A tale of princesses, butterflies and banana splits

Julia from Drakies Out of School Club has been in touch to share with us a story one of the children has written. Julia says:

“Phobella has been putting her creative writing into practice and has made a small story about our staff in Drakies OOSC. Hope you all enjoy Phobella’s story and her drawings. Looks like we may have a future author 🙂 ”


“Once upon a time there lived two princesses. One was called Tracy and the other one was called Nicola. Tracey was very pretty, and so was Nicola. Tracy had a pink bed and Nicola had an orange bed. For breakfast they had pancakes and banana and toppings on their pancakes. One day Tracey went for a walk. She saw a butterfly – it was pink and green. Nicola went for a walk – she saw a butterfly as well. It was orange and blue. After their long journey they got tired so they went home and got their pyjamas on and brushed their teeth and went to bed. The next morning they had banana splits with topping on top and they lived happily ever after.”

Thanks for sharing Julia! It looks like you might have a budding JK Rowling on your hands there 🙂

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