The Great Cromarty Gamezone Bake Off

In an effort to boost our numbers on a Monday we asked the children what they would like to do. They chose baking.

Our first week we made cheese straws – easy, quick and very tasty. The children were very enthusiastic and they made a list of what they would like to bake in future weeks. Connie suggested could we call it our baking club which everyone agreed was a good idea. We are also going to make our own recipe book with either photos or drawings of what we have made.

Our second week we made cup cakes with some very good skills being demonstrated when decorating them. To give everyone a chance at the club to bake we made cupcakes every day that week promoting our Monday baking club to parents at the end of the day.

Mondays is not a good day to be getting your school uniform messy and so we are going to buy some vinyl cloth and make up patterns and the children can draw round and cut out aprons (they will not fray) and staff will sew on the ties. This week we made personalised biscuits which the children really enjoyed creating.

As you can see from the slideshow they are really enjoying baking and showing their parents what they have made and our attendance numbers are up at the moment.

Karen & Louise, Cromarty Gamezone