Reay Under 5’s become police officers for the day

The following blog update comes from Yvonne at Reay Under 5’s:

Hello, hello what’s going on here?

The children of Reay Under 5’s have been learning about the police.  The home-corner was turned into a Police Station with a jail for the baddies! Lots of dressing up, co-operative and imaginative play going on.

The children came up with their own ideas for their play, they even made a police van, working out who was going to be the driver and traffic control. They did lots of investigating and exploring, solving clues to find missing things, they even had to find Cocoa the missing puppy! We looked at the equipment police use in their job and talked about the work they do. The children looked at books and watched a DVD on the laptop.

We then decided we would make policeman and a police lady collaboratively. The children also made some fantastic individual pictures of ‘police’, some telling us imaginative stories to go with their pictures. We also started a floor book with some fantastic input from the children sharing what they know and what they have learnt. We covered lots of areas across the curriculum during our time looking at the work police officers do.

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