Team #Openingdoors head to Holyrood


There was great excitement this week at #Openingdoors as we headed down to Edinburgh to deliver a presentation all about #Openingdoors and it’s ‘innovative approach to developing the Early Learning and Childcare Workforce’.


We were delighted to be invited by Holyrood Magazine to be part of their Developing the Early Years Workforce event and join an incredible list of speakers, such as Professor Iram Siraj, Sue Palmer, Alison Cumming and many others. In preparation for the event some of our fantastic #Openingdoors graduates soon got to work creating video clips for the day that highlighted their unique journeys into a career in Childcare. A huge thank you to Hayley and Zoe for dedicating so much time to this, and to Cougar for all his patience editing the footage.

Our Modern Apprentice, and one of our #Openingdoors Youth Ambassadors, Rebecca, also prepared and delivered an inspiring speech detailing her experiences as a Youth Ambassador for #Openingdoors where she enjoys motivating young people by sharing her own story regarding achieving her goals through hard work and determination.


When asked what it was like to take part in the presentation Rebecca said:

This was my first time speaking at an event like this and I was really nervous. As an #Openingdoors Youth Ambassador I was able to calm my nerves knowing that I was the voice for a large number of #Openingdoors graduates and participants whose voices wouldn’t have been heard otherwise, so it was a huge honour attend on their behalf!


Our new Chief Executive, Jaci Douglas, introduced our presentation and gave an illuminating overview of Care and Learning Alliance and its commitment to empowering and supporting young people through the #Openingdoors programme. Jaci illustrated #Openingdoors’ key objectives and highlighted our dedication to providing young people with bespoke mentoring support that has real, tangible outcomes that are meaningful to each young person, so that they can begin their journey in accessing a career they feel truly passionate about.

We had such a fantastic and inspirational day with Holyrood Magazine, all the speakers and delegates – thank you again for having us!

What’s next……..

#Openingdoors is now progressing rapidly through its third year of provision where it continues to evolve and develop in response to the needs of young people wishing to access a career in childcare. Our geographical area has expanded for year 3 provision and we are now supporting young people in the Ullapool and surrounding areas alongside our inner Moray Firth cohort. We are also very excited to be taking part in CALA’s annual conference – ‘Workforce Development – Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Future”. #itscala17

The story so far………..

By the end of year 2 (April 2017) 48 young people had taken part in #Openingdoors. 14 candidates have exited #Openingdoors directly into employment within the childcare sector, 7 candidates have exited into or maintained employment in another sector, 13 exited into or maintained college placements and 6 exited to focus on parenting their own families. 5 candidates continue to volunteer in the childcare sector, 2 candidates exited onto another employability programme and 1 candidate exited as she had to move out of area at short notice.

Please feel free to read our Year 2 report for further details.

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