Professionals Breaking the Silence: Supporting professionals dealing with children’s disclosures of abuse

The following update comes courtesy of Play Scotland:

The NSPCC is undertaking a UK-wide research project entitled “Professionals Breaking the Silence”.  The aim of this is to develop a practical resource that will support professionals working with children to confidently deal with disclosures of abuse and to improve children’s experiences of the disclosure process.

As a first step, NSPCC wish to hear directly from individuals about their experiences of dealing with disclosures and a survey has been created to gather the views and opinions of individuals who work both directly and indirectly with children and young people, for example: police officers, sports coaches, teachers, school counselors, school nurses or anyone else who works in a school, youth workers, social workers, GPs, health visitors, foster carers, adoptive parents or anyone involved with children through the family court system.

The survey can be accessed here:   and it closes on Friday 23rd March.

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