Useful Downloads

NHS Health Scotland briefing paper (Jan 2015) – provides an overview of NHS Health Scotland early years and childcare publications for parents and professionals including up to date information on new resources and details of how to order & request translations and alternative formats.

Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 – GIRFEC Q&A for parents and families (December 2014) This document explains wellbeing and the GIRFEC (Getting it right for every child) approach and the Named Person service.

Bullying Guide for Parents
A new resource from Respectme which aims to give adults the practical skills and confidence to support children and young people, and to deal with bullying behaviour.

Setting the Table – This revised nutritional guidance is for anyone who is providing meals, snacks and drinks for young children in their care. Parents and foster carers will find this guide useful so they know what to expect from their childcare provider and also to gain some insight into the importance of a well-balanced diet for young children.

How have family households in Scotland changed over 20001 – 2011? (Parenting Across Scotland, 2014) full and summary report.

Growing Up in Scotland – The Experiences of mothers aged under 20 (The Scottish Government, 2014)

Having a baby in Scotland 2013 – Women’s Experiences of Maternity Care (Vol 1, National Results) NHS Scotland

CPAG Financial Help in Early Years is one of a series of Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland leaflets giving guidance about aspects of the benefits system of particular concern. This leaflet outlines what financial help may be available from pregnancy to school age, how tax credits can help you qualify and what other conditions you must meet.

Recipe for Young Parenthood – Views from Young Parents (Highland Children’s Forum, 2012.) See page 30 for useful summary.

Talking Point – the first stop for information on children’s communication – loads of FREE excellent factsheets & PDFs on which give parents the information they need to check their child is developing, with tips for supporting children’s speech and language.

Nature Detectives – The Woodland Trust’s Seasonal Booklets

Its Childs Play for Parents – a 12-page booklet of advice, ideas and suggestions about play. Makes play fun! Produced by Care and Learning Alliance.

Messy Play (Play Scotland)

Messy Play 2 (Play Scotland)

Culture Play (Play Scotland)

A Parents’ Guide to Nature Play (Green Hearts Inc.)