Reay Under 5’s – outdoor play and the fire department

Who needs toys!

The children had the opportunity to play with a variety of objects outside. They worked together pushing and rolling the big tyres up and down the hill. This helped children develop their physical skills through movement and also helped them learn about safety, managing risk and working together. They all interacted well, using their imagination. The tyres were then put on top of each other and made into a fire, then one wee boy shouted into the tyres and said, ‘I hear an echo’. How great is that! They even used bits of wood to walk over, developing balance and coordination.

Reay under 5’s Fire Department to the Rescue! 

After the children’s police interest changed, they took a vote on whether they would like to learn about fire or the ambulance service. Fire won the vote 6/3.  This encouraged the children to make their own personal choice.

The home-corner was turned into a Fire Department. The children explored books, jigsaws, DVDs, used fire vehicles and dressing-up in their play. This time we made a large fire engine using a large box and various recycled materials to create this fantastic vehicle. There was lots of collaborative work going on, problem-solving and discussions on what was needed to make our fire engine. They also made individual pictures, coming up with their own ideas on what they needed, further developing their fine motor skills and creativity.

We added more work to our Floor Book on ‘People Who Help Us’. Again this activity covered many areas across the curriculum, e.g., Health and Wellbeing, Expressive Arts and Technologies.

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  1. Diana MacDonald-Gunn
    Diana MacDonald-Gunn says:

    This reminds me to keep our tyres when they get changed! My boys have constanty mentioned the tyres and what fun they had. The boys are always telling me about fire when I set the fire too.


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