Times passes quickly when you are having fun…


For the past 13 years, every day was a happy day knowing I was going to have fun through play with children and their families. Thank you CALA for giving me these wonderful opportunities.

I loved my job for many reasons, such as: being called the ‘painting lady’ , seeing children’s happy faces when you walked through the door of a Toddler group, with your bag of ‘goodies’

It was rewarding when a parent came up to you to say they tried out your activities and hearing the little children’s voices singing along to the Bookbug ‘hello’ song just melted my heart.

I could go on and on about what I loved about this amazing ‘big warm caring family’, but the main thing that stood out for me was , everyone is passionate about working with , supporting and making a difference in the lives of children and families , the drive, commitment and stamina everyone has is amazing .

CALA moves at such a fast pace which is a good thing as you never get bored! There is always a new project / piece of work to challenge you and build on your knowledge and experience.

Teamwork plays a strong and important part within CALA and I was so fortunate to be a part of such a great team. I have made lovely friends within The Family Support Team, and as I head off to take a slightly different path within the caring sector – I will always think fondly of them all as they continue with the valued work supporting children and families throughout Highland

To me CALA has always, and I am sure will continue, to strive in making a difference – with each member of staff playing their part to help make Scotland ‘the best place for children to grow up’.

CALA – I will miss you.

Jayne Watt
Parent Toddler Co-ordinator

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  1. Norma Ruettimann
    Norma Ruettimann says:

    We will miss your ever cheery smile, passion, commitment and high quality practice that’s made such a positive difference to so many children, parents and colleagues over the last 13 years Jayne.
    We know you’ll be just as successful on your new path in the caring sector – they’ll be very fortunate to have you:)


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