[email protected] Dads’ Workshop

As part of Care and Learning Alliance’s [email protected] project this year, we delivered a Dads’ Workshop at Dingwall Baptist Church at the beginning of October. The room was set up with a cosy, inviting baby area, with sensory boxes, treasure baskets, puppets and a ball pool.

Around the room were other stations, with activities and instructions taken from the [email protected] books – these included resources to make homemade shakers, glitter bottles, bubbles, skittles, playdough and scented socks. There was also an area set up on the floor for dads and their children to experience the world of ‘gloop’.

We had four dads and their children ranging in age from 1 year to 8 years. The dads all got stuck in as you can see from the pictures – they went round each area with their child, happily getting covered in bubbles, playdough, paint and gloop!

The children left laden with all their creations, with big smiles on their faces, and the feedback from the dads was really positive; they said this type of group was a great idea for them to spend quality time with their children, which they don’t get during the week due to work commitments.

Two of the dads that attended said they had friends who would definitely come back to a Saturday group and the church committee are hoping to start this up once a month with the support of CALA. This will be advertised as soon as they have decided on the next date.

Jayne Watt, CALA Parent Toddler Co-ordinator