CALA Gateway

CALA Gateway

The CALA Gateway scheme offers employment guidance and comprehensive targeted support which is aimed at assisting committees/employers to re-examine working practices and help them to take steps to meet the additional pressures arising from management, financial and employment responsibilities.

For Highland based groups, an initial visit will be made to the centre by a member of the CALA management team who will review existing documentation relating to employment practice and a report will be produced giving the committee/employer guidance as to gaps within their current policies and procedures in relation to staffing. This will ensure that employers are aware of essential employment law compliance and good practice recommendations.

Alongside the written report the group will receive support materials to address these identified gaps in their practice. Areas for review will include:

  • safer recruitment
  • contractual rights of staff
  • discipline and grievance procedures
  • financial review of staff costs in relation to income

Ongoing email support in relation to employment issues will be offered to the group with tailored advice to suit their individual needs.

To take advantage of the CALA Gateway scheme, you must be a CALA member. Click here to learn more about CALA membership. 

For more information on the CALA Gateway scheme please contact our Inverness office on 01463 222569

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