Supporting Positive Behaviour in Early Learning and Childcare

The following blog article was submitted by Norma Ruettimann , CALA Training Development Manager:


Twenty practitioner’s, teachers, staff and students from a range of local Early Learning and Childcare settings in the Buckie and surrounding areas came together at St. Peter’s Primary School to spend dedicated time to focus on ‘Supporting Positive Behaviour’ in ELC on their in-service day on Friday 19th May 2017.

Attendees considered their own values and expectations, exchanged experiences, listened to tutor presentation and discussed a variety of scenarios and strategies over the 2.5 hour session.

Many thanks to Christine Walker and her team for the warm welcome, well prepared set up and refreshments and to everyone present for their valuable contribution to the session.



Some of the evaluation feedback:

  • Excellent delivery of the course, lots of really good information.
  • More prepared to deal with behaviour challenges. Good to hear from others.
  • Distraction works!
  • Changing the environment (physical/physcological) can have a big impact on behaviour issues.
  • Never pre-judge. Also to look at the child’s background before assessing.
  • Interesting to hear other’s views on behaviours. Good to meet practitioners from different settings.
  • Everyone experiences problems but the ‘tool box’ offers solutions.
  • Observation ABC record and strategies toolkit will be really useful.
  • Replenish, change resources to meet pupils changing needs.
  • Remember to think how the child is feeling/why. Age and stage appropriate.
  • Reminded me to remember that the children are only three and are learning all the time when with us.


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