The other side of the coin: the impact of poverty on our children

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This is the fourth installment about the workshop leaders for the upcoming CALA Annual Conference.

Hanna McCulloch, Policy and Parliamentary Officer for Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) will be delivering a workshop discussing how child poverty affects children and families as well as the most recent research on the topic

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We look forward to seeing you all there

Speaker BiographyHanna McCulloch

Hanna McCulloch is Policy and Parliamentary Officer for Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland. Her role involves working with CPAG colleagues to run the Early Warning System, a framework used to gather case evidence from frontline workers about the impact changes to the social security system are having on the health and wellbeing of children in Scotland.

Workshop Overview

  • An overview of child poverty in Scotland. What is the definition of child poverty?
  • How can we recognise the difficulties that families may experience?
  • What is the impact for children growing up in poverty? How might this affect their development?
  • What steps can be taken at local and national level to reduce child poverty and its impact on children and families.

Organisational Overview

Child Poverty Action Group works on behalf of the one in four children in the UK growing up in poverty.

CPAG works to understand what causes poverty, the impact it has on children’s lives, and how it can be prevented and solved – for good. They do this through developing and campaigning for policy solutions to end child poverty. They also provide accurate information, training and advice to the people who work with hard-up families, to make sure they get the financial support they need and carry out high profile legal work to establish and confirm families’ rights.

CPAG Mission StatementCPAG Blogpost

Our vision is of a society free of child poverty, where all children can enjoy a childhood free of financial hardship and have a fair chance in life to reach their full potential.

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