career or returning to work following a break.

#Openingdoors provides a unique mentoring experience that offers individualised support to those who wish to gain employment in the Early Learning and Childcare sector.

During your time as a mentee at #Openingdoors our Mentoring Support Officer can support you to gain confidence, experience and skills in the Early Learning and Childcare sector which can be recorded in your own Personal Portfolio. You will also be supported to seek employment, complete application forms and prepare for interviews.

For further information please see the below pathways. Each pathway is flexible and entry and exit stages will be different for each mentee

“With #Openingdoors I have been working towards my career in childcare. By helping me Kirsty has got me a placement at a nursery in Inverness. I have gained more confidence working with children and being able to talk more and be myself and not worry what others may think”. #Openingdoors graduate, age 16.

Click here to read #Openingdoors annual report for 2016-2017 [PDF]. 

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