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News from CALA settings

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Ardross Nursery

News post: 26th March 2021

We started this week’s learning with the age-old question. What came first, “the chicken or the egg”? To begin with, this confused the children but it led to plenty of laughter and discussion with a couple of replies.

“Well really humans came first”

“It was the chicken because that’s how an egg comes along.”

We explored the life cycle of a chicken and learnt that you get 2 types of egg – the eating egg and the baby chick egg. The children learnt that the daddy chicken is called a rooster/ cockerel and if there is not a rooster then you can eat the eggs.

Our new vocabulary was – embryo, cockerel, hatchling and chick.

We played a game with picture cards where we had to place in order the life cycle steps.

We luckily had a resident chicken expert and he was able to share lots of information on the care of chickens and even told us what they like to eat – broccoli, green stuff and cheesy wotsits!

We went to the park to look for feathers and twigs for our artwork. Surprisingly with all the birds around at the moment – we found not one feather!!

We finished our learning week by watching a video of chicks hatching in an incubator, which as you can imagine melted the hearts of us all.


News post: 19th March 2021

Pre-school has been engaged in fun and learning this week while exploring flowers, plants and bugs.  From spring sensory activities to expressive arts, literacy, maths and science.

This week we have been learning about signs of spring – the lighter mornings, the spring flowers: daffodils, crocus and snowdrops appearing. Farmers have started to plough the fields ready for planting.

The weather is getting milder, more insects can be seen and birds are beginning to collect grass/ twigs for nest building.

We described how spring makes us feel:

“It makes me happy because I can play outside more times.”

“It makes me happy to see all the yellow flowers.”

“I like to see butterflies.”

“Spring means Easter eggs to eat!”

We also did some spring cleaning of our toys. One child forgot to ask a child that was sitting on one of the bikes to get off before they began to wash it, which was like going through a car wash with your windows open – as you can imagine this did not go down too well to the unfortunate child.

News post: 12th March 2021

This week we focused on germs, in the current climate we felt the children needed to know about the importance of germs and know we can all keep ourselves and our hands clean and germ- free.

We learnt about how germs/viruses are so small we need a microscope to see them and how quickly and easily they spread.

How germs are on everything – our toys, our clothes, our bodies. We used a spray bottle to see how far a sneeze/ cough can reach, so we know now know the importance of sneezing/ coughing into our elbow or a tissue.

We used glitter to represent germs on our hand and touched each other and toys in the nursery to see what happens if we do not wash our hands regularly – we could make other people quite ill.

We had some new storybooks about the virus and looked up pictures of viruses on the internet, they come in all different shapes. “Some are spikey!” and “One looked like a squid.”

We drew pictures of germs, “I gave mine a smiley face because it is happy to make someone sick.”

“Mine is grumpy because I used soap to wash germs off my hands.”

The children have a good understanding of why people wear masks and the importance of social distancing and hopefully are now aware of the importance of our hygiene rules.

Please could everyone carry on the good job you have already done and continually remind your child to wash hands, cough/ sneeze into elbow/ tissue and not to put hands in mouths. By reminding them at home and us reminding them at nursery, hopefully, it may become second nature to us all every day.

News Post: 19th February 2021

Hi Everyone,

After our extended Christmas holidays, we are now super excited to have you returning to nursery on Monday 22nd February.  We are looking forward to hearing about all the exciting things you have been doing at home and looking forward to getting back into a new form of normal routine again.

For parents/carers in the light of Government updates, we would like to reassure you that we are doing all we can to keep your child safe while at nursery and taking steps to support them with;       

  • Handwashing and nose blowing
  • Supporting their understanding about how to wash their hands properly.
  • Encourage the use of tissues/arm for coughs/sneezes.

All staff will follow a handwashing/hygiene routine and will clean surfaces and toys throughout the session.

If you have any concerns/questions please do not hesitate to speak with us.

See you soon

Tracy and Netty   

News Post: 11th February 2021

We hoped you enjoyed last week’s activity, did any of you manage to make the bird food balls, the birds could have done with an extra bit of food this week as they would have struggled to find their own food.❄

This week we thought due to the cold, snowy weather we could think about how Eskimos (Inuits) live and survive in even much colder, harsher conditions compared to what we are experiencing this week.

Eskimos mainly live in Alaska, maybe your parents could show you on a map or a globe where Alaska is.

What animals do you think would live there?  Polar bears, Mousse, seals, Walrus, Whales, if you do not know what a Mousse or Walrus looks like you could ask your parents to find a picture of one on the Internet.

When Eskimos need to cross the frozen ice fields they use husky dogs pulling a sled – how many husky dogs do you think it would take to pull a sled? Don’t forget the sled may be full of the Eskimos home items, food and of course the Eskimos themselves, so it would take quite a few dogs to be strong enough to pull all that.

Eskimos when they go hunting are away from home for a while so need to build an Igloo which is a shelter they have to make themselves from blocks of ice.  Do you think it would be cold to sleep in an Igloo?  How would you keep warm e.g. clothes, food, heating.

Look at pictures of Igloos, what shape are they?    You could make an Igloo using wooden blocks wrapped in white paper or even if your parents have any polystyrene from packaging you could ask them to cut it into blocks,  what size of Igloo will you decide to build ?  How many blocks did you need?

You could take a photo of it or draw a picture to share with us all soon in nursery.

Have fun, keep warm.          ☃️

Tracy and Netty.

News Post: 3rd February 2021

Hi Everyone,

We hope you all had fun playing ‘pass the egg game’ and learnt some more about penguins.

This week we are looking after the birds that have not migrated to a warmer country.  In Winter the birds that visit your garden need extra food to keep them warm on cold nights.

You could start a bird book, keeping a record of names/colours/ even adding photos of the birds you see. The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is held every January, this year it is 29th-31st January, why not ask your parent if you can log onto the RSPB website where you will find lots of really interesting facts and pictures.

Why not try making these bird treats with your parents so you can enjoy seeing the birds flying in and out of your garden to use the feeders.

Birdseed balls

  • Mix one part beef suet to two parts of birdseed mix and heat gently in a saucepan, stirring until fat melts.
  • Use an ice-cream scoop, or mould with your hands into balls.
  • If you want to hang them from a tree thread some string through them.
  • Space them apart in a plastic container or on a tray and place in the freezer to go hard.
  • Once the balls are solid, put them in the garden, either on the tree, a bird table or a special fat ball feeder.

Do not forget to also leave some water out, and check it regularly in case it is frozen.

Remember to keep any work, drawings, photos etc, so we can all share them with each other when we return.

Tracy, Netty, Amy

News Post: 22nd January 2021

Hi Everyone,

How did you get on last week? Did you manage to watch any penguin videos, clips or DVDs?

We, ourselves have been learning more fun facts about different types of penguins.

We learned that there are seventeen different types of penguin including the emperor, king, Gentoo and macaroni!

We have found out the different heights and have been comparing them to how tall we are, what about comparing your own heights? Are you closer in height to the biggest or one of the smallest penguins? The biggest penguin is the emperor penguin, they are 36 inches and can weigh between 60 -90lbs. The macaroni penguin is one of the smallest at 28 inches and weigh between 9-13lbs.

We were comparing where they live and where we live. Did you know that mostly all species live in the Southern Hemisphere? Mostly in countries including; Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

They like to eat krill, fish, squid and other sea life. They protect themselves by living in large groups. When eggs are laid, usually one or two at a time, the female dashes off to sea to find food, leaving the male to look after the egg by sitting on it. After two weeks, the female comes back and they switch roles.

The penguins pass the egg between each other’s feet, not letting it touch the ice to make sure the baby penguin inside the egg is safe. Maybe you could try to practice this? Can you take turns passing a ball from your feet to your parents or brother/sister feet, without letting it touch the ground?

Have fun!

Tracy, Amy and Lynette.

News Post: 12th January 2021

Hi everyone, 

We hope you are all enjoying your holidays and keeping busy. During Christmas, one of your early years practitioners watched the film ‘Happy Feet’ and really enjoyed watching how penguins survive in such cold conditions. We thought you might like to find out more about penguins. How do penguins live? What do they eat? How do the mummies keep their babies warm in the snow? 

Could you ask your adult if you can watch a YouTube clip about penguins?

Watch how they walk, can you walk like a penguin?

When they are on land you can see them waddle so slowly but when they are in the water, they swim so fast! 

Could you draw or paint a penguin? Remember to keep your pictures until the holidays are over and then you can bring it in to show everyone. 

Have fun and let us know how you get on!

Tracy, Lynette, Amy 

News Post: 26th November

We have been exploring our interest in Dinosaurs!

For our Dinosaur learning wall, we decorated a huge big rainbow dinosaur with our paints!

We also looked at the different sizes of dinosaur footprints and talked about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.   

We took part in an exploding volcano experiment where we made a volcano explode and go everywhere!

We made frozen dinosaur eggs, which we learned dissolved and melted when we poured on hot water.

We practised our counting and used our problem solving to work out which dinosaur was bigger!

News Post: 19th November 2020

Last week we were doing space as our topic. The children loved learning about all the different planets and the different parts of outer space.

We built a rocket out of a construction kit, which was quite tricky but with lots of teamwork and problem solving we were able to build a brilliant rocket to get us to the moon.

We decorated our wall with space paper and made all of the planets. The children learnt about all the different planet names and which is the biggest and smallest planets! We also made a spaceman who helped us with learning about gravity and the first man to walk on the moon.    

Cradlehall Early Learning and Childcare

News update: 21st April 2021


News update: 31st march 2021


News update: 24th March 2021

News update: 9th March 2021

News update: 25th February 2021

Here are some ideas for Yoga. Enjoy your yoga and chill time. 

Gwen and Gillian x

News update: 19th February 2021


News update: 18th February 2021

News update: 5th February 2021

News update: 31st January 2021

News update: 25th January 2021

News update: 11th January 2021

News post: 18th December 2020

Ho, Ho, Ho

We hope everyone has a very

Merry Christmas and a

lovely New Year

From the children at Cradlehall

From the children at Cradlehall

News post: 10th Nov 2020

Look at us doing our Makaton!

Croileagan Inbhir Narainn

News post : 19th April 2021


News post: 23rd March 2021

Post: 16th March 2021

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Post: 2nd March 2021

National Practice Guidance for Early Years in Scotland tells us we can … 

“Provide different opportunities for me to express my thoughts, feelings and opinions, and consider those of others, with adults and my peers in one to one situations and in small groups” 

At circle time we talked about keeping safe on the climbing-frame, children were asked to recall what rules we had decided together, and explain why we have them – adding their comments to our floor-book and learning from each other [see Realising the Ambition p 73] 

Post: 19th February 2021

Post: 9th February 2021

If you are interested or curious about Gaelic Medium education, this short youtube clip shares some experiences of parents and children along with scientific evidence of the benefits to bilingualism. We even have one of our previous parents in the film! 


 Tia  & Johanne’

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Post: 20th January 2021

Post: 11th January 2021

Post: 2nd December 2020

Post: 1st December 2020

  • Exploring rhythms and beats
  • Counting
  • Using number in our everyday experiences
  • Playing cooperatively
  • Exploring sounds
  • Thinking creatively and using our imagination….

Just a few examples of the learning that is happening as these two children, ‘just play’ ………

Post: 16th November 2020

Post: 5th October 2020

We had great fun with the Active Play Team – look at what we got up to!

Cromarty Childcare Centre

News post: 12th March 2021


We have had a wonderful couple of weeks supporting the children to settle back into their routine. It was great to see how quickly they adapted and how excited they were to see their friends. From Monday, we will have all the school-aged children back too. 

To help keep everyone safe, we have changed the layout of our room so we can quarantine resources and keep everything clean. There is still lots of fun things to play with though, and spending hours and hours outside in the sunshine. 

It has been great to have Karen join us on a Monday, and Louise is working with us every day now. We enjoyed seeing Louise try on her new CALA mask for working with the bigger children




News Post: 19th February 2021

Hello everyone

We are delighted to be welcoming you all back on Monday.

We have missed you all and cannot wait to play, explore and learn with you.

Please remind your grown-ups to check their emails and our parent portal for updates – thank you.


News Post: 12th Feb 2021

News Post: 20th January 2021

News Post: 8th January 2021

‘Ah-ha oh Ho’, footprints in the snow, whose are those footprints and where do they go?’

Today was a snow day and we would have made the most of any snow at the setting; supporting the children’s learning and ideas through their chosen snow activities.

We thought we would share the activity that I did with my children today. We made the most of it by going on a search for footprints…

We are Julia Donaldson fans in our house and one of our favourites is 

‘The Gruffalos child’ so as we searched, we recited parts of the story.

We found various animal prints- see if you can guess what they are?

This activity soon became…what other prints and marks can we find?

We found tractor-tyre marks, normal car tracks and our own footprints!

Storm found a stick and expanded his learning by using it to make his own marks in the snow and enjoyed scribing numbers. He then got his imagination flowing and decided to ski with them.

Willow chose to make snow angel prints, and stick trails as she was pulled on the sledge which also made tracks!

We called Carol and asked if she had some snow. Carol did and her and her dog Molly went for a walk in search of some footprints and marks too. They found some interesting tracks and if you look close you may spot some other prints in the snow. Molly enjoyed creating some of her own pawprints!

Louise couldn’t find any snow but there was some frost around, and as our children at the nursery love mud and ice she went a walk to explore and found some marks in the frozen mud!

Can you guess what muddy prints she spotted?

Claire and her children spotted some bird footprints near the bird feeder. They are going to keep watch to see if they can see what birds left them.

Whilst outdoors today, Karen spotted that some pheasants had been dragging their tails along the frosty grass!

Mary was exploring in the snow with her lovely dog Theo and they spotted lots of footprints. Theo got a bit excited and had a splash in the icy cold water.

We also found some snow which looked like crystals and we are going to look at how crystals are formed and try to create some of our own.

Once indoors we had a warm drink and Willow read the Gruffalos child to us.

We would love to see the prints you can find out and about locally; whether it be in the snow or in the sand at the local beach; and also try creating your own marks in some snow or sand using sticks or other natural resources you can find?

Let us know if and how you expanded on the learning as well.

Please email all your photos and learning to us at [email protected]

Once back indoors remember to snuggle up with a warm drink and perhaps read your favourite story.

Here are our photos……. enjoy!

News Post: 17th December

What shall we call our snowman?

News Post: 27th November

“We were learning about Remembrance Day, and made beautiful poppies to brighten up our window.”

Fortrose Pre - School Centre

News post: 26th March 2021

It’s the time of year when we start to think about transition up to school with the older children.

The children have been allocated buddies by the Primary school.  They have been working hard putting their ‘We Are Going To School’ wall together.

Photographs have been given to us by the Primary school of the classrooms, the hall and the buddies so the children in the pre-school know a little about what to expect when they start school.

The children have made an ‘emotions wheel’ to help them show others how they are feeling.

It is a very exciting time for them.

News post: 19th March 2021

It is lovely to have all the children back in the setting.

This week we have been enjoying the wonderful weather.  The children have started clearing and preparing the garden ready for planting. They are keen to grow vegetables that they can then eat for their lunch.

We have made the most of the sunshine, playing with water, pipes, tubes, balls and bats.  Spring has sprung in Fortrose!


News post: 19th February 2021

News post: 10th February 2021

Being out and about on our nature walks at the moment the children have been collecting sticks, stones, cones, leaves, etc. 

There are so many arts and craft activities that can be enjoyed using just the bits and pieces found on a walk. 

We are currently in the process of making fairy houses with some small log offcuts.  But sticks and wood can be turned into cars and animals too! 

So much can be learnt from collecting a few stones from the beach.  

Can you put the stones in order from the smallest to the largest? 

Can you group the stones together by colour? 

Talk about texture – are they smooth or rough?  Are they light or heavy? 

Can you make a tower by balancing the stones on top of each other? 

Can you make a pattern with the stones – a flower, a dinosaur footprint or even a spiral like an ammonite fossil?

News post: 20th January 2021

News post: 11th January 2021



News post: 18th December 2020


News post: 11th December 2020

We have been busy in the run-up to Christmas doing different activities.  The children have been preparing by writing letters to Santa, which they posted in a post box made by the children together.  There was a lot of discussion about how letters are sent and what happens to them after they are posted.  They have also made some wrapping paper, choosing a design of their own and using coloured pens to do it.  The wrapping paper will be sent home via the plastic wallets.  They also helped to make Christmas baubles.  To do this, we measured the children, then wrote down their height on the chart.  The children then chose what colour ribbon they wanted and helped measure it out to their height.  The children put the ribbon into the bauble, shook it to make a wish then chose what colour writing they wanted on their label.

News post: 24th November 2020


News post: 9th October 2020

Staff collected various items from the woods – leaves, twigs, conkers and pinecones.  We put the items in the tough tray with paint and paper, children chose what colour paint to use.

The children then had the choice to use brushes, sponges, or natural materials to paint with.  Staff modelled by painting their own picture of how different materials could be used to mark the paper.  Some children chose to copy this and create their own pinecone painting by rubbing the cone in the paint and making prints on the paper.  Some children then chose to paint with their hands and encouraged staff to join in which they did!

News post: 21st September 2020

Children have been really interested in finding worms in the garden. This has led us to create our own wormery. Children collected the soil from our compost bin, found worms in the garden, added coloured sand and brown leaves. In caring for the worms, this will increase their knowledge of the values of Nurtured Nelly.

We will be watching our wormery closely, I wonder what we will see?

Watch this space!!

Dingwall Ducklings

News post: 19th April 2021

Hi everyone, Welcome back (and welcome to all our new starts) Hope you all had a lovely holiday and are looking forward to whatever adventures we get up to in the next term. 

Rhona, Lorraine,Kelly, Lauren & Natalie Xx

News post: 19th March 2021

Our sunflowers are coming on really well. We have been watering them and they have had lots of sun this week. They will be going home at the Easter holidays so please keep looking after them as there is a competition on who grows the tallest sunflower.

We have also been looking at different seeds in fruits and learning if they are on the inside of the fruit or the outside.

“The seeds are small”  

Solomon found the banana seeds with a cocktail stick 

“its slippery” 

“An alien spaceship with an alien on it” 

News post: 9th March 2021

This week we are learning about Sunflower seeds and how to grow sunflowers. Here are some of the children’s quotes:

2I put 3 seeds in the soil.”

“Sunflower seeds have lines on them and are oval”

” There are 4 holes in the pot to let a little bit of water out every day”

“The soil smells of grass”

” The sunflower faces the sun”

” The seeds fall from the flower”

“Need to cover them”

News post: 4th March 2021

Dingwall Ducklings are busy tidying up the garden and getting it ready for this year’s planting!

News post: 26th February 2021

Thank goodness it’s back to normal 😀

All children were happy to be back and loved been able to play with their friends again 

News post: 19th February 2021

Hi everyone,

Lorraine, Kelly, Lauren and myself are really excited at having you all back to nursery on Monday 

We are looking forward to lots of new adventures as we play and learn together

News post: 10th February 2021

Thank You to all the children of Dingwall Ducklings for taking part in the RSPB Birdwatch weekend. 

Rhona Moyes  SEYP, Lorraine MacDonald  EYP and Kelly Mackay  EYP

News post: 2nd February 2021

News post: 27th January 2021

News post: 19th January 2021

This week we have decided to feed the birds as it has been so cold. 

Here are some ideas for you to try at home.

We covered the tube in peanut butter (you could use jam) to make it sticky, then rolled it in the breadcrumbs and cereal

We have tried to use things we already have in our cupboards so have a look!

As a group we will be taking part in the RSPB Bird Watch from 29th – 31st Jan 21, you can find out more information on this on CALA’s Play and Learning page or on our Facebook page.

Don’t forget to share our photos with us.

Take Care 

Rhona, Lorraine, Kelly & Lauren xxx

News post: 11th January 2021

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year, and are ready to get back into the swing of things as much as we can!

If your children were in Nursery we would be doing an update on our ‘All about Me’ display but this is something you can all do at home!

If your child would like to draw a picture of themselves, their family, what they got for Christmas and you can write what they’ve said about it. These are just some ideas so just take your pick. 

If you feel really enthusiastic you can try this!


News post: 9th December 2020

Dingwall Ducklings Night Time Session

Great fun was had by all!


News post: 24th November 2020

At 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th Month, Dingwall Ducklings actually managed the 2-minute silence! 

As we weren’t allowed to go and buy our own poppies anywhere local, as we usually do, we made our own. 

Some of the children’s comments were   “We were quiet to remember people in the battle”  

 “We painted plates red to make poppies and stuck them to the window for people to see”

 “We used tissue paper to make poppies”

Hope you like them!

Golspie Early Learning and Childcare

News post: 1st April 2021

The children at Golspie ELC have been enjoying celebrating Easter by making Easter cakes.

We would like to wish you all a happy Easter, from all of us at Golspie ELC.

News post: 23rd March 2021

News post: 26th February 2021

Golspie ELC has purchases two new leather beanbags. This allows the children to a comfy area to chill out and relax in and they can be cleaned daily to comply with current Covid – 19 guidance.

As you can see the children are making good use of them, they do look really comfortable.


News post: 19th February 2021

We would like to say a huge welcome back to the parents and children at Golspie ELC. 

We have missed you all during the lockdown and look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning.

Annarie, Julie, Lauren and Megan

News post: 13th January 2021

News post: 12th January 2021


The children and staff at Golspie ELC hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa was good to you all.

We hope you are all keeping safe during these difficult times and we look forward to welcoming you all back when the latest restrictions have been lifted.


Julie, Lauren and Megan

News post: 17th December 2020

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all at Golspie ELC.




News Post: 8th December 2020

Getting ready for Christmas!

The children at Golspie ELC had lots of fun decorating their Christmas tree and are beginning to make decorations.

We have also been having fun mark-making in pretend snow (shaving foam) and playing in melting snow (water and bubbles).

“I am making tracks in the snow”

“That’s Santa”

“Look at all the tracks I have done”

The children at Golspie ELC went on a “Stone Hunt” to find one of Book Bugs puff stones that had been hidden in Golspie.

The children walked really well to a local play park looking on the floor, in trees and on benches on the way to see if they could find one.

Then hooray they found one by a mural near a play park, the children were so happy to have found the stone and would now like to decorate their own stones to hide in the village.

Well done girls and boys for finding the stone. 

Junior World Childcare Group

News post: 19th April 2021

News post: 31st March 2021

News post: 23rd March 2021

News Post: 12th March 2021

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News Post: 9th March 2021

News Post: 26th February 2021

News Post: 19th February 2021

News Post: 9th Feb 2021

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News post: 9th February 2021

News post: 26th January 2021

News post: 18th January 2021

News post: 15th January 2021

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News post: 11th January 2021

News post: 21st December 2020


Congratulations to the staff in the Blue Room at Junior World for enthusiastically participating in the Active Play Programme, along with 20 ELC children, their certificates were as well deserved as the children’s

News Post: 18th December 2020


News Post: 10th December 2020

News Post: 2nd December 2020

News Post: 6th November 2020

News Post: 28th October 2020

News Post: 22nd October 2020

News Post: 16th October 2020

‘Nature’ fun in the October Holidays!


News Post: 9th October 2020

Take a look at what we have been up to this week at Junior World

Lochinver Pre-school Centre

News Post: 20th April 2021

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News Post: 31st March 2021

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News Post: 24th March 2021

Click on the image to see what we have been exploring this week!

News Post: 17th March 2021

Click on the image to see what we have been exploring this week!

News Post: 10th March 2021

Click on the image to see what we have been exploring this week!

News Post: 4th March 2021

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News Post: 19th February 2021

Chinese New Year fell on the 12th February this year with the start of the new moon. So, with the long weekend, we did not get time to celebrate the festival with you all. However, we thought you would like to see some of the mini dragons we made and view our dragon procession. We walked through the forest with our dragon, following the pearl of wisdom (seeking truth and wisdom) and met another friendly dragon, before returning. All done with the accompaniment of music!

News Post: 19th February 21

Lochinver Pre-School wishes good luck settling into all returning P1 – P3’s coming back to school soon.

News Post: 11th February 21

Please click here to open the full PPT presentation with audio.

News Post: 5th January 2021

News Post: 27th January 2021

News Post: 20th January 2021

News Post: 13th January 2021

News Post: 16th December 2020

News Post: 7th December 2020

Look what we have been doing and learning about!

News Post: 13th November 2020

Lochinver paused to remember.

News Post: 6th November

Muir of Ord ELCC (MOO)

News post: 20th April 2021

What a super first day back! We had lots of outdoor fun, so happy to see all our old faces and meet some new friends.











News post: 19th March 2021

This week the children voted to learn about different species of jellyfish. We have been making jellyfish for our sea cave. On Friday we celebrated Red nose day with a fun day in the garden, we wore red and had crazy hair.

Links to CfE
SOC 0-15a
TCH 0-02a
LIT 0-10a

News post: 12th March 2021

This week the children have voted to learn about jellyfish. Some things we have learnt about jellyfish are that they don’t have any bones, brains or blood, and they are immortal. We made our own floating jellyfish in bottles. We have also been busy making lots of Mother’s Day crafts.

Links to CfE
HWB 0-22a
MNU 0-01a
LIT 0-04a
SCN 0-07a


Welcome Note: 5th March 2021

The children voted to learn about under the sea. This week the children have shared and extended their knowledge of what they know about under the sea. One child told their peers and adults that there are three layers to the sea sunshine, twilight and midnight “Which is so so dark you can’t see anything”

Welcome Note: 26th February 2021

What a fantastic first week back!
This week we have focused on transitioning back into the setting, ensuring children feel safe secure and happy. We have refocused our attention on how to keep ourselves safe during covid by going over the importance of handwashing and catching sneezes and coughs.

Children’s comments

“I like all the toys and stuff”
“I painted a picture of Ariel”
“I like it here but I miss my mum”

Welcome Note: 19th February 2021

Hi everyone, myself, Claire and Katie are really excited about coming back to MOO on Monday and seeing you all again!

I want to reassure everyone that all precautionary measures are still in place in line with all the updated guidance received.

That means there is only 3 more sleeps!!😁 see you all very soon!!

From Laura, Claire and Katie xx

News post: 15th February 2021

The children at MOO got a special home delivery, each child received a goody bag with a special note from staff and a Valentine craft activity.

These are some photos of their fantastic Artwork

Links to CfE

Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design.  EXA 0-05a

I am becoming aware of the importance of celebrations, festivals and customs in Christian people’s lives. RME 0-03a


News post: 10th February 2021

Through talking about Burns Night we all got to discussing what a haggis may look like if it were a real animal, the staff and children drew pictures of what they thought a haggis would look like.
Links to CfE : I use my imagination to design EXA 0-06a.

At MOO we are learning about the sounds of letters in our name. We had a scavenger hunt around our houses to find things that started with the letters in our names, can you guess them?

Links to CfE: I enjoy exploring and playing with patterns and sounds of language and can use what I learn LIT 0-01a, LIT 0-11a, LIT 0-20a

I can explore sounds, letters and words discovering how they work together ENG 0-12a, LIT 0-13a, LIT 0-21a.

News post: 22nd January 2021

News Post: 12th January 2021

Whilst out walking with my dog I noticed a lot of birds about looking for food, this got me thinking about the types of birds that are around now and how they find food in this cold weather?

Could we make bird feeders at home using pipe cleaners or string, thread some Cheerios onto this and hang them in your garden for the birds to eat…… This could lead to finding out what types are birds in our gardens. Can you spot any of the birds on the sheet?

The RSPB are conducting their annual bird watch this month to get involved visit

News Post: 22nd December 2020

We have been making Christmas cards and tree decorations. We enjoyed a Christmas lunch, sung songs in the garden to our friends at Urray house and had a special visitor at our Christmas party. Happy Christmas everyone!

News Post: 2nd December 2020

News Post: 2nd November 

Look what we got up to this Halloween: we have investigated, scooped and carved pumpkins, worm hunting and Halloween mask making and a party to name a but a few things!

Munlochy Pre-school Centre

News post: 20th April 2021

Welcome back, everybody, and an especially warm welcome to our three new families this term.

We have some big news to share – after several years here at Munlochy, and longer still working for CALA, Bridget is retiring for some well-earned rest and to enjoy being a Nanna. She will be very much missed by us all. Bridget says “it has been a pleasure getting to know everybody, and working with all the kids”.  Bridget’s last day will be 18th May, and we will keep you posted when we have news of her replacement. 

Over the holidays, we have introduced a new wooden seesaw to the garden. The children have been loving this new addition, announcing that “it’s so cool!”

Before the holidays, we were developing the children’s interest in composting by looking more closely at the process, talking about how our old scraps will help to grow new plants. We played a picture guessing game with compostable/non-compostable pictures, practising our scissor skills to cut the pictures out. A simple ‘yes and no’ sheet shows the children a way to display the information for everyday use. 

In the garden, the children have been collecting rainwater in containers to use in the mud kitchen, along with wheelbarrows of mud dug from the ‘wet’ end of the garden. They have been self-organising as a team, digging, pushing and pouring the mud/water where they want it to go. Their favourite recipe to make at the moment is ‘birthday cake’, and they always remember to put a stick in the middle for a candle!

News post: 26th March 2021

It’s been a busy time at Munlochy. With all things Spring and the flowers beginning to shoot – we used lots of different pieces of green materials to make shamrock pictures – just in time for St Patrick’s day!  As the children explored the pieces of material for their picture, they were using lots of different words to describe the different textures and patterns of the material.

Our new national guidance for Early Learning and Childcare, ‘Realising the Ambition: being me’ highlights the benefits of providing children with the opportunity to ” explore shape and symmetry, developing an understanding of characteristics within natural contexts and environments”.

Following the interest of some children in rockets, there has been lots of opportunity for this provided at Munlochy this week by making moon dough to simulate the surface of the moon. The children added pebbles to act as asteroids, dropping them onto our moon to make craters.

This provided lots of other learning opportunities including reading instructions, measuring quantities, mark-making in loose flour and experimenting with different properties of materials in science.

News post: 4th March 2021

It’s been a busy week at Munlochy!

Monday was St. David’s Day, so we explored Welsh culture with activities based around the Welsh symbols of the daffodil and the leek. Using a jug of daffodils as inspiration, we made daffodil-coloured art with a variety of differently textured materials, ending up with a variety of pictures including flowers, cars, and aeroplanes! The children practised their scissor and fine motor skills, cutting, selecting and placing their materials. We listened to harp music whilst making our art. The children said:

“Mine is a spotty daffodil robot!” 

“This is a car, look at the engine over here!” 

“My one is an aeroplane, it gets driven by a pilot” 

“The music is lovely!”

“The music makes me feel bored, I want to sleep – yaaaawwwn”

We looked at dollies in national dress and the red dragon on the Welsh flag. We read ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’, then listened to the song on YouTube afterwards. The children like dragons, because “they breath out fire!”.  We used leeks as a sensory experience. We smelt the leek, tasted it both raw and cooked, and explored the texture of it through cutting and chopping with safety knives, and rolling, ripping and peeling with fingers. Afterwards, we composted all the leek we had used, so nothing went to waste. Leek was not a very popular taste, but the majority of children loved the smell, with it reminding them of soup. “It’s too spicy, I need a drink of water!”

The children have chosen ‘rockets’ as an interest topic for the next wee while, after some very intense voting with a final tie-breaker! We have started making a papier-mache solar system, with the children learning how to adjust the consistency of the ‘glue’ mixture by adding water to thin it, or adding flour to thicken it. The gluing turned into a VERY messy sensory activity, as the children manipulated the strips of paper into the glue mix, and then onto their balloons, with a lot of squishing and squidging. It was a good test afterwards of how effective our hand-washing is! 

We have also been looking at the NASA Kids Club website. This website has lots of fun and educational material for children, such as information about the astronauts on the International Space Station, and pattern recognition games – here is the link, The children have been learning some basic ICT skills, such as recognising icons, moving the mouse pointer accurately and using the ‘drag and drop’ function, as well as turn-taking. 

On Thursday we will be celebrating World Book Day with our favourite stories, and everybody will receive tokens home, which can either be exchanged for a special edition book, or redeemed against the price of a higher value book. With many bookshops being closed at the moment, we have checked that these tokens can be redeemed in Tesco. 

News post: 25th February 2021

There are lots of happy smiles here at our Munlochy setting this week! Everybody is so excited to be back and able to play with their friends again.

We have been talking lots this week about what we did whilst we were apart. The children who have just re-joined us are also getting used to the longer hours and having lunch from “Big School”.

Staff have had first aid training this week, and the children have been interested in how we look after people who are hurt, and what is inside the first aid box. They have also been enthusiastically exploring the sand and water play outside – making lots of different discoveries as they mix materials together.

A favourite experience at the moment is transferring water between different containers, scooping, pouring and, of course, splashing!

This week we will be welcoming a new friend to our setting, and the children are really looking forward to sharing lots of exciting play and learning together.

News post: 19th February 2021

Munlochy Pre-School welcomes back everyone on Monday 22nd February. We have missed you all! See you soon


News post: 5th February 2021

Last week we told you about our new bird feeding area, and our plans to join in with the RSPB’s Big School Birdwatch. 

We did our birdwatch at the nursery on Friday morning. We saw eighteen birds! Ten crows, three pigeons, two sparrows, two coal tits and one robin.

The crows and pigeons landed in the trees and the sparrows hop around the nursery roof. The coal tits fly back and forwards between the trees and our bird feeder all the time, they are very busy! They land on the feeders and hang on with their feet, and balance on the rope and the fence. The robin moves around the garden in little bits, by hopping or flying. It lands on our toys and then pecks up birdseed from the ground. The coal tits and robin let us get very close to them. 

We have now signed up to the RSPB’s Wild Challenge. There are lots of activities for us to do. Next up is composting! We are digging out our old compost bin, and going to research what type of things we can compost, why composting is good, and how it works. We found a few things in the old compost bin that shouldn’t be in there, like yoghurt pots and wrappers, and the children knew those types of items don’t make compost.

Our children said:

It will ruin the compost, it’s not even funny!

we also found lots of snails hiding in the bin when we moved it!

Look at those snails, there is even a white one!

1.2 there are 11 snails!

Come and see the baby, baby one!

We have also done a fruit tasting this week, to see if the children would like to change the fruit we normally have for a snack. the loved the surprise of finding out what the fruit was that was hiding under the cover.

We found out lots of people like pears and blueberries, so will be adding these to our fruit choices. The children used some great language to describe the fruit – bitter, tasty and sour were some examples!

News post: 27th January 2021

On Monday, this week we celebrated Burns Day. We tried ‘Haggis, Neeps and Tatties’ for a snack.

One person quite liked it, but the rest of the children were not too keen. We talked about Robbie Burns, and what a poem is – a bit like a song, but one you speak instead of singing.

We also did a creative project with lots of different media – “What do you think a haggis looks like?”

Our group haggis ended up having wool, feathers and sequins! 

We are also participating in the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch this year.

Why don’t you try doing the Big Garden Birdwatch at home? It is this weekend, from the 29th to the 31st of January.

Here is a link to the RSPB website:

To encourage more birds into our garden, we have made a new bird feeding area. The children built a feeding station, working out how the different parts fitted together and helped put it up in the garden. They problem solved how to open the feeders (pushing/pulling and screwing on and off) and what was the best way to fill them up – a little scoop takes longer, but a big scoop makes the seed go everywhere. We tied a rope to the fence beside the feeder so the birds could perch and hung our home-made fat balls from the rope. 

Within ten minutes of putting food out, we saw birds starting to arrive! The children practised moving slowly and quietly closer, reminding themselves that loud noises would scare the birds away. They correctly identified a robin by themselves, and then looked at pictures on Google of our other visitor and learned that it was a Coal Tit.  

The RSPB has given us some lovely picture cards of common garden birds, and the children have been learning their names. They are starting to recognize some on sight and to inspect pictures closely for differences when two birds look similar at first glance. The robin has white under his red bit, but the chaffinch is red all the way down. The chaffinch has grey on him too!

News post: 20th January 2021


News post: 13th January 2021


News post: 18th December 2020


News Post: 19th November 2020

Click on the image to see our Active Play photographs

Raigmore Childcare Centre (2-3 group)

News post: 20th April 2020

Welcome back, we hope you all had a fantastic time over the Easter break.

This week we will be settling back into our routines, learning about shapes and playing various matching activities.

We will also be going out to different lots of fun locations such as the woods or the park, exploring our surroundings through our senses and making the most of the space to help develop those gross motor skills through being physically active in their play. We work hard to help the children follow the advice from the Chief Medical Officer which suggests that children under five should have 180 minutes of physical activity every day – we also feel the many benefits of this too – great for a good night’s sleep for everyone!

Here are some photos of our play experiences from today, matching colours and developing our shape and colour recognition too!


Easter Message

Happy Easter! 

Look forward to seeing you all again after the holidays and hearing about what you got up to.

From Mandy and Amy at Raigmore

News post: 29th March 2021

Spring is here and the children are noticing the green grass and all the green shoots of the wildflowers growing when we have been out and about on our walks this week. We think this has been the stimulus for exploring the colour ‘Green’ in our painting!

Children have also been out and about this week and taking advantage of the freedom of space to practice their spatial awareness, balance, coordination etc through fun, active and inclusive games with the footballs.


News post: 5th March 2021

Our trip to the Inverness UHI Grounds.

Look at what we saw this week!

The swans and ducks were really friendly and excited to swim over to say hello to us.

We did lots of noticing and pointing at the different birds we could see. There were big ones, small ones with all sorts of lovely colours on their feathers. We also were practising our listening skills to hear all the sounds they were making. We think the birds and ducks wished that we had a snack for them, so we have decided to take some next time.

Back at our setting, we have been busy helping to re-design our playroom and look….. we have a new Play Kitchen (the adults keep checking to see if it is still staying together – don’t know why?)! This has really helped us be more imaginative and creative with our role play.

If Mums and Dad’s would like to know more about the benefits, links to attainment and rich learning opportunities that arise from being outdoors Click Here.

News post: 25th February 2021

Hello everyone,

We have loved hearing all the children’s stories from our time apart and helping the children settle back down into our daily routine. Lovely to welcome our new family to the setting this week and observe the children as they reconnect with one another through their play indoors and out.

Out with the children, we have been busy unpacking and building our new play kitchen for the children and can’t wait to share it with them (once we have checked and double-checked our building skills will withhold!).

Just really nice to be back together with you and your children!

Keep checking back here for updates on our play and learning over the coming weeks.

Raigmore staff team.

News post: 19th February 2021

Welcome Back Raigmore Childcare Centre with our new opening hours of term time 8:30-2:30 with a hot meal now part of the offering for 2-year-olds! We have missed you all and look forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd February. Hooray!

News post: 13th January 2021

News Post: 9th November 2020

News Post: 4th September 2020

We would like to welcome you back with big open arms and assure you that through these new and difficult times we are complying with national guidance to keep everyone safe and ensuring you and your children have the best possible experiences of early learning and childcare.

Our childcare setting is based in Raigmore Primary School grounds and at any one time, our 2 experienced practitioners can provide early learning and childcare for up to 10 children aged 2-3 years.  Spaces are currently available for children eligible for funding, or for parents paying a small hourly fee.  We can offer allocated spaces with set days or drop-in sessions which means that once registered, you can access childcare flexibly as and when you wish, as long as you phone first to make sure there is a space available.

Our opening hours are 8.30-12.30 Monday to Friday during term time.

To find out more about 2-year-old funding, visit:

We offer a range of different learning opportunities following children’s interests such as arts and crafts, baking and cooking, indoor and outdoor play, numeracy and literacy, story corner, role play, and small world areas. Sensory and creative play such as sand, water and playdough areas and fun outings with a park and woods just outside the building. We work within the Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) framework to meet children’s individual needs so they can be Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected and responsible and Included (Shanarri)

For any questions and more information please feel free to contact us on 07775727167 or email us at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.

Amy and Mandy.

Reay Under 5’s

News from setting: 19th April 2021

Welcome back!

Welcome back everybody, we hope you had lovely holidays. Now, wasn’t the weather a mixed bag of snow, wind and thankfully sunshine the last week! You will all be pleased to know that some of our tulips are in bloom now along with the daffodils. The seeds we planted before the holidays are slowly growing in my greenhouse. We look forward to hearing what you have been getting up to. I’m sure you all had fun out and about and eating some yummy Easter eggs

News from setting: 30th March 2021

Construction time at Reay Under 5’s.

The tinker table sparked a wee interest in DIY. Using the tinker table enabled children to experience using real tools such as spanners, good for the continued development of their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
They worked together really well together sharing their ideas with each other and also gave them the opportunity to share what they know about some jobs people do, such as the ‘builder builds houses’ and ‘electrician puts lights in’. Some even drew out their own plans explaining to staff in great detail what their plans were all about, ‘the excavator needs to come in and dig a track’ and they even wrote their ‘jobs’ in the job book. It gave them the opportunity to discuss size, shape and number, some even noticing number ‘7’ as they were constructing with blocks. It also leads to some children designing and creating amazing creations with small wooden blocks and to towers outside

News from setting: 30th March 2021

Bubbles of fun at Reay.

All that was needed was music and bubbles!

What fun the children had as they moved around outside expressively and playfully. They observed the different sizes of bubbles and noticed that some bubbles went up high and some down low. ‘Let’s catch them and pop them’,  and some even commented that the wind makes them go round and round faster. If you didn’t want to run and catch the bubbles all you need is a waterproof mat to sit, watch and relax.

News from setting: 15th March 2021

Spring walk.

On our walk children observed signs of spring using their senses. They heard birds sing and noticed Spring flowers. They saw snowdrops, crocus and daffodils. The next day we put some pictures of flowers at the painting easels and the children created some lovely paintings, sharing their thoughts about their paintings.


It is so good to be back, all of the children have settled in very well, lovely to see them getting involved in a variety of experiences with their peers.

The children explored the puppet theatre and puppets, they used their wonderful imagination to make up their own stories and retell familiar stories. Some spent time engaged at the writing-table using their own initiative to create an animal book. We celebrated World Book Day, ‘ don’t they all look fab dressed up’. We decided we would listen to the Large Family stories on the c/d player, they chose Five Minutes’ Peace, by Jill Murphy. Fab listening and recall of the story. Children confidently shared their thoughts about the story for our Book Review, children had the opportunity to express their feelings, ‘it was so funny when he went into a bath with his clothes on.


News from setting: 23rd February 2021

We welcome you all back, two days later than everyone else, but the main hall has lovely new windows and a completely new roof.

We want to reassure you all that all appropriate measures are in place and we can’t wait to see you all.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

See you all on Wednesday 24th February at 9.15 am.

News from children: 18th February 2021

Here’s a pic of Michael and Alex doing some messy play this morning with cornflour, water and food colouring. Michael put lots of small toy animals in and enjoyed the strange textures.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth; oh what great fun messy play is, we will have to do some of that when we get back to playgroup! I wonder how it felt? Maybe sticky, slimy or cold.

News from children: 18th February 2021

My Pancake day adventures!

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth; They look yummy Michael, did you help mummy mix all the ingredients together and flip them? What did you have on them, I love raspberry jam on ours!

News from children: 18th February 2021

We have had a good week despite the cold weather! We had a couple of indoor days! Eva used this chance to play dress up! Eva has her first wobbly tooth which she is wiggling every second of every day! Here are a few pictures from our walks and week!

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth; Lovely to see you out playing in the snow and going on adventures with your brother. Good fun to dress up, what lovely outfits. Wibbly wobbly tooth, I hope the tooth fairy pays you a visit! Clever girl helping look after the Emu’s.

Look forward to seeing you back at playgroup soon.

News from children: 15th February 2021

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends, I miss you all and hope to see you all really soon. 

Rogue made me a love heart and that made me smile, so I have made her one too! 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth; That is lovely kind words, Maxy. Your love heart is very pretty and colourful.

News from children: 12th February 2021

My adventures

I put water in a  tub and added orange peel, leaves and twigs then after a night outside he popped it out of the tub.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth; Wow that looks amazing, love the colours, it looks like an ice cream cake. Great ice experiment.

I l made an apple bird feeder and hung it outside. A robin is eating from it and he also saw 2 other robins and a coal tit eating from it.  

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth:; How lucky those birdies are getting yummy food from your garden.

Me and my sister had great fun making snow angels when they went a walk in the woods. They also collected leaves and twigs.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth:; What fun you had, I bet your friends have been making snow angels too and having great fun playing in the snow, making snowmen and playing on sledges. I even had a wee shot on my grandson’s sledge!

Me and my sister made yummy chocolate cornflake cakes and kindly helped with the cleaning up! I love cucumber and decided he wanted a racing car sandwich for lunch.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth:; Oh yummy, yummy and what good helpers tidying up! That’s the best bit about making chocolate cakes, licking the bowl! Your race car looks amazing- almost too good to eat.

I drew a lovely picture of his family and made a lovely Tulip out of junk materials for my grandad.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: What a beautiful picture of your family and love your tulip, I bet your grandad is super proud that you made that for him. Amazing work.

News from children: 11th February 2021

This week I had lots of fun sledging in the snow. I love going downhill very fast! I also went for a walk at night with my special vest. I wear it so the cars can see me. The snow was sparkly and I saw the stars in the sky.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: I think lots of boys and girls will have had fun sledging, I know I did. You are keeping safe with your hi-viz vest on. You are right the snow does look sparkly just like glitter and also crunches when you walk on it. The night sky has been amazing.

This week I practised making heart shapes in my yoghurt with maple syrup. I also helped mummy make a very tasty chocolate cake. I mixed all the ingredients together with the wooden spoon.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: How clever practising making heart shapes with your maple syrup, I bet your chocolate cake was tasty. I bet your mum was glad of your help mixing all the ingredients together. What a good idea drawing faces on your hearts, you’ve made me feel really happy hearing and seeing what you have up to.

Mummy cut some hearts in paper and we drew faces to show their emotions. I made a happy one with a smile. We also drew a shocked one and a sad one. Hearts are good for saying “I love you”.


News from children: 11th February 2021

I am missing you and all my pals from playgroup. Mummy says we can start to come to playgroup again soon, this makes me feel very happy and very excited. 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: We are all missing each other, we will have to have a wee celebration when we all get back to playgroup!

I have had lots of fun this week at home.

I made an awesome snowgirl in the garden with Paul Paul. This was fun but it was very cold in the garden. I didn’t want to put my gloves, hat and scarf back on to go and get my picture taken with the snowgirl.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: That is an amazing snowgirl, I bet your friends have made snowmen and snow girls too! It has been cold but it is good to get outside in the fresh air.

I made some rock cakes with my mummy and big brother this was fun especially getting my hands in and making the mixture like breadcrumbs. I liked making the cakes but don’t like to eat these.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: How clever helping mummy bake, measuring out all the ingredients and mixing them all together. When I was a little girl I used to bake these with my granny and when my girls were little we used to make these too but they didn’t like the fruit in it so used to put chocolate chips in them and we called them moon rocks!

I made a pic of Kandinsky hearts with my brother, this was a task his teacher set him. I really like to paint. I remembered to be calm and sensible whilst using the paints and mummy was very proud of me. 

I made a valentines day card for my pal Max. I hope he sees it! 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: Your picture and card are lovely, you have been super busy. How kind you are making a card for Max, he will love it. Oh Roguey super proud of you too, thank you for doing the activities.

News from the setting:8th February 2021

Well hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and feeling okay. It’s okay to not feel okay as you know because we talk about our feelings at playgroup. Can you remember some feeling words——- bet you can, here are some happy, excited, tired sad, upset, worried! You just remember to talk to your mummies and daddies at home and us at playgroup. Grown-ups can help you, you just might need a wee cuddle, go for a wee snooze or just want to talk about something.

We have felt sad because we miss you all but you have been making us happy, hearing and seeing what you have been doing with your families and we are feeling excited to get back to playgroup soon.

This weeks wee activity, what about some making some emoji faces about feelings. You can think about our feeling board at playgroup or our books. You can draw, make playdough faces, write in sand or snow, use twigs, sticks or even pasta.

This reminds me of one our songs that we have sung at playgroup- ‘If you are happy and you know it’. Well, lets have a think!

We can clap our hands, stamp your feet, you can use your wonderful imagination to make up your own actions and get exercise at the same time.

I have one for you to do, ‘If you are happy and you know it tell your family you love them, so it would go, ‘If you are happy and you know it love you mum, ( dad) ( brother) ( sister) or anyone else that is special to you.

Which leads us on to Valentine’s day on the 14th of February.

You could make a  Valentine card for someone special. I know some of you can draw a heart shape. You could decorate a heart shape using pasta, and then decorate it with some recycled wrapping paper. Use your wonderful creativity, imagination and cutting skills.. Then you could write the words, ‘I love you’, mummies and daddies can help you with this. We know some of you can do this as you often practise writing at playgroup.

Well can you guess what I have made this morning, it is in my fridge setting and it is wibbly-wobbly. Have you guessed it, hope you love the shape. Maybe you could make some at home, I know some of you love this——-have you guessed yet, it is jelly!

Have a great week everyone.

Miss you all.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth

News from the children: 5th February 2021

Arty great fun at playgroup exploring the snow. He loved the snow been thrown up in the air and throwing snowballs to the ground. We wrote numbers in the snow too, fab counting Arty. He also helped us fill the bird feeders, thank you Arty.

4th February 2021

My fun in the snow

I had great fun in the snow, on my sledge, building a snowman and then helped decorate some yummy cakes.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: lovely to see you outside playing in the snow, love your snowman and your cakes look great, love all of the colourful sprinkles. Let’s hope we get more snow!!

4th February 2021

MY adventures

I have been loving all the lovely weather and getting outside. We had a great time at Reay beach meeting up with Max and his sister. It was great fun playing with a friend again.

I  spotted fields, fern, flowers and fences beginning with F on our walks.

We have also been down at my granda’s farm out on the quads and even got to feed a little lamb. 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: What fun you have been having, the weather has been so good to get out and about exploring. All you need is cosy clothes to keep you warm. How lucky to meet up with Max on the beach, hopefully, it won’t be long until we are all back together at playgroup. I wonder did you find anything exciting on the beach!

Fabulous ‘f’ spotting, you spotted the same things as me when I was on my walk!

Wow, that is a special job getting to feed a little lamb and to get a shot on the quad with your daddy. I wonder does your granda have lots of lambs on his farm? What cold weather for the lambs, brrrr

News from children: 3rd February 2021

I have been practising the letter f. 

I had fun playing eye spy around our home. My five f’s are. Food, I asked for fish fingers for lunch because they begin with F. My Frog bath toy. My brothers Frog Teddy and his Flash toy. My baby brothers fish. I can’t wait till springtime when there will be flowers in the garden. 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: Well done for finding all those things beginning with ’f’. I say ‘f’ for ‘fantastic’. Yummy fish fingers for lunch. We can’t wait also until there are flowers in the garden too, shall I tell you something, all our bulbs we planted at playgroup are growing. So that is something to look forward to when we get back to playgroup!

News from children: 3rd February 2021

Last weekend I was very busy. On Saturday morning we did the Big Garden Watch and I helped spot the birds. We had 11 long-tailed tits, 3 great tits, 3 pheasants, 2 robins and 1 coal tit. On Tuesday mummy made two potato stamps: a bird and a tree, and I used them to make a picture of our big garden watch. 

 Wow that is an amazing amount of long-tailed tits, I didn’t have any of those in my garden, I had 10 starlings, 3 blue tits, 2 blackbirds, 2 chaffinch. 2 pheasant and I robin. I did my bird watch on Sunday and it was a lovely sunny day to watch the birdies.

I also helped mummy and daddy build a new shed with my tools: a saw, a hammer and a screwdriver. I passed the screws to daddy when he needed them and helped carry the planks. I used my chalks to decorate the frame.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: How helpful, bet Mummy and Daddy were glad of the extra help!

We also went exploring in the woods. Tonight we talked about words that start with the letter “F” that we had seen in the woods: we saw ferns, fox poo, fungi, friends and feathers. It was fun!

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: It is fun going exploring in the woods, I would say ‘f’ for fabulous exploring! When Cameron and I were out walking yesterday we saw ferns, feathers and bumped into friends on our way and then Cameron helped me put some fat balls in the feeder.

News from children: 2nd February 2021

We have had another busy week looking after my pets!  My pet turkeys didn’t like the snow and kept eating it which made me laugh a lot! Making sure to get our daily walks! We really enjoyed the snow so much, we made snowmen,  played snowballs and made Mum and Dad drag us around for hours on the sledge! 

We forgot to take a picture of our Burns dinner we got too hungry! 

We made some fat balls for birds they didn’t turn out too pretty but birds seem happy with them.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: 

We are delighted to hear that you and your brother have been having great fun in the snow. So healthy to get outside playing in snow, was your mum and dad exhausted pulling you around? Your snowman is fab looking.

Well done for making fat balls, I bet the birdies enjoyed them, I know the birdies have been enjoying the ones I have made.

Glad you enjoyed your burns supper, yummy.

Love your picture!

News from Reay: 1st February 2021

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is well, we are missing you all.

Thank you once again for taking part in all of our activities. It is so lovely to see what you have all been getting up to with your families. You certainly have all been keeping busy and getting out in the fresh air. Loved all the snowy pictures. It has certainly been icy and frosty, good for our ice experiments! You have to be very careful when you are out walking, remember to walk like a penguin. Can you see the flower head I put in water, it has frozen!

Have you have been doing the bird count this weekend, cant wait to see if you have. ‘I wonder what types of birds you spotted? Remember to keep feeding them and don’t forget to put water out for them. Get your counting heads on to count the birdies!

How about making some birds and trees! Mm, what could we use to make some birds!

How about drawing, cutting and gluing or what about getting your family to cut a potato in half and use this as the body and paint it and print this on paper or card then add its beak, eyes and legs. You could collect natural materials when out on your walk such as bark, twigs and leaves to make a tree. Can’t wait to see what masterpieces you come up with.

If you are using scissors – remember our rhyme – ‘Fingers on bottom, thumb on top, open wide and chop, chop, chop’.

Do you know the rhyme; Two little dicky birds?

This week is the start of a new month, it is ‘F’ for February!

Let’s do some I- spy with my little eye, can you find 5 things beginning with the letter ‘f’. You might want to go looking inside or outside.

Does anyone have ‘f’ in their name?

Can anyone write ‘f’.

You don’t need to use pens to practise writing all of the time, you could use sand, playdough or get your Mum or Dad to put some lentils in a tray and you can use your finger to write.  You could also use some twigs also to make letters. It is good to keep those fingers busy, makes them strong which will help you make it easier to do lots of things such as having a good pen grip, making things, doing puzzles, making Lego or Duplo.

We hope you all have a good week and thanks once again for doing our activities, it is lovely to see what you have all been getting up to. Hope you all managed to get out and about, we look forward to seeing what you have been getting up to this week.

Remember to keep active, can’t wait to see what it is you do, it might be walking, playing on the beach, on your bikes or on your slide or climbing frame.

Wrap up warm and have fun. You might even get a hot chocolate treat with marshmallows, yummy!

Keep safe

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh, Ruth

News from children: 29th January

My mum and I made a tartan pattern. I enjoyed colouring the pattern in my favourite colours. ‘That is a lovely tartan pattern you have made, tartan patterns are so colourful’

I have also been practising my letter formations and my name.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth:  What lovely writing, keep up the good work

News from children: 29th January

On Monday it was Robbie Burn’s birthday. He was a Scottish poet. I was very happy about his birthday because we ate haggis neeps and tatties, and I love haggis! After dinner we had music for a ceilidh in the living room with mummy and daddy. I love dancing and jumping. ‘

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: Well that sounds like an amazing Burns Supper you had, haggis is yummy, I love it too’ Dancing is so good for you , keep you super fit and healthy.

I also learned to draw vertical and horizontal lines to make a tartan. I used all my favourite colours to make lots of tartan drawings in my colouring pad.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: Well done Clara, what a lovely pattern, great lines’. 

News from children: 28th January 2021

Hello everyone, 

We loved the snow recently. I’m sad it has gone already! I hope it snows lots more again soon.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: I think we are all sad the snow is gone, let’s hope it comes back soon, love seeing all the boys and girls playing out in the snow, ‘I wonder did you make a snowman?

On the days that we haven’t been outdoors, we have been exercising indoors too following kids workouts. 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: Wow great stuff doing your exercises every day, that will keep you fit and give you strong muscles, we can add this photo to our SHANNARRI display under, ‘Healthy’.

News from children: 27th January 2021

My sister and I had great fun in the snow, we built a snowman,  went sledging and even went exploring on the beach. I couldn’t believe that there was snow on the beach. Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: what an adventure you had sledging, making a snowman and exploring on the beach.  I wonder was there lots of different footprints on the beach?

I loved , your miss you message in the snow.  I had lots of pheasants in my garden at the weekend.

I  loved looking at all the other pictures and stories seeing what my friends have been getting up to.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth:  That is a kind thing to say that you ‘love Rogues snowflake’, maybe you could make some snowflakes too? ‘I am so glad you have enjoyed looking at the stories and pictures from the other boys and girls’.

News from children: 27th January 2021

I  loved the message saying you miss us all. We have been looking at the tracks in the snow too and all the different footprints. We took a photo of the duck, dog and pony prints in the snow, as well as our own footprints. 

My sister and I  both had our first time sledging. We were wrapped up in a clean waterproof horse rug to keep us cosy! I  also made snow angels and made a map of Frozen 2 with Arrendale, the enchanted forest and the dark sea. We attempted to make a snowman on Saturday but the snow was just too powdery. 

We went for a walk around Thurso and went to St Peter’s Kirk. We are hoping to do a drawing or painting of the window. I also spotted two graves with a skull and crossbones on it so we were thinking a pirate was buried there!

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: Wow  –  you and your family have been super busy. It looks like you and your sister had great fun in the snow. It’s good seeing all the different patterns in the snow and spotting different animal footprints. I still love playing out in the snow. When I was young we used to go up the Knowes in the village and I didn’t have a sledge, can you guess what I used——- I used to use a tin tray or a tattie sack, great fun.

It is so healthy getting out to play in the snow. It is lovely to see what you have getting up to and going out and about exploring. The painting is truly a work of art, just like what you would see in a gallery, AMAZING!

News from children: 26th January 2021

We’ve signed up to the big garden birdwatch and have the binoculars ready. We haven’t made a bird feeder but we have lots already in our garden that I have been helping keep topped up.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: Well done  –  that is being very responsible helping fill up the bird feeders’. We hope you get lots of birdies visiting your garden, can’t wait to see what types of birdies visit your garden!

For burns night I have drawn my own tartan with pink, purple and yellow along with a picture of me dancing and a plate of haggis (that I didn’t like), neeps and tatties. I put my kilt on and my Mummy showed me some highland dancing.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: That is a lovely tartan pattern you have made, well done for trying the haggis, it’s good to try different foods. Lovely highland dancing pose there, looking smart in your kilt. Do you go to highland dance classes? I think if I remember your Mummy and Auntie did Highland Dancing when they were young!

News from Yvonne: 25th January 2021

I went on a lovely walk in the snow away up in a woodland area called the Limekiln , I thought I would write a message in the snow. I bet you all had super fun in the snow at the weekend, can’t wait to see your photos!

I had lots of visitors in my garden! Do you know whose footprints these are?

Love from Yvonne

News from children: 25th January 2021

This week I went into the deep dark wood with mummy and daddy to make owls. I found bark, leaves, moss and sticks and made a short-eared owl and a long-eared owl. Owls eat mice and live in treetop houses. They come out at night and the tawny owl goes ‘too wit too whoo’.

I made some drawings of owls in my house. They don’t come to our garden feeder. We get different birdies instead. This week I saw the long-tailed tit again. They have a pink belly and eat the fat balls. They come with their friends the coal tit, blue tit and the great tit. I saw geese in the field as well with daddy. They go honk honk!

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth: Wow Clara what a great adventure you have had in the woods, there are lots of things to investigate in the woods, I wonder has anyone else been exploring in the woods? Your owls are amazing. How lovely to see all those birds in your garden,  I had a robin a female pheasant, sparrows, chaffinch and starlings in my garden over the weekend at my bird feeders, I must make more this week!

News from REAY: 25th January 2021

Well, another week has passed and we are so grateful for your amazing contributions to our blog. It makes it all worthwhile, staff feel we have that connection with you all in these trying times.

If we were at playgroup today – Monday 25th January – we would be having a wee Scottish traditional celebration. We would have been celebrating the life of Robbie Burns by having our ‘Burns Supper’ and taking part in various activities. We would have been learning some interesting facts about Robbie Burns.

Can anyone remember anything about Robbie Burns to share with us if not your family could help you find things by looking at interesting books, on the iPad, phone or you could even ask Alexa! We look forward to hearing what you find out about him.

For our Burns Supper, we would have been eating haggis, neeps and tatties, yum yum. We would have been listening and dancing to Scottish music, remember dancing keeps you fit as well. You can have a wee Scottish ceilidh in your sitting room and get all your family to join in. You can get your kilts on! You could make some colourful tartan patterns, with pens, paints or you could use your good cutting skills to cut out strips of coloured card or paper and you can be designers and create your own tartan.

We would have been reading some Hamish McHaggis stories, perhaps you could make your very own haggis using your wonderful imagination, using anything such as old socks, material, playdough, clay, can’t wait to see what you come up with. We would have been learning some of Robbie Burns work such as the Selkirk Grace and ‘To a mouse’, maybe your family will find some of Robbie Burns music on iPad or ask Alexa!

Are you all keeping a lookout at all the birdies in your garden, did anyone make bird feeders, would love to see them. See photos of some I made. Have you registered for the Big Garden Birdwatch 29-31st January?

Hope you manage to get outside exploring, remember you can use your binoculars.

You can access Bookbug Facebook page and access Scots Bookbug session.

Don’t forget also about the CALA parent portal.

Keep safe everyone

Miss you all

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh & Ruth

News from children: 21st January 2021

I had lots of fun splashing in the puddles. I was hoping to hear some owls but I only heard geese. I made an owl out of junk.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: What great fun splashing in the puddles, they looked very deep puddles, seeing you splashing in that deep puddle reminded me of the nursery rhyme, ‘Doctor Foster’.

I wonder does anyone know that nursery rhyme? We would love to hear any of you saying a nursery rhyme or singing to us, your mummy or daddy could record you and send it to us. That would be lovely. Love your owl  – very colourful.


News from children: 20th January 2021

We have also been looking out for birds and have a male pheasant in our field. It is such lovely colours orange, green and brown. We also have a Robin that visits us and lots of sparrows. We will have to put a feeder in the garden but we have to watch out for our cats as they took in a live weasel yesterday!’ 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: It’s so lovely to see lots of birds in the garden, isn’t it.

Oh my goodness a live weasel in your house, what mischievous cats! Unfortunately, when I was out a walk the other day I found a weasel on the pavement but it was sadly dead.

Blaire’s granny saved a short-eared owl from their cat last August and it was so beautiful but had an old injury to its wing and was taken to the vet. We found out that owls come at night and hunt but the short-eared owl hunts both day and night.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth:  What amazing photos of owls, they are super cute, good fact-finding!

Blaire also has a friend called Winter that has a barn owl that she saw when it was only a baby. It was so soft and fluffy. ‘Amazing the barn owl is super super cute, so cuddly looking’.

We were down at Forss River and in the woods on Friday and we spotted snowdrops starting to show. More were blooming in the sheltered areas. My favourite part of the walk is the swing!

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: The snowdrops there are amazing when they are in full bloom, I always think it looks like a white carpet’ Cool a swing in the woods, what fun.

News from children: 20th January 2021

I spotted and heard lots of Geese in the field behind our garden. 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: Wow! That is an amazing photo of all the geese. I saw some the other day but they weren’t flying they were all resting in a field. I wonder does anybody know what noise geese make?

News from children: 19th January 2021

I have been super busy making things.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: What a beautiful snowflake, it has beautiful patterns and we can see lots of different shapes you have cut out. I wonder boys and girls can you make any snowflakes like this one? Fab scissor skills too!

Your name is looking so colourful, great neat work. What a wonderful idea using sweetie papers to make your name look bright and cheery. Good recycling, I wonder can you make anything else using junk for the recycling bin?

News from children: 19th January 2021

Look what I collected – natural materials from Forss forest and at the same time looked for signs of the owls home!

We know one lives there as we saw him one evening on our walk.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: Great job! That is an amazing owl picture, love all the natural materials you have collected to make it. We wonder has anyone else made their owl?

News from REAY: 18th January 2021

We hope you are all well and keeping safe and getting out for your daily exercise.

Have you been noticing any birdies when you have been out and about? I have seen some robins, sparrows and pheasants in my garden so far. The other evening on my walk I didn’t see this creature but I heard this sound, it was going ‘twit-woo’, have you guessed what it was!

I love hearing them, it reminded me of one of my favourite stories, ‘Owl Babies’. Maybe you could make an owl using some natural materials you find out on your walks, such as pine cones, leaves or twigs.

Can you find out some interesting facts about ‘Owls?  Can’t wait to see what you find out!

Shall we have a go at making some bird feeders for our gardens this week?

Birds love fat cakes this time of year and this is what they need to give them energy and keep them warm. You can use kitchen scraps such as cheese, dried porridge, stale bread and raisins. You can get creative and use lots of recyclable containers to make bird feeders such as loo and kitchen roll holders and you can even use a large orange cut in half with the flesh scooped out.

Pine cone bird feeder

When you are out exploring collect some pine cones.

First of all tie string around them, so you can hang them up. This will get messy but good fun to do!

Using a butter knife, be careful, your parents can help you with this. Spread peanut butter or cooking lard all over the pine cones. This will get sticky!

Next roll the pine cone in birdseed or your own mixture of food, then put it in the fridge to set. Then hang them up and watch out for the birdies.

You can do the same with empty kitchen roll and toilet roll holders. 

You might even have some plastic sand play shapes that you can use, mix up lard and your birdseed or kitchen scraps and press into the container but remember to take a pencil and put a hole in the top of it so you can string it up.

I think your younger brother and sisters would like to do this too, hope they join in with you making bird feeders and all our other activities. We don’t want them to be feeling left out.  

We look forward to seeing what you do.

Coming up soon is RSPB bird watch, so hopefully, your parents will register for this and all the wonderful bird feeders you make will attract lots of birds to your garden.

Well, we hope you all have a safe and lovely week and manage to get outside in the fresh air.

Missing you all

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth

News from the children: 17th January 2021

This year I was very lucky, as Santa teamed up with all of her family, friends and neighbours to bring lots of presents. With the colouring books and new crayons and felt tip pens, I made some nice drawings to say thank you to everyone. 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: What lovely colourful pictures you have done, great job’

My favourite activity during the holidays was to go on adventures outside where I cracked the ice on puddles, looked for treasures on the beach and built dens in the woods. It was also fun to leave footprints in the snow and the sand! 

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: Wow, what great exploring you have done outside, den building is great fun, especially in the woods. I wonder –  did you notice different types of footprints when you were out and about?

This week, I wanted to see if it would get cold enough to freeze the water again, so she made some soup with branches and pine cones. I left it outside every night… but it never froze! Let’s hope the frost comes back,

I am looking forward to making a new bird feeder to add to the ones in the garden, where lots of different birdies come for lunch every day!

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth:  What a fab picture of the birds, can you tell your friends what type of birds they are?

News from children: 15th January 2021

I have been busy out and about when the weather has been good. I have been out on mu bike cycling down the Crosskirk road.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: ‘That is a super-smart Frozen bike’. You are keeping super fit and healthy out in the fresh air getting lots of exercise. You are keeping ‘Healthy’ and ‘Safe’ doing all this. We can add this to our SHANNARI display once we get back to playgroup.

My pony has had to have a visit from the vet and has to be kept inside at the moment for a whole month. I have gone out to the stable most days to see him and care for him. I have even tried to fluff up his bed to make it comfier for him. ‘

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: Great job of looking after your pony. You are being super ‘Responsible’ in doing this. We will add this to our SHANARRI display once we get back to playgroup.

I have also have been busy drawing and writing in my new book and has good fun learning to play my new game –  Trolls monopoly, I even won the first game!


News from children: 15th January 2021

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: 

Well done!

That is an amazing thank you card, love all the Christmas stickers and great writing of your name. It is so bright and colourful. Thank you for taking the time to make one.

News from children: 15th January 2021

I have not fed the birds in the garden yet but I have been feeding his sheep.  The sheep don’t have much food outside either during the winter months and they need a little extra food to help the baby lambs grow inside their tummies before they are born. My own sheep had a scan and is going to have three lambs of all goes well.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth:  Well ‘ Michael you are being super busy and you are being super ‘Responsible’ in helping mum and dad look after the sheep’. How exciting Michael your own sheep are going to have 3 lambs in springtime.

I have painted a picture of his toy tractor and new trailer he got for his Christmas which he loves. I have enjoyed decorating his thank you picture.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth:  Wow! that is am amazing thank you picture, very colourful, great work.’

I have spent time helping my Mum with jobs. I have been collecting and counting the hen’s eggs from the nests and have been sorting my clean washing and putting it away in the right drawers in his bedroom.  I have been practising writing numbers too which I have enjoyed greatly.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth:  You are being super helpful your mum and dad must be super proud of you.  What a great way to be practising your counting, counting the hen eggs. Be careful though you don’t drop them! I wonder does anyone else have hens and help collect and count their eggs?

News from children: 14th January 2021

Hi everyone,

I have been doing my daily walks and spending lots of time outside with my pets.

Chewy the hamster arrived with Santa on Christmas night and I have been spending lots of time with Chewy. He has only escaped once!

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth: How lucky are you, Santa knows how much you love your animals!

Your hamster is super cute. I bet you are doing an amazing job of taking care of him.  I wonder if you could tell us what you feed him?

News from children: 11th January 2021

We have been busy exploring outside.

We have seen lots of rainbows lately and some lovely shaped shells on the beach and interesting ice puddles. Then spotted a deer on his walk.

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth:  What amazing photos. You look as if you been having so much fun, great to see you outside in the fresh air. That rainbow looks amazing just like your Rainbow calendar you made before Christmas. When I was out a walk the other day we saw an amazing double rainbow! Has anyone else seen a double rainbow?

We love your shells they look like wings.

The ice patterns look amazing, maybe boys and girls you can look for interesting patterns in your garden or when you are out a walk. The deer looks so majestic standing there, it reminds me of the Disney movie, ‘Bambi’ one of my favourite Disney movies.

Thanks for sharing!

News post for our children: 8th January 2021

Hope everybody had a lovely Christmas and was Santa good to you all? I bet he was.

We can’t wait to hear all about the lovely presents you got.

  • Could you share with us what you got, did you have a favourite present?
  • Could you maybe share a photo of your present and draw us a picture.

We all got some lovely presents too. Did you all remember those special kind words you say when you get a present, we know you do?

The special words are ‘thank you’.  Maybe you can get your Mummy or Daddy to write the word thank you and you can glue and cut shapes to decorate the word, you could maybe cut out shapes and patterns using old Christmas cards.

Get outside in fresh air, wrap up warm and go exploring. Look at the patterns all around, can you make footprints in the ice, snow or mud. What about splashing in puddles. Great fun, don’t forget to put your wellies on though. Make a snowman if we are really really lucky!

Task to try!

Here is a wee fun experiment you can try……….

  • pour and fill different sized containers with water outside and put little wee things in the container such as stones twigs and see if they freeze outside! Mmmm – I wonder what we need to make them freeze outside and then what would melt them again? Can you help us remember?

Also…. remember to keep feeding the birdies in your garden and to give them water to drink.

We will show you how to make birdie feeders next week

Keep safe everyone

Yvonne, Lynn, Ashleigh and Ruth xxx

News post: 20th December 2020

Children have been busy creating Christmas crafts and decorating the den with cards and decorations, great fine motor skills as they used a variety of pegs to hang things up. They decorated the tree silhouette using a variety of loose parts, using their imagination and creativity.

They were very busy working in the kitchen making Christmas dinner! Making spaghetti and knowing that you have to blow on a hot cup of tea to cool it down!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas from us all at Reay Under 5’s.

News post: 10th December 2020

The children made some colourful bonfire pictures outside and used descriptive language to share the noise the fireworks made, e.g. whizz, whoosh, pop, bang. Some showed great safety awareness when we were talking about fireworks, ‘ it wouldn’t be sensible to go near fire or fireworks’.

After that, the children’s interest shifted to ‘Space’. Great imagination and lots of roleplay as they played co-operatively together. A rocket was made from the play panels, they dressed up. We had lots of interesting resources dotted around playroom linking into their interest, jigsaws, factual and space storybooks. The junk box was used as they all created individual rockets. They then decided they would make one big ‘super tall one’, the children did an amazing job working together painting patterns and shapes. They chatted away to each other talking about what they were doing. Then after that, we had an extremely busy writing table as they added bits and pieces to it, doors, windows, space people. Amazing!

These activities brought lots of attention to differing shapes, 2D and 3D. They even used large 3D shapes to create a rocket with very comfy beds!

They listened well and learned the names of planets, some having great recall, ‘Mars is the hot one’, ‘Jupiter is the biggest one’,’ you know that is planet earth cause the blue is water and the land is green’. They used their senses to explore the shaving foam as they made some colourful planets, ‘it was so soft and fluffy’. At snack time we tried Astronaut food, strawberries, grapes and Neapolitan ice-cream’.

They were super excited to try this, it encouraged them once again to use their senses, one child even commented on the ice-cream, ‘ it doesn’t feel cold like ice-cream, it is crunchy.

Lots of great participation and learning from all during these different experiences.

News Post: 13th Nov 2020

Staff at Reay Under 5’s has been supporting children with their health and wellbeing since returning after the pandemic. Children have been using Timmy Tiger to discuss their feelings and bringing attention to SHANARRI words. Children made purple and red poppies and showed respect as we had our 2 mins silence remembering all of the people and animals that were in the war, children shared their thoughts, ‘ the animals and people were very brave’, ‘ we care about all the brave people’.  

Through consultation with the children as today it is World Kindness Day, we decided on what we would do. On our walk today we a dropped off mini flower posies with a note on it saying who it from and hope it makes them smile and feel happy. (Following relevant procedures) This wee activity has led children to share their thoughts, ‘I’m going to tell my mum and dad I love them’, ‘I’m going to give my sister a hug’. Some children re-called on how to care for the flowers, ‘they need to go in the water, or they will die’.  

News Post: 28th Oct 2020 – Recognition for Yvonne’s commitment to Reay’s children and families

Normally at Reay Under 5’s ‘News Time’ you will find Yvonne busy celebrating the children’s achievements.  However today,  the children and manager of the setting (Donna Sinclair) excitedly turned the tables on Yvonne and presented her with a ‘certificate of recognition’ from the Chief Executive and Board of Care and Learning Alliance for her outstanding contribution to keeping children and families connected during COVID 19 

Well done Yvonne and very well deserved – huge loud claps from us all here at CALA.

News Post: 16th September – A special delivery supports children’s transition back to Reay ELC

Read all about it on the CALA blog – Click here

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St. John’s Pre-school Centre

Happy Easter everyone!

News Post: 31st March 2021

This week we went to the park and we took different sizes of balls with us and different sizes of tubs for throwing the balls into this is to develop concentration skills, coordination skills and turn-taking. Children helped to gather the equipment together in our trolley which gives them a sense of achievement and ownership over their learning experience.

News Post: 9th March 2021

For our Active play session this week we went to the park with balls and hula hoops. We had lots of fun throwing the ball in the hoops, kicking the balls and doing our obstacle course jumping in the hoops and kicking the balls. Children had lots of fun making up their own activity for us all to join in. We discussed how this helps keep us fit and healthy

News Post: 19th February 2021



News Post: 2nd February 2021


News Post: 19/1/2021


News Post: 11/1/20

Welcome to the new year, not the start we had hoped for but we will get through this together!  Even though things are a little different at the moment and due to the Government guidelines we, unfortunately, have no children attending the setting, we are still here for support and can keep connected using our usual WhatsApp group and through CALA website, where we can share ideas of activities to keep the children Safe, Healthy, Active and Happy in these unprecedented times.

Please feel free to send us pictures of what you’ve been keeping busy with as a family at home.

Try out this activity and let us know how you get on!

A great and fun activity in the snow.

All you need is:

  • Empty spray bottle
  • Food colouring
  • Water
  • Snow

To be creative and make lovely snow paintings.



News post: 18th Dec 2020

The children at St. John’s have been having fun and experimenting with their creativity to decorate trees using natural resources

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

News post: 24th Nov 2020

Literacy Outdoors

We have made changes to our Story House to make it more inviting to the children as we are spending a lot more time outdoors and want to provide as much literacy opportunities as we can.  The children are enjoying the opportunity to explore and choose stories using what they are learning to invent their own and sharing these with others in imaginative ways. 

Sutherland Stepping Stones - ELC

News Post: 19th March 2021

We are all learning about Puppies in Sutherland Stepping Stones

Two children have recently had a new addition to their families and have been sharing photos and news of their new puppies. Staff have been following this interest and providing props and activities to deepen children’s play, learning and engagement.

Some photos of this week’s fun and learning

News Post: 26th February 2021

Mud Mud Glorious Mud

With all the snow melting in Sutherland Stepping Stones garden, there are lots of opportunities to play in the mud.

This provided endless fun as well as developing and practising fine and gross motor skills, increasing awareness of their senses, particularly touch, improving hand-eye coordination and developing social and emotional skills, including taking turns and leading and following directions


News post: 18th February 2021

News post: 16th February 2021

The children were really excited on Friday to be visited by the Love Bus for Valentines.  All the children received a milkshake and a love heart cookie. 


News post: 12th January 2021

Staff and Children at Sutherland Stepping Stones would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We are currently spending a lot of time outdoors learning about snow and ice. We are excited about the prospect of a heavy snowfall tomorrow and have dusted off our sledges in preparation. 😊 


News post: 9th December 2020

Enjoying a stimulating tactile experience – mixing colours!


News post: 12th Nov 2020

Supporting literacy development

Happy Halloween

26th August 2020

Watten Early Learning Centre

News post: 20th April 2021

Welcome Back!

Children are happy to be back at nursery with their friends and have been outdoors enjoying the lovely weather.  Before the Easter break we were exploring all the loose materials outdoors and on their return children have continued to do this. They were engaged in building tracks, ladders and ramps and one group were building a bridge for the fairies in our trees!  Children have been learning how to design and construct, work together as a team, problem-solve and develop their physical skills.

News post: 29th March 2021

Our current interest is sharks and children have been using books and technology to find out lots of information about them. Several children liked the hammerhead shark the best and we added a page to our “Shark” floor book with children drawing their favourite sharks.

Our story of the week was “Commotion in the Ocean” and children carried out a book review to share what they had liked or disliked about the story.

“I like the shark, it had a long tummy”

“I liked it how the shark went into the water”

“I know what was good, the bubbles”

“I don’t like the shark cause his teeth are big”

Outdoors children have been interested in writing number lines on the fence posts, counting on and back from 10.

A group of children enjoyed digging and building in our construction area whilst another smaller group were problem-solving as they set up a chute for the toy cars to go down.


News post: 22nd March 2021

It was a busy week at Watten as children continued to explore playing in the mud. Working together they created a mudslide in our outdoor area. They were sharing ideas, problem-solving and developing their gross motor skills when sliding, rolling, crawling and climbing in the mud. They were also transporting water to the slide and investigating if pouring on water made the slide faster.

Some children discovered that they could use small stones to mark-make and write on the large rocks they found in the wooded area.

Indoors children were using their problem-solving skills to build a house using large cardboard boxes e.g. working out how to make the house stay up, what to use to stick it together etc. Children then decorated their house with scarves and spent the morning taking part in role-playing.

News post: 16th March 2021

We have been spending lots of time outdoors over the last week playing in the mud and water.  Children were adding water to our mud area and watching it grow bigger and bigger. There was lots of good co-operation with children sharing resources and taking turns to splash in the mud. We all enjoyed exploring our new Tentipi and it was so nice and cosy to sit in it for quiet time and to listen to stories. Some children noticed that the bird feeders in our garden were almost empty and were helping to refill them so the birds would have plenty to eat in the cold weather.

News post: 5th March 2021

Hi everyone

We have had lots of fun in our first week back. 

We have been outside a lot wearing our new snowsuits, feeding the birds and poring and measuring the water that has collected in our tough trays.

We have bee re-establishing friendships after a long time apart.

Next week we are going to put up the new this space.


News post: 19th February 2021

Hello Everyone

Grace, Marchael and Linsey are really looking forward to welcoming you back to Watten ELC.

We have been working hard to maintain a safe and inviting setting making sure we follow all the latest Covid rules.

Can’t wait 😊

News post: 26th January 2021

Hi everyone

How did you get on last week?

Were you able to go out and look at the night sky or perhaps you joined in with Space Week on CBeebies. You can still watch these episodes which are all about exploring space at

At nursery we’ve been making our very own aliens using model magic and had lots of fun mixing colours.  Some of you have been drawing aliens and we also drew some of the planets we’ve been learning about. We’ve been exploring the planets using the Sky Map app.  Perhaps your mummy or daddy could download this app or a similar one on their phone or tablet so you can do some stargazing too.

We wonder if you can find out….

  • How many planets there are?
  • Which planet is the biggest/smallest?
  • Which planets have rings around them?

Below are some photos of the activities we’ve been doing and those that you’ve sent to us.

Keep sending us your photos and news as we love to hear what you have been getting up to.

Grace, Marchael & Linsey

News post: 11th January 2021

Hi everyone

We hope you are all safe and well and that you had a lovely Christmas with your family. 

We have been missing you all at nursery and hope you will be back to see us before too long.

Last week Jack was playing with the superheroes at nursery and decided to make a space rocket for them. We got some sheets of cardboard, cut out some triangles for the body and the wings of the rocket and taped it all together. Jack then drew a door and circle windows, and he decorated the rocket with red and silver paint and superhero stickers.

Jack had lots of questions about space, so we are going to try and learn more about it.

  • What do spacemen eat?
  • Where do they sleep in the space rocket?
  • How do they get back down to Earth?

What do you know about space or is there anything you would like to find out about it?

Maybe you could look up at the night sky and tell us what you can see from your house. Can you see the moon, stars, or any other planets?

Why not send us a drawing or paint a picture of what you have seen.

Perhaps you could take a photo if you find any interesting information about space in a book or on the internet.

You can share your drawings and photos on Class Dojo or email them to us at [email protected].

Below is a photo of the space rocket Jack made.

News post: 20th December 2020

At Watten ELC we have been learning about Children’s Rights using the book “For Every Child”. This has led to lots of group discussion and children made a poster sharing their thoughts and linking it to their own lives. Children’s comments included “Everyone has a name”, “Everyone has a land like Scotland”, “Don’t smack anybody”, “We wouldn’t have any animals if we didn’t look after the planet”.

During one discussion a child said “Some people don’t have anything for Christmas, that must be really sad” so we decided that we would like to give some of our food to the local foodbank. Children brought in food from home and one child helped staff to select foods from our kitchen cupboard saying “Maybe they will like sweetcorn and peas, that will be healthy for them”.

Children decorated the food boxes with stickers, drew Christmas pictures and the older children helped to write a message on the boxes. Children all helped to pack the food into the boxes ready to be dropped off at the foodbank.

Children also took part in Christmas Jumper Day to raise funds for “Save the Children”.

News post: 11th November 2020

At Watten ELC we have been busy working towards renewing our Eco-Schools Green Flag. Our two biggest topics have been Litter and Waste Minimisation.

We carried out several ‘litter picks’ including one at Dunnet Beach where we learned about the harm plastic can cause to sea life. Linking with the local primary school we began collecting crisp packets and bottle tops for recycling.

Our Eco-Committee decided to make “Eco-Bricks” using plastic bottles and plastic which could not be recycled locally.  Over several months staff, children, and parents helped to collect plastic and make the bricks. Children were working out how to get the plastic into the bottles and using scissors to cut up the larger pieces of plastic. Some children even carried on making Eco-Bricks whilst at home during the lockdown.

Children were weighing, sorting, and counting the Eco-Bricks and we have now made over 100 and recycled approx. 30 kilograms of plastic. Our next step is to use the Eco-Bricks to make a planter for our garden.

Children also created a litter policy for our centre in the form of a mind-map and helped to make an anti-litter sign for displaying at the Loch Watten picnic area.

Doing this project has given children a better understanding of how we can all reduce, re-use and recycle as well as a sense of achievement knowing that they are bringing about positive changes to their local community and the wider environment.

Look at our photos below

Happy Halloween

Wild Willows

News post: 20th April 2021


News post: 9th March 2021


News post: 19th February 2021

News post: 11th February 2021

Hello Everyone  

How did your stickmen turn out? 

This week the children have been doing some ice paintings and wanted to make some food which they have at home: chicken nuggets.

For the ice painting, we mixed up some coloured paint with water and poured them into ice cube trays and different moulds and then left them outside overnight to freeze.

The weather was very cold so it only took 1 night to freeze ! We have made some really creative pictures and loved melting the cubes with our fingers. 

Some comments were:

“it’s cold, it tickles.”

“it doesn’t work I can’t see the colours on this orange paper can we try another colour”

“it’s melting in my hands.”

“yours isn’t melting because yours is not in your hands”.

For the chicken nuggets, we looked up some recipes and watched a video on how we can make them. We rolled our chicken in flour then dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and had them with some potatoes.

It was delicious. Have you been doing any cooking or baking at home we would love to see?

Kirsty, Pam and Beckie  

News post: 3rd February 2021

News post: 1st February 2021

News post: 19th January 2021

Hello everyone,

We hope you enjoyed our play idea last week. 

This week our children asked to make a shop so we planned together with them what we would need and looked around the nursery for items we could sell.

I wonder if your children would like to make a shop at home?

This role-play activity promotes numeracy, literacy and imaginative play.

We added some small medium and large signs to sort out items into different sizes, made some money and also added some natural resources.

This activity will promote literacy, numeracy and imaginative play.

Let us know what ideas your children have for their shop !

Kirsty, Pam and Beckie


News post: 12th January 2021

News post: 18th December 2020

News post: 24th November 2020

Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre

Welcome Back – 19th April 21

Post: 11th March 2021

We were fortunate to have been part of Active Play before Christmas, the children all thoroughly enjoyed getting active in fun ways, learning a varied amount of skills along the way.

Our staff team decided to take this forward and involve all the children in the centre, here are some of our younger children taking part in an Active play session earlier last week, it looks like “just playing” but in this, we are developing lifelong skills, numeracy, literacy, communication, physical, wellbeing, to name a few!

Post: 9th March 2021

Click on the image to read all about the fun at WECC!

Post: 19th February 2021

Looking forward to seeing you all next week, we have missed you.

Here are some helpful reminders:

  • Unfortunately, we are still not able to welcome any parents/carers inside so nursery drop-off and collection remains at the front door:  please be patient with us – it takes the staff a few minutes to get your child ready for going home.
  • Hand sanitiser available before pressing Top Room bell
  • Please wear masks on arrival and departure,
  • Be mindful of the 2m distancing when waiting at the door and when leaving please go down the steps and round.
  • Do not arrive at Nursery if you or your child is unwell or showing any symptoms.
  • Please provide your child/ren with jackets/suits/wellies (labelled) for outdoor play.

We are trying hard to ensure you and your child are as safe as possible and thank you for your continued support and help with this.

Post: 16th February 2021

Post: 11th Jan 2021

We all would like to take this opportunity to wish our parents and children a Happy New Year, a very strange beginning, but we are all very hopeful we will have you all back in soon. 

Check-in regularly on the CALA website

for news and updates from our setting. You will also find a wealth of support information, fun play and learning ideas and other links we hope you will find helpful ou our dedicated Parent Portal.

Your child’s key worker will be in contact with you over the coming few days, to have a chat and see if there is anything we can help you with, suggestions of activities etc.

Enrolment information

January is usually for P1 entrants, and February for Nursery entrants, we will keep you all posted, it will be online, we will advise as time goes on.

Update on centre

As you are all aware we are open for key worker families,

We are here if you wish to contact us for anything, please do not hesitate to call us, tel: 01463 222115 or email: [email protected]


Post: 22nd December 2020


Post: 30th November 2020

Post: 25th October 2020

Post: 16th September 2020

A fun week learning in Wimberley, we have had fun learning about snails, children have been voting about what they want to learn about snails: do they want to learn about different types of snails or learn the body parts of a snail? The children have voted and we are all learning about the body parts of snails …….caring hands for our wee friends

Children using lots of concentration to screw the wood together. Good Teamwork!

Being creative!

Just a wee snap shot of our days in Wimberley, lots more to come!

CALA School Age Childcare

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Culbokie Fun Club

Post: Thursday 1st April 2021


Post: Friday 26th March 2021

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Post: Friday 19th March 2021

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Post: Friday 12th March 2021

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Post: Friday 5th March 2021

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Post: Friday 26th February 2021

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Post: Friday 19th February 2021


We miss you – 19th February 2021

News from setting: 15th February 2021

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News from setting: 9th February 2021

Click on image to view the lovely gifts that the children have been making and sending to friends to let them know they are thinking about them.

News from setting: 5th February 2021

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Resources for Children’s Health Week

Click here to access and download a copy

News from children: 31st January 2021

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Parent Information newsletter: 28th January 2021

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News post: 22nd January 2021

News post: 19th January 2021

Click to download and excellent resource with lots of links to virtual tours!

News post 15th January 2021

Look what we have been doing this week – click here to access

News post: 9th January 2021

News post: 11th December 2020

So busy in December!

 News post: 2nd December 2020

News post: 20th November 2020

News post: 13th November 2020

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It’s World Kindness Day!

If you go down the wood’s your sure to have loads of fun and learning!




News Post: Children’s October News

News Post: Trip to woods – 28/10/10


News Post: Trip to woods – 10/10/ 2020


30th September 2020


Click here to access our September 2020 news

Cromarty Childcare Centre

We are open – welcome back ( 12th March 2021)

“We miss you! We are very excited to see some of you next week and looking forward to collecting you from school or hearing you ring the bell. This week, we worked hard to get everything ready for you coming back and have really strict cleaning routines in place. We even have new masks to wear!

News Post: 19th February 2021

Hello everyone

We are delighted to be welcoming you all back on Monday.

We have missed you all and cannot wait to play, explore and learn with you.

Please remind your grown-ups to check their emails and our parent portal for updates  – thank you.

News Post: 12th February 2021

Karen, Louise and Clare are furloughed at the moment, but Carol and Joanne thought you might like to learn some Makaton with the younger children

News Post: 19th January 2021

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

It has been such a cold start to 2021 and feeding the birds gives them an extra boost to get them through the cold days and nights.

We had planned to do some bird-related activities this month to attract more birds into the garden at OOSC. We were hoping to do our own version of RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch but we are hoping you can have some fun and watch the birds from your own gardens.

We would like to share some ideas that we have made at home for making some simple, easy and fun feeders.

Karen’s toilet roll feeder.

Karen has lots of feeders around her garden and gets a variety of birds including woodpeckers, long-tailed tits, partridges and pheasants.

My favourite is the greater spotted woodpecker.


All you need is a toilet roll, smooth peanut butter (or softened lard), some twine/string, a twig and birdseed.Make holes for the twine and twig ( you may need an adult to help you), put the twine through, coat with peanut butter/lard, roll in birdseed, add the twig and that’s it done and ready to hang.

I had a Coal -Tit on mine within 5 mins and over the last 2 days I have had robins, blue tits and great tits all enjoying the seed and peanut butter

Louise’s Cheerio feeders

Louise has enjoyed watching lots of birds in her garden, especially in the frosty weather.  Her favourite bird is a robin. She has 4 bird feeders which she can see from her living room window, all need to be filled up regularly as the birds are very hungry. She also made some homemade feeders using pipe cleaners and Cheerio’s which she has hung up in her garden. Have a go at making these at home and ask an adult to send us some photos of them in your garden

Claire’s Milk bottle feeder

In the winter my 2 boys like to feed the birds that come to our garden.

We have some shop-bought feeders and this year we’ve made a feeder from a milk bottle. We found a milk bottle from our recycling bin. Cut out a hole both sides of it. Made small holes below that so we could push through a stick for the birds to sit on. Cutting will need adults to help. Then attached a cable tie to hang it. We filled the feeders with a mix of different seeds.

In the summer we grew sunflowers and we collected all the seeds that had grown in them for the birds. We also have peanuts and fatballs which the birds like to eat too.

We watch the birds from the house windows and we have spotted sparrows, blackbirds and a robin enjoying the food.

As well as feeders you can put out food scraps.  Leftover cooked potato, rice, pasta, pastry are all tasty to birds along with cheese and cut-up fresh fruit. Water is also important at this time of the year especially if everything is frozen.

Let us know if you do make any of our feeders or you could share any ideas that you have and then tell us what birds are visiting your gardens. Ask an adult to email them to [email protected]

Just a reminder that if you want to join in RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch on 29th -31st Jan there is more info on

We hope to see you soon

Karen, Louise and Claire

News Post: 8th January 2021

‘Ah-ha oh Ho’, footprints in the snow, whose are those footprints and where do they go?’

Today was a snow day and we would have made the most of any snow at the setting; supporting the children’s learning and ideas through their chosen snow activities.

We thought we would share the activity that I did with my children today. We made the most of it by going on a search for footprints…

We are Julia Donaldson fans in our house and one of our favourites is 

‘The Gruffalos child’ so as we searched, we recited parts of the story.

We found various animal prints- see if you can guess what they are?

This activity soon became…what other prints and marks can we find?

We found tractor-tyre marks, normal car tracks and our own footprints!

Storm found a stick and expanded his learning by using it to make his own marks in the snow and enjoyed scribing numbers. He then got his imagination flowing and decided to ski with them.

Willow chose to make snow angel prints, and stick trails as she was pulled on the sledge which also made tracks!

We called Carol and asked if she had some snow. Carol did and her and her dog Molly went for a walk in search of some footprints and marks too. They found some interesting tracks and if you look close you may spot some other prints in the snow. Molly enjoyed creating some of her own pawprints!

Louise couldn’t find any snow but there was some frost around, and as our children at the nursery love mud and ice she went a walk to explore and found some marks in the frozen mud!

Can you guess what muddy prints she spotted?

Claire and her children spotted some bird footprints near the bird feeder. They are going to keep watch to see if they can see what birds left them.

Whilst outdoors today, Karen spotted that some pheasants had been dragging their tails along the frosty grass!

Mary was exploring in the snow with her lovely dog Theo and they spotted lots of footprints. Theo got a bit excited and had a splash in the icy cold water.

We also found some snow which looked like crystals and we are going to look at how crystals are formed and try to create some of our own.

Once indoors we had a warm drink and Willow read the Gruffalos child to us.

We would love to see the prints you can find out and about locally; whether it be in the snow or in the sand at the local beach; and also try creating your own marks in some snow or sand using sticks or other natural resources you can find?

Let us know if and how you expanded on the learning as well.

Please email all your photos and learning to us at [email protected]

Once back indoors remember to snuggle up with a warm drink and perhaps read your favourite story.

Here are our photos……. enjoy!

News Post: 17th December

What shall we call our snowman?

Bonfire Time!

Not wanting the children to miss all the fun of bonfire night this year, we mind-mapped with the children what they would like to do and they helped us risk assess the activities. They wanted to have a fire everyday so that no one missed out.

We had fun building the fires in Louise’s firepit, and we even had guys. We toasted marshmallows and used glow sticks as sparklers.

Even the windy weather didn’t stop us, we had a ‘bonfire’ inside and toasted the marshmallows over tealights. The glow sticks were put to good use sellotaping them onto uniforms and dancing around the room, they also had great fun making pictures and spelling out their names.

Comment from a parent

‘The girls have had great fun in the past two nights – thank you!

Drakies Out of School Care

News Post: 1st April 2021


News Post: 26th March 2021

Click on the image to enlarge

News Post: 19th March 2021

We are fully open – 12th March 2021

We are so excited to see you all and have you back with us at OOSC! Though things may be different when you come back, we will still have as much fun as possible! It is important that we must wash our hands when we come into OOSC, after we have been playing outside, before snack time and again afterwards! And even though we are so excited to see all our friends again, we must try and play with those in our own classes. A lot to remember but we know you can do it!

Parents, please remember that you are unable to enter the centre at this time and therefore we can meet you on the basketball court with your child upon pick-up. We ask parents to please wear their mask at pick up and to continue to adhere to the 2 meters social distancing guidelines.  Please also note that you should try and limit pick-up times to one parent/guardian only.

Thank you

Hannah, Anglea and Alison

Click here to see what we have been up to this week

News post: 5th March 2021


News post: 26th February


News post: 19th February 2021

News post: 12th February 2021

News post: 5th February 2021

News  post: 31st January 2021


News post: 22nd January 2021

News post: 15th January 2021

Our weekly newsletter: click here to access

News post: 8th January 2021

It has been a different start to our new term than expected! We are missing all of you who are not yet back with us and thought you would like to see what we have been up to!

We have been writing down what COVID-19 means to us and what we feel has changed because of it for our floor book. Some of us have been having lots of fun outside in the snow and then inside for some quiet time with board games and Xbox.

We would love to hear what everyone else is up to – why not drop us a wee email with some photos at [email protected] 

Meanwhile, stay safe everyone, we miss you.

Love from all at Drakies.

Post entry: 1st September 2020

Junior World Childcare Group - OSC

News Post: 19th February 2021

News Post: 9th Feb 2021

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News Post: 1st Feb 2021

News Post: 15th January 2021

January newsletter: click here to access

News Post: 11th January 2021


News Post: 9th December 2020

Congratulations Elena – very well done!


News Post: 9th December 2020

News Post: 6th November 2020

News Post: 2nd November 2020

Post 5th October 2020

Look at what we have been doing!

Post: 25th September 2020

Children in OOSC have been involved in Yoga this week. Many of the children experimented with some Yoga at home, during LockDown, so they were delighted to have the opportunity to share their skills further. 

Not only does this provide children with opportunities to develop their balance, strength and coordination skills, it is also a great way to learn how to develop a sense of calmness after a busy day school. The children have also been taking their skills home and sharing with their parents.

A great way of increasing Health & Well Being for Children!

Kinmylies Out of School Care

News post – 19th April 2021

News post – 15th March 2021

Reopening of CALA Out of School Care in Kinmlyies 15/3/21

CALA are absolutely delighted to be welcoming all our children and families back to our settings on Monday 15th of March.  Our service is available to any child P1-P7 who attends Kinmylies primary school. As well as welcoming back families we have space for new children to come and join us.

We are open 2.30-6 Monday to Thursday and Fridays 12.30-6 term time. Children are collected from the school and we are based in the Caretakers House beside the main entrance.

To book a place or enrol with us you can either phone directly to the setting on 07747847645 or speak to the manager Alison on 077654401696. Alternatively, email Alison at [email protected] for more details or check out the  website at

Look forward to hearing from you and having the kids back next week

Alison Morrison SmithSave

News post – 19th February 2021

Here at Kinmylies we will be so happy to see the children returning on Monday. We wish you all the best and a fun start back to school. We know at this time it is only P1-3 but we really hope everyone is back soon. We would love to see our friends but at this point, we can still only offer provision to key children and vulnerable children. As soon as the guidance changes we will be in touch with all family’s to get the children back playing with us and having lots of fun.

Stay safe and happy. 

News post – 15th January 2021

Find out about our week – click here to access

News post – 8th January 2021

A different start to our new term but lots of fun being had while missing everyone not yet back! Stay safe everyone!

North Kessock Red Kites

News post: 31st March 2021

Here we are at the end of the last week of term!

We are enjoying exploratory play combining footballs and sand, achieving an array of dazzlingly complex designs and patterns in our crafts, and social play in creating things alongside and with one another at the lego table.

We hope you enjoy exploring on an Easter Egg Hunt, achieving finding some, and then you can share your tales when you come back after the break with us! 

News post: 12th March 2021

This week we have been busy outside- we can do huge jumps as you can see! This is really tiring though so we have needed to also relax with our art outside to enjoy some Sunshine when it has arrived.

We have also enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day. Did you? Here we have a Princess enjoy a healthy fruit snack. We have been looking in more depth at SHANARRI principles recently and it is pleasing to see royalty here setting a good example!

Update on re-opening: 11th March 2021

As everyone returns to school next week, we are extremely excited to be opening our doors to everyone for the Out of School Club (OSC).

We are now taking bookings and this can be done by the method of your choice:


Club: [email protected] 

Philip Hull (manager) = [email protected] 


Club telephone 07765255945.

We would be really grateful if you could indicate in your message the days and times you require and whether this will be an ‘ad hoc’ or permanent weekly arrangement. We appreciate that many may want the same times as before but we require confirmation of this from everyone as equally know that circumstances may have changed and we wish to accommodate everyone’s needs as best we can.

We are also delighted to introduce our new team – Paulina and Mhairi. Both ladies have permanently transferred over to North Kessock from a sister site. Mhairi is a very experienced practitioner who has many years in Out Of School Clubs and Paulina is currently studying for a childcare related degree and who also has experience of OSC. They have indeed been working here with key worker children since January and are looking forward to getting to know everyone as we all come back.

The Final information and guidance from the Scottish Government is about to be published and then we will be able to share more information with you.

Keep checking back here for more information.

News post: 1st March 2021

The children have been investigating and trying out all kinds of different sports this week. A particular favourite for some has been golf. Lots of hand-eye coordination and development of spatial awareness being developed as they perfected their golfing swing!

A group of other children created a series of fitness exercises which included star jumps and push-ups. Luckily staff got the role of ‘official timers’ for the routine so we were excused – phew! Lots of estimates of how many exercises they could fit into their time frame – then some healthy competition as they took on the challenges.

A super team effort from them all!

News post: 19th February 2021

Welcome back to School P1-P3 on 22nd February! Yay!

News post: 5th February 2021

Today we enjoyed pizza bagels for a snack. Yum!

We have also been making Snow Angels-” It was big! It was good!”

We have been busy recently making an obstacle course by putting out the bum shufflers, and then jumping over them.

We have also been playing football in the snow. One of our players summarized a match saying that they think they did good but their defence wasn’t very good! Good enough to beat the staff.

News Post: 2nd February 2021

News Post: 13th January 2021


News Post: 9th November 2020

TRACC Out of School Care

Welcome back – 19th April 2021

Welcome back, everyone.

We have missed you all so much and it is lovely to see you all back and to be welcoming some new friends.

We have a new normal at the club with a split hall but it has worked out brilliantly. After all the excitement of Easter egg hunts and Easter activities, we are looking forward to moving forward with our kindness wall.

We are also working with the children on positive mental health with activities and check-ins which all link to our kindness wall and the community. Hopefully, the sun will shine for us and we can get all the outside equipment out. Please remember to ensure your child brings a water bottle with them and that it is labelled, thank you. 

Great News – posted 26th March 2021

Finally after what seems like forever we can welcome back our children from Craighill Primary School.

If everything stays the same with national guidance this should happen on the 19th April.  We have risk assessments in place so things may look a little different, however, the staff are the same and the fun is the same.

For all parents new and old we ask that you complete an enrolment form before returning. These can be collected from the school, emailed to you or collected from the centre next week after 3pm

The out of school is still based in TRACC and opening hours have remained the same from the end of school up to 5.30 pm term time.

For any information, you require you can either contact the setting directly after 2.30pm on 07876542641, or email the manager Alison Morrison Smith (manager)  [email protected].

Welcome back! (12th March 2021)

Hi everyone, we are really looking forward to having the whole school back on Monday the 15th March.

We have missed you all and can’t wait to get back to normal-ish. 

We are working hard to get our children from Craighill back a soon as we can. Can anyone collecting a child from the club remember to use the buzzer and wait outside where we will bring your little one to you.

If the is more than one person collecting a child please remember to stay the 2 metres apart and wear a face mask. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend and that mums get a well-deserved rest on Mothers day.

Take care and see you all soon.

Re-opening message: 10th March 2021

Hello everyone,

Just to update everyone – we are currently looking for clarification on the mixing of the two schools within the community centre and are working on the logistics of making this possible regarding staffing and minimising risks.  We are hoping for more guidance to be released and updates tomorrow which will hopefully allow us to get the children back into our OOSC. 

Keep checking back here and we will share information with you as soon as we have it.

Thanks for your understanding.

News post: 19th February

Another week and more changes. I think we must all be very skilled now at coping with our changing world. It will be lovely to have Primary 1-3 back in school. At the after school club, we will continue to only provide places for key workers and vulnerable children at this time.

Hopefully, soon we can be all be back together until then we would like you to know we miss you all very much and can’t wait to have you all back.

Take care and stay safe 😄

PS: News from the boys,

We made the biscuits in the cookbook and they were ok. Think flat cheese straws. The boys were delighted and we shared them with their friend Spotty next door. Even our pets can show kindness. Next, it will be dog muffins. When we are back to normal this may be a good activity for the children to make at OSC for their pets. May even have fundraising potential!!!! Move over Richard Branson!

News post: 5th February 2021

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News post: 15th January 2021

A wee update from this week – click here to access track

News post: 11th January 2021

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all safe and well. Look who wants to see you!



Look what Auntie Paula from TRACC got me for Christmas. And it SQUEAKS…..

Opening all the presents was hard work –  a snooze with dad will help!

Let us know how your Christmas was – drop us a little letter or ask your parents to help send us an email!

Friday 6th November

Hi everyone

Hope you all had a good holiday. We have had a busy Halloween her at the setting with arts, crafts, outdoor play and learning experiences as well as a party!

We are working on our kindness pledge book and board.

We have children, staff, partners, councillors, and the wider community all taking part.

Keep checking back here for our fun updates and latest photos.

Thanks all

Wednesday 2nd September – Opening date confirmed

We are delighted to announce that TRACC OSC will be reopening for children from Knockbreck Primary School from the 7th of September. The staff team will be contacting families by the end of this week to schedule bookings and discuss any queries. 

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to provide care for other feeder schools at the moment; but will continue to monitor guidance to facilitate this as soon as possible.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact our Inverness office by email – [email protected] or telephone on 01463 222569.

Tuesday 25th August 2020 – Update

TRACC is currently closed, however, we are engaged in active communications with the parties involved ie. High Life Highland, Highland Council and the Headteacher to agree on a re-opening date which we hope will be imminent.  We appreciate your patience and assure you that we are working hard on your behalf to re-open the setting. If you would like to speak to the management team of TRACC, simply call our CALA office on 01463 222569, they will arrange for a manager to call you back. Meanwhile, to help keep you informed of any update we will begin posting for TRACC right here on TRACC’s new dedicated blog.

We look forward to welcoming you back to TRACC very soon.


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