Vision, Aims & Values

  • Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision, Aims & Values

Vision Statement:

  • All children have time and opportunity to play and develop as creative, confident, successful individuals with a love of learning and a respect for others.
  • Parents reach their full potential creating confident, robust families.
  • Inclusion and diversity is embraced and celebrated within our communities, where families are recognised as full and active participants.


  • To offer support to voluntary groups providing child care and early education opportunities to parents.
  • To develop an integrated one-stop approach to deliver early education and childcare to parents and their children reaching ages 0-16.
  • To take a lead in promoting high standards of practice.
  • To promote learning through play and activities.
  • To provide support, encouragement and the personal development of parents and of our full staff teams.


  • Play – the right of every child
  • Respect and Integrity – in all that we do
  • Inter-Professional Practice – effective partnerships
  • Individual Accomplishment – supporting all stakeholders to realise their full potential
  • Accessible and responsive – services for all
  • Commitment – to quality

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