Practice Guide to Chronologies – Care Inspectorate’s revised version replacing that from 2010

The following blog post was submitted by Norma Ruettimann, CALA Training Development Manager:


The National Risk Framework definition states:

“Chronologies provide a key link in the chain of understanding needs/risks, including the need for protection from harm.  Setting out key events in sequential date order, they give a summary timeline of child and family circumstances [or those of an individual using adult services], patterns of behaviour and trends in lifestyle that may greatly assist any assessment and analysis.  They are a logical, methodical and systematic means of organising, merging and helping make sense of information.  They also help to highlight gaps and omitted details that require further exploration, investigation and assessment”.

This useful guide supports practitioners work in this respect.  ELC practitioners might consider reflecting on aspects of the guidance  linking this in with self-evaluation eg. Quality Indicator 2.1 Safeguarding and Child Protection: Consider how well you do this, any actions required to improve and plan accordingly.

Click here to download “Practice Guide to Chronologies” [PDF].

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