Warning raised over use of tablets & phones as pacifiers

Some of you may have picked up in yesterday’s media about the concerns surrounding use of smartphones or iPad to pacify toddlers.

Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine reviewed the many types of interactive media available today and in a new set of recommendations published last Friday in the journal Pediatrics, they raise important questions regarding their use as educational tools, as well as their potential detrimental role in stunting the development of important tools for self-regulation. According to the research, using a smartphone or iPad to pacify a toddler may impede their ability to learn self-regulation.

While much remains unknown, the authors recommend that parents try each application before allowing their children to access it. Parents are also encouraged to use these applications with their children, as using interactive media together enhances its educational value.

Pediatrics requires a subscription but you can read the first 20% of the article here. The Guardian’s report can be accessed here.

Janine Donald, CALA Communications & ICT Support Officer