SSSC Registration – are your workers registered?

(First posted on by CALA Childhood Practice)

sssc-logoJust a reminder to employers and staff of the importance of registering with SSSC.

If a new employee is working in a role that requires them to be registered, they must be registered within six months of their start date. It can take up to 60 working days to process SSSC applications for registration so employers should encourage employees to submit their application as soon as possible after starting in their role by using MySSSC.

To find out what roles requires registration you can download a handy guide.

Any organisation employing a worker who is not registered, beyond the date by which they are required to be, may be committing an offence. If one of your workers is not registered and you are unsure what action to take, you should contact the Care Inspector for your service.  If you require any further information, please visit

SSSC would like to encourage employers to continue supporting their staff during the application process and ask that both workers applying for registration and employers use their online service, MySSSC, to monitor the progress of applications and registrations.

Employers and applicants can also now send qualification information using a new feature on MySSSC which allows verified documents to be uploaded. Guidance and further details are available on MySSSC.

Donalda Johnston, CALA Operations Manager