Scotland Works for You – guidance on the Scottish disclosure process

 ‘Scotland Works for You’ is the name of the collaborative group initiated in early 2017 with the aim of securing opportunities for people with convictions to lead positive, healthy lives that contribute to society. The initiative also aims to reduce both the stigma of having a conviction and the barriers to integration, through employment and education for individuals with convictions.

They have released guidance to support employers who are or are looking to, employ someone who has a conviction and offer information to individuals who have a conviction and are looking for employment. 

The guide is split into ‘advice for employers’ and ‘a guide for individuals’. The information in the guide includes: 

  • The different types of disclosure
  • Who can apply for each level of disclosure? 
  • What can and should be disclosed?
  • Creating internal policies and procedures
  • A disclosure case study
  • A ‘safer recruitment’ checklist

This is a fantastic guide for anyone who would like a deeper understanding of the disclosure system, or for people with specific questions about the rules governing past convictions. 

You can download the guidance by visiting 

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