#Openingdoors at the Scottish Mentoring Network Awards

On Tuesday 6th of November, CALA Chief Executive Jaci Douglas, and Mentoring Support Officer Kirsty Hunter travelled to Edinburgh for the Scottish Mentoring Network Awards.

The awards are designed to acknowledge mentoring projects and individuals that have made a significant impact over the past year.

Jaci and Kirsty were there representing CALA’s #Openingdoors programme, which provides mentoring and guidance to young people aged 16-24 years who are interested in a career in Early Learning and Childcare.

#Openingdoors ended up winning not one, but two awards on the night. #Openingdoors received a ‘Highly Commended Project’ award, while Kirsty won a ‘Highly Commended Employee’ award. 

Kirsty said of the awards: 

These awards give the mentees the opportunity to feel part of something which is recognised and valued. It also assures their families, carers and our supportive partners that taking part in #Openingdoors is something positive and beneficial.” – Kirsty Hunter

What is #Openingdoors?

Over the past three years, #Openingdoors has mentored 72 young people into their chosen career path of working in Early Learning and Childcare. 

Here’s what two former #Openingdoors mentees had to say about the project: 

“I am now working in Social Care with young people from residential and secure units and I can honestly say I would not be in the position I am now or be in a career that I am truly passionate about, without the training and continued support I received from Kirsty at #Openingdoors”

“Kirsty helped me to do so many little things that turned out to be BIG things!

We talked about where I wanted to be and how I could get there. This helped me to believe in my own future and made me want to try – to put the effort in. Kirsty really listened to me and never pushed me too hard – she always made it fun!

“The little steps I started to take were huge! I started to interact with people more, to travel independently, to take responsibility for ‘adulting’ – filling in forms and finding certificates etc.”

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