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North Highland

Eilidh Smith

Message from Thurso Peep Group: 18th June 2020

Storytime with Eilidh: 12th June 2020

Idea shared by a parent: 19th May 2020

Look at this simple but lovely lockdown memory made from a piece of wood – why not try this!

Julie Taylor – Baby Massage: 7th May 2020

Debbie Larnach: 29th April 2020

Hallò a h-uile duine! Normally we worry about the negative effect of the internet on family life but we feel it has been a lifeline during the lockdown.

From jumping selfie challenges (hence the photo – below of the ‘rainbow’ family), the 2.6 challenge, keeping in touch with friends & family, encouraging everyone to put rainbows on their windows and using it to spark ideas of things for us all to do together while in ‘lockdown’. 

We have decided to embrace the technology and keep your minds & bodies active as a family as we all cope with challenges we are experiencing in our different ways a the moment. If like us you are using technology and have questions about how to stay safe online – click here to access our page on useful links.

Gardening with Jules

Julia Taylor – 24th April 2020

Baby Massage

Eilidh Smith – 23rd April 2020

Eilidh Smith – 22nd April 2020

Hello everyone,

Finlay and I made a rainbow to share with you!

I’m really missing visiting all the groups but hope you are all staying safe at home and finding creative ways to keep busy with your little ones. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you feel we may be able to help in any way. Also, keep checking in with this website for ideas of things to do with your children.

Take care everyone!

Eilidh x 

Julia Taylor – 17th April 2020

Hello Everyone

Jules here, I just wanted to check in a see how you are all getting on, I know how hard all of this is but we are all in it together and I am here to offer support any time. Even though we are not able to have our fun filled sessions where we get to see our buddies that brighten our days, I’m hope your still able to enjoy the wonder that technology allows us to be able to stay in touch with friends and family. Over the next few weeks we will be posting messages and ideas on here for you and your family. I am also available if you need to talk or ask any questions however big or small they are. To contact me you can use the Facebook site if you are a member or send an email to [email protected] – if you provide a telephone number in the email I will call you back.

Maybe the children can send over some lovely pictures to brighten our page. I’m so looking forward to when we can resume our groups and to see you all again soon.

Stay Safe and Take Care

West Highland

Message: 28th May 2020

Stay @ Home – BUT – Play @ Home!

Let’s Paint!

This week I was having a look at painting.

A couple of my local parents have called me recently because their children wanted to paint but they didn’t have any paint (I did ask Bramble if she’d like to paint but as you can see she just wasn’t impressed….)

You’ll find recipes in your Play @ Home book on page 17 of the toddler book or 22 of the pre-school book. These rely a bit on using soap flakes which I must admit I find quite difficult to get a hold of unless you have a good home and hardware shop. I also worry about little ones putting paint with soap in it in their mouths so if you do use flakes or washing uo liquid– and it can make washing easier – always supervise closely.

There are also loads of recipes online for various paints so have a look there as well. A couple I looked at didn’t use boiling water so you can get the children to help make it safer. A basic recipe is equal amounts of plain flour, salt, water and then add some food colour.

Mix it up adding the water gradually until you get the consistency you want then add the food colouring or if you have a little leftover paint you could use that up. This way not only do you have the paint to work with but you have had a great sensory play activity making the paint. Perhaps you could add some food flavouring to give it a nice smell, glitter if you have some for sparkle, or some sand for added texture there are loads of options. It may be that you don’t even end up with paint but have had fun making a “magic potion”.


You could make up a story around that. Remember to do the activity at the child’s height – on the floor with a mat or a bin bag down to prevent mess. If you want to go one step further, instead of using plain flour use self- raising flour with less water so the paint is a bit gloopier. Leave that the thicken for a few minutes (mine was made using 1 tablespoon of each flour, salt and water and made a not bad amount)  then using fingers, brush or e.g. cotton buds use the paint quite thickly on a bit of card that will fit inside your microwave oven if you have one. Once the child has made the painting pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and see how it puffs up! Remember that this paint is not going to produce a masterpiece oil painting but the process of making the paint and then using it is the important part – the process,  not the end result! Personally I was really (and rather sadly) pleased with my portrait of Bramble albeit she’s grey rather than black and white! The paint puffed up pretty well although that’s not clear from the picture.

Watch out Damien Hirst!




Remember it’s OK to take time out of your busy day to play – it’s as good for you as it is for your baby or toddler and a great learning and bonding time.

Click here to access [email protected] ideas for Painting Fun

Click here to access [email protected] ideas for Painting Fun in Polish


Message: 25th May 2020

Click here to access link


Caroline Askew: 27th April 2020

Hi All

I have SERIOUSLY had far too much fun making my Rainbow as I am missing playing with you all. Why not sing – ‘I can sing a rainbow’ as you make your rainbow!

Louise Gibson: 22nd April 2020

Hello everyone,

Just to say how much I am missing everyone and hoping that everyone is safe and well.

I thought I would share the rainbow (picture below) I made. I made it with towels and jumpers etc. Then I went around my house to see what else I could find that matched the different colours in my rainbow.

Why don’t you try this at home? You could use your toys, fruit, veg, other food etc. It will be great fun and provide you with the opportunity to practice your matching, counting and creativity as well.

My cat Bramble wanted to join in but unfortunately did not match any of the colours! Maybe you could think of something that Bramble would match!

If you do any of these activities, don’t forget to send them to me by emailing them to [email protected]. I would love to see them.

Central Highland

Visiting Family in Prison

If you have a loved one in Prison you will soon be able to book a virtual visit from your home. We understand how difficult it has been for families to not have face to face contact during the pandemic. The video below is a guide to booking a visit and we can confirm these will be available at HMP Inverness soon. If you need any help or advice our FS Senior Team Lead can help, [email protected]

Singing with your baby

Lost and Found Story

by Oliver Jeffers

Published by Harper Collins (with kind permission granted for public reading)

Fun ideas for video chats with family and friends 

Click on the image to access


Treasure Baskets – Nicki Hutchison

The three little pigs – Nicki Hutchison

Goldilocks and the three bears – Nicki Hutchison

Nicki Hutchison – 30th April 2020

Watch Nicki explain how to make Oatmeal play and share some fun and learning ideas to do with it.

Claire Whitehead – 24th April 2020

On our dog walk today my 3 boys and I did a rainbow scavenger hunt as I love using whatever we can find in nature. My youngest is 5 and didn’t need prompting on the colours of the rainbow as we’ve done a fair few rainbow crafts since starting home learning!

However, if you’ve younger wee ones, you could match colours to the clothes you’re all wearing when doing a scavenger hunt on your daily walk. When back home you could use crayons/pencils/pens to draw rainbow colours and place/glue whatever beauties you found out on your walk.


Samantha Rourke – 22nd April 2020

Hi everyone,

I hope this message finds you well.

I’m missing my visits and seeing you all lots!

I had a lot of fun at home creating a rainbow with my children and it’s been lovely to see so many amazing rainbows about – a true symbol of hope!

AVIEMORE LIBRARY is currently holding LIVE Bookbug sessions on their Facebook page for children and parents to join in with every Thursday at 11am. These are also saved to the page to access at any time, including links to the Scottish Book Trust with all the song and rhyme words.

Also, in this lovely weather how about trying ‘Dinosaur Ice Eggs’ in the garden!

It’s an extremely simple activity with so many benefits! Simply get a container, fill it with water and chuck in a dinosaur (or whatever you want to put in – shapes, small toys, glitter) and leave it to freeze overnight! Children will love exploring with the ice using their senses, as well as watch it slowly melt as they play!

Check out Play Scotland website for some other great ideas too!

I look forward to seeing you all in the future… but in the meantime don’t hesitate to contact me about anything!

Take care and stay safe!



Bookbug sessions with Nicki Hutchison – CALA Family Practitioner

Nicki Hutchison – 17th April 2020

There’s no doubt about it, I’m really missing being out and about supporting families and delivering play and learning activities at various groups this term.  I’m missing playing, singing, laughing, listening, dancing and getting messy! It is a strange time for us all!  I am so grateful however, for the wonders of technology that facilitate us keeping in touch, offering suggestions of things to do and hopefully continue to support you and your family as you do life together. I often say to families that each challenge of parenting lasts only a season – whether that’s night feeds, nightmares, tantrums or teenage angst.  Each challenge will pass and a new one will come our way.  This season will pass too and it’s wonderful to see so many rainbows – a true sign of hope – dotted around our streets that remind us of this.  I am looking forward to seeing you in person and playing alongside your wee ones as soon as we can.  In the meantime, do let us know if there’s anything we can do that will support you as you help your wee one to play, grow and learn! You can send an email for me to [email protected]

Mairianne Nairn – 17th April 2020

Bookbug and I are missing everyone. We are staying busy and planning lots of fun things for us to do at Toddlers when we see you next. Can you spot my cheeky dog who wanted to be part of the picture! Grown ups can join the Family Services team in our new CALA Family Services group or get in touch anytime for ideas on keeping little ones entertained.

I hope you are safe and well

 🌈 Mairianne 

Gaelic Development

Gaelic Counting Song

Gaelic for Parents

Gaelic for Parents has produced a series of 9 short videoes aimed at supporting parents with their Gaelic .

Click on the individual links below to access.

1 – Introduction –

2 – Washing hands –

3 – Getting up and getting ready in the morning –

4 – Eating –

5 – Getting ready for bed –

6a – Storytime (Part 1) –

6b – Storytime (Part 2) –

7 – Time to sleep –

8 – Singalong –

Message: 18th June

Storytime with Murdina

Message: 11th June

Join Murdina in a song

Message: 4th June 2020

Join Murdina MacLeod for a story

Message: 4th June 2020

Join the Safe, Strong and Free team for a storytime

Click here to access

Message: 28th May 2020

Join Murdina MacLeod with some rhymes 

Message: 21st May 2020

Here is a short video from Murdina explaining to us how to make Moondough Click here to access the recipe 

News: 19th May 2020

Hello everyone

I hope everyone is staying safe and well in these strange times.

I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you what I have been up to during lockdown and all about my online singing lessons.

As well as supporting my Gaelic Parent & Toddler groups in Acharacle, Mallaig and Ballachulish, prior to lockdown, I was travelling to Mallaig, Caol/St Columbas/BSGLA/Lundavra Primary schools and Lochaber High School to deliver Gaelic singing and poetry through Mòd Loch Abar.  Allowing the children to access this through school time encourages them to learn the language and culture that surrounds them and performance increases their confidence. 

I was also tutoring two after school clubs.  One in Lochaline, Còisir òg Loch Àlainn, which was set up 4 years ago and one in Mull, Comunn Gàidhealach Mhuile, where I have been the tutor for 17 years.

Due to COVID-19 I have been unable to meet the children face to face since the beginning of March. However, by setting up online classes, I am able to meet with the children every week.  I am now delivering online lessons to around 60 children. 

It is disappointing, but understandable, that local and National Mòds have been cancelled for this year but we are planning a digital Mòd where children can perform from the comfort of their own home and adjudicators can provide constructive feedback.

Looking forward to a time when we can all see each other and enjoy singing together again.

le dùrachd

Riona Whyte

Gaelic Parent & Toddler Development Worker

Care & Learning Alliance

Debbie Larnach: 29th April 2020

Hallò a h-uile duine! Normally we worry about the negative effect of the internet on family life but we feel it has been a lifeline during the lockdown.

From jumping selfie challenges (hence the photo – below of the ‘rainbow’ family), the 2.6 challenge, keeping in touch with friends & family, encouraging everyone to put rainbows on their windows and using it to spark ideas of things for us all to do together while in ‘lockdown’. 

We have decided to embrace the technology and keep your minds & bodies active as a family as we all cope with challenges we are experiencing in our different ways a the moment. If like us you are using technology and have questions about how to stay safe online – click here to access our page on useful links.

A song from Riona for everyone to join in with

A song from Murdina – join in everyone!

Safe Strong and Free – story on bullying – read in Gaelic

Click here to access

Prògram de ghnìomhan beò air-loidhne tron Ghàidhlig air a chur air dòigh gus taic a chumail ri pàrantan – #cleachdiaigantaigh

Programme of live online Gaelic medium activities launched to support parents 

Click here to access information


Goireasan Gàidhlig bho Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig

Gaelic resources from Stòrlann.

Click here to access the website

Interactive Gaelic Song: Murdina MacLeod

Message: Lisa MacDonald

Haidh a h-uile duine, an dòchas gu bheil sibh gu dòigheil!

Hope you are keeping well! Enjoy the sunshine and see you all soon.

Message: Lewis Laing

Tha mi ’n dòchas gu bheil sibh uileadh gu math a dh’aindeoin a h-uile sìon a tha a’ tachairt san t-saoghal an-dràsta!

Ma dh’fhaoidte gum bi na ceanglaichean a leanas feumail dhuibhse a tha air a bhith ag ionnsachadh beagan Gàidhlig mar-thà no a tha a’ beachdachadh air tòiseachdainn:

I hope you’re all well despite everything that’s going on in the world at the moment!

The following links might be of use to those of you who have already been learning a bit Gaelic or are thinking about starting: – Goireas iomlan air-loidhne do dhaoine a tha aig gach ìre dhen chànan. A comprehensive online resource for all levels of Gaelic language speakers.

Beag air Bheag – Prògram rèidio do luchd-ionnsachaidh/Radio program for learners

Duolingo – Aplacaid airson iomadh diofar chànan ionnsachadh ’s a’ Ghàidhlig nam measg. /App for learning loads of different languages, including Gaelic.

Birthday message ‘shout out’

Click here to access a link which will provide you with details on how to get a “birthday shout out” on BBC Alba.

Prògraman chloinne sa Ghàidhlig a’ taiceachadh ionnsachadh is cur-seachadChildren’s Gaelic learning is being supported during the lockdown with a mix of fun programmes

Click here to access the document

Bilingual Coordinator

Message: 18th June 2020

Rhyme time with Kasia

Message: 12th June 2020

Sing along to favourite songs with Kasia


Useful link for up to date advice and guidance from NHS all translated into the POLISH language

Click here to access

Message: 12th May 2020

Message: 27th April

Message: 23rd April

Witam wszystkich serdecznie,

Tęcze w oknach wywolują uśmiech na twarzy mojego syna. Zrobilam jedną mając nadzieję, że wywoła uśmiech również na twarzach Waszych dzieci.

Malowanie farbami może być  stresujace dla rodzicow. Możemy użyć innych materiałów. Ograniczeniem jest tylko nasza wyobraźnia J.

Tęcza może być pomocna przy uczeniu dzieci kolorów oraz liczeniu.

Miłej zabawy!

Welcome everyone!

Rainbows in the windows always bring smiles to my son’s face. I have made one, with the hope that it will bring the smile to your child’s face as well.

Painting can be stressful for parents. We can use different materials. Our imagination is our limit.

Rainbows can be helpful in teaching children about colours and counting.

Have fun! 

Out of school care

Click on your child’s setting to check for any information and news. 

Drakies Out of School Club

Message: 25th June 2020

Message: 8th June 2020

At Drakies, we have been taking part in lots of different activities.

We recently had great fun doing some ‘bowling’

We collected empty bottles, washed them and sealed them with sticky tape.  Then the fun bit – we decorated them using paint, sequins, stickers and buttons.  After leaving them to dry we set them up and made our own bowling alley.  We kept score using tally marks.  Not only a fun activity but a great way to learn how to take turns and improve numeracy.

We made a bead wind chime using our favourite beads and a stick from the garden.

We went on a hunt outside to find the best stick to hold our decorations.

We chose our favourite beads, setting them out in our cupcake tray to make patterns. We went outside to play while an adult melted the beads under the grill for 2-3 mins. Once melted we waited for them to cool down and we tied them onto string to attach to our stick.

“I love the noise they make when they swing” – Alise, 4

“It all colours” – Rachel, 2

Message: 5th May 2020

The stick family

We have been making our own stick people at Drakies – very easy to make with just sticks, pipe cleaners and some googly eyes – you could make some too!

What a great time our stick family had during the day.

They spent some time playing on the climbing frame with the children and even went down the slide – it might have been a bit scary for them as they went down very fast.

They also had a shot on the scooter going round and round the playground before stopping for a rest while the children had their snack

Do you think that you could make some stick people (or animals) – maybe you could write a story about their adventures and share with us at [email protected] we would love to see what you make and hear your stories.

Message: 28th April 2020

Hello everyone,

Hope all is well with everyone. We are still open for some children of key workers and are all having great fun but we are missing you all that are not here with us lots and lots.

We thought we would share what we have been up to with you,

We have been a bit gardening mad recently at Drakies.  We have been out in the garden and collected different flowers in lots of colours and used these to create our rainbow pictures.

We also did some big art pictures of the garden – can you guess which one Corrie drew?

We also planted some cress which is coming along nicely and will hopefully be ready to taste soon – I wonder how many of you like cress?

We have also planted some more seeds in pots

Do you think you think you can guess what they might be?

The weather has been so nice lately, we hope you have been able to spend some time in the garden. We would love to see what you have been up to and we hope you can send us some pictures or photos to [email protected]

Take care everyone,

Love from all at Drakies

Cawdor Out of School Club - currently closed due to COVID-19

Message: 27th May 2020

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe how lucky we have been with the weather. I am currently still working, in a hub for keyworkers children in Nairn.

We have been getting stuck in with our gardening; planting various vegetables and flowers. Have you heard of a Pop-up Pocket Garden? This is where you plant some flowers and arrange them in a small area with other resources, possibly you may like to create a fairy garden. Click here to find out more

To do so, add some fairies and rocks into your flower/herb arrangement.

 Also, I have a quick and easy playdough recipe to share with you, just add food colouring of your choice (1 cup flour, 1 cup warm water, 1 cup salt, 1 tbsp oil).

I hope my message finds you all safe and well.

Love, Elizabeth

Message: 6th May 2020

Hello everyone,  

With more children accessing the internet just now, CALA has shared some useful guidelines with regards to Safety Online. Please find it here:

Just so you are aware, I am currently having issues with my work phone therefore if you have not heard back from me or need to get in touch with me can I ask that you get in contact with the office – i[email protected], where they will pass on any information to me if need be.

Please pass on a big ‘Hello’ to all the children!  

Best wishes, Elizabeth.

Message: 23rd April 2020


I hope this message finds everyone safe and well. Recently at Cawdor OOSC, I have been acting senior working alongside fantastic staffbank members – which the children have enjoyed having with us. When I last saw the children, some of the conversations we had were with regards to reusing items.

The children were asking for new resources such as new teddies and new Xbox games etc. We discussed the importance of reusing and recycling and the fun it can be to explore and create to see what you can invent and make.

The lovely thing about recycling is that you don’t worry about not having lots of craft materials – you can use items which you have got at home to create fantastic pieces of art – for example, painting plastic bottles and turning them into planters or using bottle tops to make a collage.

If you are looking for inspiration check out

I hope you are all enjoying the fantastic weather.

Stay safe, and I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,


Culbokie Fun Club - currently closed due to COVID-19

Message: 2nd June 2020


Message: 19th May 2020


Message:  28th April 2020


Fun ideas to do at home

Easter Message

Kinmylies Out of School Club - currently closed due to COVID-19

Message: 18th June 2020

Message: 14th May 2020

Hello Everyone 😊

Hope you are all well and keeping safe, we are missing you all. We have been doing some baking during lockdown and thought we would share the recipe with your for easy Empire Biscuits – CLICK HERE to access it.

We thought that you might like to do a bug hunt at home or outdoors when doing your daily exercises. CLICK HERE for a sheet to help you keep count of what you find!

We will put up more ideas every week, so please visit here and have fun.

Most importantly please keep safe

Take care,

Love from

Karina, Catherine and Nicole

North Kessock Red Kites - currently closed due to COVID-19

Message: 8th June 2020

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all have enjoyed the sun recently, stayed safe and had fun with your families!

What fun things did you get up to in the sun? I made a den at home!

If you have made anything, I would love to see your pictures and put them up on the wall when we get back to club! 

I miss you all and look forward to hearing all your stories soon. 


Kate xx

Message: 18th May 2020

Hi Everyone at Redkites,

I just wanted to let you all know we are thinking of you all and hope you are making the most of the time you have together. 

Before the schools were closed Red Kites after school club had been trying out new snacks, different vegetables and preparing them themselves. 

If you have any time to try out some yummy recipes I would love to hear all about it when we are all back together again and put it in our new floor book! 

For now, I hope you all stay safe, keep well and have lots of fun with your families.

See you all soon 



TRACC Out of School Club - currently closed due to COVID-19

Becky’s news 1st July 2020

Hi everyone,

Can you believe it is the end of term? I am sure everyone is looking forward to their holidays and taking a break from the digital classroom, especially the Mums, Dads, Granny’s, Granda’s and everyone else roped into help. I am absolutely amazed at how everyone has worked so hard and for so long to get through the term but we got there, together.

I hope you all have a relaxing holiday and can’t wait to see you in August.

Doggy update.

Henry has learnt a new trick. He goes to the water bowl and blows bubbles. I was trying to film it but no luck catching it on film, yet. He blows bubbles and is so delighted with himself he then does a dance like a newborn lamb. He is pleased with himself, the other two just look at me as if to say, really!!! We are looking forward to going on different walks with the boys over the holidays and no doubt they will keep us entertained.

Happy holidays everyone 🥳🐕🐕🐕

Becky’s news: 14th June 2020

Hi everyone, hope you have had a good week.

I tried the smiley face sticker I mentioned last week and it worked. Lots of thumbs up as we walked through the shop and the cashier was so pleased that she said she would do the same. When I returned to the shop this week she had got on her smiley face sticker and other cashiers had also joined in, she said she had got a positive response from customers. Just goes to show that a smile can improve anybody’s day. 😊

The boys are all good and have spent a happy morning helping in the garden digging out a path we are making. Henry is very skilled and I am sure if we had let him we would have had a tunnel to New Zealand. Hugo was more interested in resources or to be more accurate relocation of resources. I lost count of the times I heard “Hugo where is my glove?” Then when my husband was putting on the glove he had gone away with the other glove 😅. Hector was taking the more supervisory role sitting on the pile of earth and watching that everyone was doing a good job. Hard job but somebody has to do it.

Earlier in the week, we had really strong winds and rain. This doesn’t normally both the boys and it didn’t bother Hugo and Henry who slept throughout the storm but poor Hector got all anxious. We tried reassuring him but he would not leave our sides. When my husband sat down he obviously felt that he also needed to sit and did. In my husband’s lap. Now any time Hector wants attention or is needing a break from the other two dogs he seeks out my husband and sits on him. You couldn’t make it up.

I hope everyone has a good week, stay safe.


Becky’s news: 2nd June 2020

Becky’s news

Well, that’s another week gone by and it has been a busy one with some changes. I went shopping for the first time. I was excited and a bit nervous, but I need not have been worried. I knew that the shops had changed because I had seen lots of examples online and in the news. 

The big change was the cleaning station which felt good because someone was caring for my health, then the one-way system to keep me safe. Other changes were not so easy, and I needed to think about them.

I always check labels to see if there is any e numbers as a family member can’t have e numbers over e100 but we can only touch food we are going to buy so I needed to buy food I knew was safe for our family and not try new or different products.

The other big change was the silence. People don’t stop and chat which felt odd. Also, I couldn’t smile at anyone or see their smiles as most people had masks to keep them safe. When I finished shopping I felt reassured that the changes were good for me and everyone around me so we can be safe and this is good. I decided that I would wear a label, with a smiley face on it to the shop next time to show I am smiling at people and this may make them feel a bit happier as well.

On dog news, great excitement.

A very good friend dropped a bag of toys that she no longer needed for them to play with.

In the bag was squeaky toys. Our youngest dog Henry was straight in there and very, very happy. Unfortunately, our middle one, Hugo, kept taking the toy from him.

Then I remembered why we don’t have any squeaky toys, Hugo bites all the squeaky out of them. He hates squeaky toys. What was I going to do?

One hated squeaky and one really loved them. The oldest Hector didn’t care. I felt like I was a bad dog mum who couldn’t meet their needs.

Eventually, we decided to try and limit the time Henry had the toy and hope Hugo would become more tolerant. I spent my entire time listening for squeaks and asking Hugo to give Henry back his toy. 

I know I would need to reinforce the squeaks to stop Hugo taking them out, so out came the needle and thread.

I then spent a huge amount of time online trying to find bite-proof squeaky toys.

After a few days, I realised I should have been a bit more patient and trusted the boys to sort things out themselves. Henry has learnt to nudge us every time Hugo takes the toy and when we ask Hugo to give it back, he does, and he gets a hug and told how kind he is being.

Hector always joins in a hug, so everyone is happy. Henry gets the toy; Hugo gets positive reinforcement and so much so we only need to say his name and he spits it out and comes for a hug and Hector gets extra hugs. 

The squeaky toy is played with during the day but goes into the toy box at night. I know Henry likes the toy but being nudged 8 times during one night to ask Hugo to give it back was not good for any of our mental health and wellbeing.

Hope you are all ok. Take good care of yourselves.



Message: 26th May 2020

Hi everyone.

What a week. The weekend was flying kite weather and today is shorts and a t-shirt. I was having an early morning cup of tea and watching the sun come up when I thought about time and how I have changed things in our lives as I seem to have more off it.

It has also made me a little more resilient. You know my love of all things digital, not. Well, I found myself with a laptop that would not turn off.

My normal response would have been to call for my husband but he was at work and I was in the middle of something on the laptop I really needed to finish. There was no good panicking so if in doubt, google it. Following a video, I managed to turn off the laptop. Brilliant!

But alas – I turned it on and the screen was black – however again I managed to fix it by watching a YouTube clip.

At this point, I was delighted with myself and felt that the CEO of IBM would be offering me a position at any moment. I

 would not have normally had the time to sort out a problem like this so this opportunity gave me a chance to look for a plan b and have a go.

Something I need to remember for when we all go back to our normal routines.

I also have been spending more time playing with the dogs which is always good fun and have made a new game we call bones, think tip with a bone.

The boys have realised that if they bring me a bone I will stop and play, so seem to spend more and more time playing, not a bad thing.

I am trying to keep to a routine which I think helps and going to bed at the same time each night I am sure has helped.

Our youngest dog always brings us his blanket at 9.30 pm regardless of what we have been doing during the day.

What changes do you think you will keep, and what have you done to become a little more resilient? 

We would love to hear from you 

Stay safe everyone!

Message 19th May 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you have all had a good week. We went on a walk in the local woods this weekend and when we returned home I realised just how happy I felt.

We have taken the dogs on this walk many, many times but seeing them run and having fun was brilliant.

The views across the forth to the hills was spectacular and seeing the change in the seasons. Hearing the birds sing, seeing new flowers coming through and the warmth in the sun. It made me think of all the things that make me happy now are different from a few months ago.

I used to take for granted taking the dogs out but now I enjoy the time more than I used to. So what has changed that makes you happy?

We would love to hear from you about the things that make you happy. 

We decided to print off the photos of things that make us happy and laugh and made a collage which went on the fridge.

So every time I make a cup of tea, which is very often, and fetch the milk from the fridge I find myself smiling.

Hope you all have a happy week. Stay safe. 😁

Message 12th May 2020

Hello everyone,

How are you all keeping?

Did any of you have a VE day celebration? As I was on my own, as my husband was working, I made some special dog biscuits in the shape of VE and then sat with the dogs as they ate them.

The excitement of waiting for them to cook, then cool before eating them was a bit much for them as you will see from the photograph.

I was going to get a photo of them eating them but by the time I had got the camera ready, they had eaten them. 🐶

During this time I was wondering if you had learnt any new skills or set yourself any new challenges. I have found that I have had to embrace technology. Being an original digital dinosaur I have become a little more knowledgeable and now have more interest in technology.

I still can’t say I love it but I don’t dread it the way I used to.

I challenged I set myself was to try to have zero waste in the kitchen. This has made me have to think not what do I want but what do I need to use up and become clever at finding different ways to make and bake in the home.

Some things we would cook again, some not, but it’s good to try new things sometimes.

I have enjoyed this challenge and it is something we will continue to do. If you have learnt any new skills or set yourself any challenges we would love to hear from you and share them with other club members. Stay safe, stay happy. 

Love from Becky and all at TRACC

Message 7th May 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all safe and well.

Well, that is another week past and a week closer to us all getting back together. We hope you have had a good week and we know that over the week you will have all shown lots if kindness to your families.

It would be great to hear about some of the kind acts you and your family members are doing to help support each other and others in our community. You could send them into us or keep a note or picture of them and we will put them on our kindness wall/tree when we return.

At the end of this week, it will be a VE celebration day. We had planned to have an open afternoon where you could ask a family member who has been in the services to come in and share their experiences with us.

The local Britsh Legion has some members who have been involved with recent conflicts and they were going to share with us ways we can make people with disabilities more inclusive in our communities.

We will have an open day when we return so we can celebrate all the amazing people who make up our services and learn what we can do to support them.

We hope you all have a great week and enjoy the sunshine.

Stay safe.

Message: 28th April 2020

Hello from T.R.A.C.C. out of school club.

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.  Before lockdown we were in the middle of a busy time preparing for Mother’s Day and Easter. When we return we still plan to still do the activities we had planned so the children can celebrate the wonderful women in their lives, rekindle friendships and make new ones working together on an egg hunt.

We are planning to continue to work with the Tain task force but maybe in a slightly different way as the baskets will not be out this year but we may have the opportunity to help plant and care for beds in the area. The TDDT are still keen to work with children in relation to youth needs in the area.

We had been in contact with Alzheimer’s local branch to promote the children’s knowledge of the condition and ways in which they can help the local community, following on from the fundraiser we did for C.A.L.A. chosen charity. We will also be sharing our activities and views with the local community council, this is apparently the highlight of the meeting as the children produce the newsletter and the local councillors love the colourful pictures and pieces the children have written. We have been in contact with the British heart foundation and they are running a skipping challenge which we though the children may be interested in entering.

Lastly, we will continue with our sign of the week and to help with mental health develop our kindness tree. Most importantly we will need time when the children return for them to just play and be happy kids. Please stay safe, we miss you all very much and look forward to when we can be back together as a club.

Love from all at TRACC

Ullapool Out of School Club - currently closed due to COVID-19

Message: 25th June 2020

Message: 1st June 2020

Message: 27th May 2020

Message: 18th May 2020

News from the children and young people – 6th May 2020

Message: 4th May 2020

Hi everyone

We hope you are all well. Here is a short video of something you might want to try at home.

Easter Message

Hello everyone,

We hope this message finds you all well. We wanted just to send you all a message to let you know we are thinking of you and that over the coming weeks we will be using this space to send you messages and information.

We are keeping busy and planning and preparing lots of fabulous things that we can do when we are all back together.

Meanwhile, stay safe and well everyone.

We send love to everyone,  just know you’re strong, skilled and amazing. 


Jo and team x

Strathdearn Out of School Club - currently closed due to COVID-19

Easter Message

To parents of Strathdearn Daycare Centre.

“Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue”,

Lets get those amazing kiddies of yours making as many rainbows as possible and make their Easter hols as colourful as we can in these dark times. 

Lets them help spread the love and post me your rainbow creations on our closed Face Book page and I/we can share with children from all other nurseries to spread the word. Remember

“We are in this Together!”

Love to you all 


Early Learning and Childcare

Click on your child’s setting to check for any information and news. 

Ardross Nursery

Message: 22nd June

Message: 15th June 2020

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all keeping well.  We both have been very busy doing our homework and learning lots as well!

This week we thought you all might enjoy making a Father’s Day card for your Dad’s,  we have made one up for you as an example, you can use different colours or use your own design, whichever you choose we are sure your Dad will appreciate all your hard word.

Think about all the good things your Dad does for you whether it is making the yummiest pancakes, building amazing Lego models, or giving just the best hugs.   

Why don’t you do something kind for your Dad, maybe you can help him in the garden or read/tell him a lovely story, and remember you can make your Dad feel really special and important in your life by telling him how much you LOVE him, that will make his day, we all want to feel loved even Dads!  💕






Message: 8th June 2020

Message: 25th May 2020

Message: 18th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

How did you get on with last weeks activity to paint stones? What did you paint? What colours did you use?  Did you like the picture we sent with your names on the stones?

This weeks activity is using duplo/lego bricks which hopefully you all have, if not you could use any small different coloured objects.  We have given examples of sequence cards for you to use, or if you ask nicely!!! Mummy or Daddy could make some more up for you to try, or why not try to make your own up!
You can practice your counting skills using the bricks, count out a group if you add 2 more bricks how many have you now got? or if you take 3 away how many are left.
Let us know how you get on!

Remember to say Please and Thank you, and importantly always be kind to everyone and to yourself.

Miss you lots ☺
Tracy and Lynette xxxxx


Message: 11th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

How did you all get on with last week’s task, did you find any interesting textures in your garden, which was your favourite?

This week how about looking for some big stones and painting a picture on them,  some ideas might be a caterpillar or a ladybird, what do you think you would like to paint? 

Maybe Mummy and Daddy could paint their own stones as well, also could you ask Mummy or Daddy do they think if we varnished the stones, it would make them weatherproof?

We would be interested to know.

Keep your stones and we can show them to each other at nursery when we are all back together.  Maybe that is an idea that we could continue when we return to nursery, we could make more of them and add them to the nursery garden.

Do you like the ones in the other photo that have been specially done for each of you?

Have fun !!

Tracy and Lynette  xxxxx

Message: 5th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well.

This week Tracy and Lynette thought it would be fun for you all to explore your gardens or surrounding area when out for your daily walk. What about seeing how many different textures you can find!

You could make a list or draw what you see or even ask Mummy or Daddy to help you take a photograph e.g.

  *Rough bark
  *Soft flower petals
  *Velvet moss
  *Smooth shiny pebbles
  *Something prickly/spiney
  *Crackly leaves
  *Soft buds

We have shared some of the things we have seen on our walks in the photos below.

Also, use your other senses to hear what sound they make and how they smell. Remember to always ask Mummy or Daddy to help you,  and ask them first if it is safe to touch things before you pick them up.

Which item do you like the best, can you tell us why?

We look forward to hearing about what you find.

Meantime – have fun and keep safe !!!

Message: 27th April 2020

Hi Everyone,
 Lynette and Tracy here, we hope you are all safe and well, and enjoying this lovely sunny weather.

We have both been very busy doing lots of learning. We are finding out how children’s brains work, and therefore what we can do to help you learn and develop.

What have you all been doing with your time, are your brothers/sisters helping you to learn at home?

Tracy has been out in her garden a lot and she noticed this ladybird on her fence, can you count all the spots, there seem to be lots of bugs around now, what different ones can you find in your garden?  Maybe you could take some photos of them (but not spiders)!!!!!  Remember we made a bug hotel at nursery? You could make one at home.

Mummy or Daddy would love to help you make it, take some photos and we could look at them when nursery opens again.

Before we go we just want you to know that we miss you all, make sure you help Mummy and Daddy at home and be kind to everyone.

Lots of love
Tracy and Lynette. xxxxx

Easter Message

Hi everyone,

Just a little message from Tracy and Lynette to let you know that we are both thinking about you all. We hope you are keeping safe and well. Remember the golden rules you learnt at nursery and help Mummy to tidy up, always say please and thank you and be kind to each other.

Why don’t you draw us some lovely pictures of your time at home and email them to [email protected] and we will get them!

Have a lovely Easter and don’t eat too many Easter Eggs! xx

Cradlehall Early Learning and Childcare Centre

Message: 25th June 2020

Hi everyone,

We thought we would share a couple of activities we have been taking part in this week in our gardens so you can join in at home. Can you find items in your garden and make the letter of your name, a rainbow, the number of your house?

Gillian shared how to make your own bird feeders for your garden. First, she made a fruit kebab by threading raisins, cubed apple and cheese onto the garden wire.

Then she made a bird feeder from an apple. She cored the apple and pushed some sticks in for the birds to stand on. Then fed a piece of string in the core hole and around the sticks and tied a knot. Then pushed the sunflower seeds into the apple. All ready to hang up for the birds.

Gwen shared a craft idea having fun with pasta.

Give the children some card, pasta and glue and see what they make. Or get a string and make a necklace, you could paint the pasta too!

Check out our photos of these ideas by clicking through the slides.


Message: 18th June 2020

Click on the image to access the news from Cradlehall ELC

Message: 19th May 2020

Message: 14th May 2020

Message: 1st May 2020

Easter Message

Hi everyone,

Let us start by saying how much we miss you all and can’t wait till we are all back together again. Hope you are all managing to keep busy and creating fun memories together. This is a funny old time for us all, but it’s a time we can use to bring families together, and do some crazy stuff. It’s been great seeing you all join our new Facebook page to keep us connected over this extended time apart, and we hope you are enjoying the activities we share.

It’s fun to read your ideas too and to see what all the children have been up to. Have fun guys….jump in the puddles, make mess, create a den, make up new games, plant seeds, read stories, camp out in your living room…and don’t forget to share your photos.

Love to you all from Gillian and Gwen”

Croileagan Inbhir Narainn

Message: 15th June 2020

Click here to access link

Message: 25th May 2020

Click on the image to download the message

Message: 13th May 2020

Madainn Mhath a h-uile duine.  

Tha  sinn an dòchas gu bheil sibh uile gu math. 

Tapadh leibh airson na dealbhan air facebook, tha iad math fhaicinn. 

Tha sinn gur ionndrainn agus chan urrain dhuinn feitheamh gus am faic sinn sibh a-rithist! 

Good morning, everybody.  

Thank you for the pictures on facebook, it’s good to see them.  

We are missing you, and can’t wait until we see you again!

Gaol bho  

Tia agus Johanne 

Message: 17th April 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope everyone is well and we miss you all lots.

We have been thinking about how busy we would all have been if we were at Junior World – planting our spring flowers and vegetables in the garden. We found this lovely idea of a ‘Pop-up Pocket Garden’ on the website and thought some of you may like to try this at home. Ask Mummy or Daddy to help you click here to access.

Càisge Shona    

Happy Easter

Johanne, Tia and Jayne would like to wish you all a Càisge Shona/Happy Easter. 

We hope that you are all keeping healthy & safe, we miss you all and look forward to seeing more of your fantastic posts on the centre’s Facebook Group. 

Keeping in touch and sharing thoughts, ideas and children’s play and learning will ensure that we all stay connected .

“we’re all in this together”

Cromarty Childcare Centre

Message: 22nd May 2020

Hello Everyone

Hope you are all well and keeping busy.

We would like to share an activity we did a few years ago – Garden on a Plate!

They were great fun to make, designing the gardens and would love you to give them a try at home. You could collect flowers, twigs, stones or anything you wish, from your garden or whilst out on a walk. There are plenty around Cromarty.

Please ask an adult to help you send a photo to [email protected] so we can all see your wonderful creations.

Stay safe


Louise, Karen, Claire, Joanne and Carol


Message: 13th May 2020

Message: 7th May 2020

Hi everyone,

We are really missing you and hope you are all staying safe and happy 😁

It’s been lovely to hear from some of you and finding out what you have been getting up too during isolation.

We hope you have had a chance to join in some of the fun activities we have been sharing with Mums and Dads.

Remember to send pictures of your creations to us 🎨 

We enjoyed all the lovely rainbow pictures you sent in 🌈 .

Did anyone try out the cloud binoculars we would love to see them if you did?

Why not try out some of these fun activities…

Rainbow stones

*Paint lots of stones using a variety of bright colours.

*Sort them into groups of colour then display them into a rainbow shape with help from your grown-up!

*Or stack them up, perhaps by the size of stone?

Try starting with the biggest stone then try starting with the smallest rainbow 🌈 

Sandy sunshine’s

*Either in your sand tray if you have one or on the beach on your daily walk use your finger to carefully scribe a sunshine☀️ 

*Why not try and scribe the letter s next.

*Try adding to the sun using shells, pebbles or other things you can find?

We look forward to seeing your photos of your artwork.

Take care and stay safe

Joanne,Carol, Louise, Karen &Claire

Message from Louise: 7th May 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the lovely weather. We miss you all but I have been lucky enough to have seen most of you at some point around the town. I have been using my daily exercise to explore the woods, go for a cycle or walk on the beach with my family. I have seen starfish, sea urchins, hermit crabs, calves, lambs, horses, a pig, dolphins and many other interesting things.  We really are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.  It would be great if you were able to find them too and ask an adult to send them to us.

We love to see all the fun things you are doing during lockdown – I have shared some things I have seen below.

Hope to see you all soon

Love from Louise

Easter Message

Hope you are all keeping safe and well, we are missing you all and it hopefully won’t be too long until we can see you all again.

We had so much fun in the last few weeks of term enjoying lots of outdoor play in the garden. Ice smashing was a particular favourite along with making staff soup and a cup of tea (they know us well) in our fabulous mud kitchen.

On the days when they didn’t want to go outside they were enjoying our indoor beach created from a very large paddling pool and lots of bags of sand. The children had been enjoying how to change the properties of the sand and experimenting on how much water they need to add to be able to create their castles, mountains with tunnels, along with roadways. It really was fun to watch them and encourage them as their models got more intricate and they learnt through their mistakes.

We are fortunate at this time to live in Cromarty where we have access to the beach, the woodlands and the links so that the children can stay active. Please keep a look out for our Facebook page as staff are posting ideas for all ages on there.

Take Care

Karen, Louise and Claire  

Easter Message

Hi all

We are missing all your children and hope they are keeping busy at home.
We were currently learning about the weather and the effects of the weather.
We had just finished learning about snow and we did various activities around this including making our own snow storms in a jar, frozen snow ’dough’ balls, as well as getting creative making our own snow scenes using materials chosen by the children, and so much more. We read a variety of snow themed stories but Charlie and Lola’s ‘Snow is my favourite and my best,’ was the all round favourite.
We were about to move onto rainclouds, we were mixed with our choices between clouds and rain so we combined them
We had a few things planned with lots of great ideas from the children and we will share some of these ideas with you so that, if you wish, you can recreate them at home

Keep checking back here and we will keep you updated

Take Care

Joanne, Carol and Louise

Dingwall Ducklings

Message: 22nd May 2020

Finn the dog went for a wee visit to Dingwall Ducklings last Friday. The children all loved him and made comments such as:

‘He’s so fast’

‘He is so soft’,

‘Finn has 4 legs and likes to run really fast outside’

They all took turns holding the lead, being aware they could not let go because if not he would ‘run away’ as he is still learning, they asked Finn to sit and learnt how to give him treats by placing the treat on the palm of their hands. 

Message: 12th May 2020


We hope to find you all well and happy.

This week we have set up an activity for you to do around the house or garden. As you can see from the attached pictures I have made basic shapes from an empty cereal box and coloured them in. With these shapes, we would like you to have a hunt around the rooms in your house to see how many shapes you can see (we all had difficulty finding a triangle – what can you find?) You don’t have to stick with the shapes I used, you may want to add a star or diamond etc.

Have fun with your hunt and share pictures please.

Take care & stay safe 

Love from Rhona, Lorraine & Kelly Xxx

Message: 11th May 2020

Look at these fabulous photos of some of our ideas that you have been trying at home – very clever – well-done everyone!

Message: 6th May 2020

Hi all, 

Thank you for sharing all the lovely things that you have been doing on our Facebook page, it looks like your all having great fun and learning lots.

Why not give some of the ideas below from Kelly and Lorraine a go and share your pictures 


Love from 

Rhona, Lorraine & Kelly 

News from Dingwall Ducklings: 5th May 2020


Message: 28th April 2020

Hi everyone

We hope that you are all safe and well and managing to keep busy and enjoying this nice weather (let’s hope it lasts)

We have been chatting together and remembered how much you like creating and designing models from the recycling junk at nursery, so why not use up the stuff from your home and make your own junk models. 

Please remember to share your pictures as we love looking at them.

We are thinking of you all and missing you lots.

Stay safe and hope to see you soon.


Rhona, Lorraine & Kelly xxx

News update: 27th April 2020

We thought you might like to see the amazing ‘obstacle course’ the children built, our pond dipping and of course – it would not be a birthday without a ‘sweetie cake’! Why not see if you can build an obstacle course in your garden!

Message: 22nd April 2020

Hi everyone, 

We hope you are all well and enjoying all the lovely sunny days we have been having.  

With this good weather, I’m sure you have all been outside in the garden doing lots of exciting things like playing football,  on your trampolines, scooters, bikes🚲, paddling pools, hot tubs and lots of other fun activities to keep you active.

Before you closed we were designing our own obstacle courses using loose parts,  why not make one yourself using things from your home indoors or outside.

When going for a walk or out in your garden why don’t you look for different types of insects and do a little chart  of what you have seen (ask Mummy or Daddy to help you make a chart) 🐞🐝🕷🐛🐜🐌

If you would like to send us anything get a grown-up to help you send it to our Facebook page (we love all the pictures  we have received, please keep them coming ☺) or to  [email protected]

We miss you all so very much, stay safe🌈 and hope to see you soon.

Love from Rhona, Lorraine & Kelly xxx 💞

Easter Message

Hi to all our families and lovely children,

Everyone here at Dingwall Ducklings is missing you all so much. We cannot wait to see you all again soon for some fun and exciting learning, meanwhile, keep checking in here for our messages and updates.

We hope you are all well and safe, take care,

Love from all the staff at Dingwall Ducklings. 

Flipperz Nursery

Message: 11th May 2020

Fortrose Pre-school Centre

Message: 26th June 2020


Message: 14th June 2020


Message: 8th June 2020


Message: 25th May

Message: 14th May 2020

Hi children,

We hope your all keeping safe and busy at home! 

We thought to follow on from last week collecting sticks we could use the sticks to write our name.

If you can write your own name that’s great or get someone else in your house to help.

Always start with a capital letter then lower case.

Now you can decorate your letters with natural objects from the garden or even write it in the mud!!

Have fun and we would love to see photos of some you have made!!

Love from us all at Fortrose x


Message: 6th May 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you are well – why not try some of the following ideas.

A collection of sticks are great for learning about size, ordering, sorting and estimating. Collect up a bunch of sticks and put them in a pile.  Even the collecting of the sticks can be a fun activity whilst you are out on a walk.  Put them in a pile and ask your child to find the smallest or longest stick – let them decide.  Once they have found it, put it on one side.  Ask them to choose another one and put it beside the other one – ask if it is longer or shorter.  Pick up another one and ask, “do you think it is smaller or bigger / shorter or longer?”  This is encouraging them to guess or estimate.  Repeat until you have used all the sticks from the pile and have put them in order.  Even picking the sticks up is great for building muscles in their hands and fingers which will, in turn, help them with holding a pencil (fine motor skills).  Let your imagination run wild – it doesn’t have to be sticks – leaves, stones, pine cones, even socks!

Also with VE Day, Catherine has found a link to Wartime Recipes we have also shared this on our closed FB page but you can also access it by CLICKING HERE

Message 27th April 2020

Hello everyone,

Super Hero Fun!

In this lovely weather, why not have some fun in the sun and transform yourselves into the ‘Stay at home Superheroes’ we know you are!  Here are some ideas I tried out – just using some chalk.

 Can you have a go at drawing some?  

How about breathing fire or holding up a rainbow?  

We’d love to see some of your ideas! xx

Have fun everyone!

Message: 24th April 2020

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to send you a little message to say have a lovely weekend. We are missing you all very much so thought we would send you a little Friday message in the photo below. We also are so proud of you for all staying home and saving lives that we wanted to give you all a special certificate. If you want to print it out – ask Mum or Dad to click on the link below – if now we will have them all waiting for you when we are back together at nursery.

Love from us all at Fortrose x

Click here to download

Message: 23rd April 2020

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe at home.  We are all missing you very much.  We hope you are enjoying the nice weather going on walks, bike rides and or playing in your garden.  When you are out for a walk or in your garden you could collect some stones and decorate them in the way you wish!  We would love to see some pictures of these so you can post them on the website. The photo below is of some that we have painted already.

Lots of love from us all at Fortrose x

Golspie Early Learning and Childcare Centre

Message: 5th June 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe at home.  

We are missing doing all the different activities with you so we thought you might like to try some of these different play experiences with soil whilst at home.

Firstly though make sure you wear clothes that your Mum or Dad do not mind getting dirty 😊.  If it’s nice and sunny 🌞 put on a sun hat and suntan lotion.  Lastly, take lots of photos of you playing with soil for us to see 😊.

  • Dig and scoop the soil with your hands or tools.
  • Make lots of mud pies (just add water)
  • Fill and empty containers or items with soil
  • Mark make using a stick or your fingers in the soil
  • Dig for worms
  • Bury objects in the soil and then look for buried treasure
  • Make muddy puddles to splash in

We look forward to seeing your photos and we hope you have lots of fun learning the different things you can use soil for.

Take care and we hope to see you all very soon.

Love Annarie, Julie and Lauren

Message: 11th May 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe at home.  We are missing you all very much and are especially missing our book bug and rhyme time sessions with Clair in the Library, as well as when we join the Umbrella group for a joint session.   

We know you all enjoy these sessions too so we wanted to let your parents know that there is a book bug app that has all your favourite songs and rhymes on it and is a lovely way to teach your families the songs that we sing with Clair.  The app can be downloaded on the App Store Download on Google Play.

It would be lovely to see some photos of you singing along to your favourite song or rhyme 😊.  Two of our favourite songs are Teddy plays on the swing and 5 currant buns.

Take care and we hope to see you all very soon.

Love Annarie, Julie and Lauren

Easter Message

Hi everyone we hope you are all managing ok and are all safe and well. We wanted to send you a message to let you know we are missing you all and thinking about you. 

Love from Annarie Julie and Lauren xxx

Junior World Childcare Group

Message: 24th June 2020


So as we are surrounded by “bubbles” in the press, here’s our take on bubbles. We used pipe cleaners and beads to make our own bubble wands, some bigger than others and just used washing up liquid and a bit of warm water. We had hours of fun finding other objects to make different size bubbles.

Children used chalk outside to make a “bubble path”, another used bubble shapes to design a fan ( for the hot weather).

Check out our photos below


Message: 11th June 2020

We were delighted to receive some ‘scrub bags’ from Green Hive in Nairn and a wee message recognizing the efforts of our staff working in our Key Worker Hub at Junior World, thank you these will be very useful and help us to stay safe”

“Also thank you to Elena for the delivery of some iced doughnuts today, we will definitely  enjoy these”

All of the team feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be working in a Key Worker Hub and continue to not only ensure the children’s health & wellbeing but provide a range of play and learning opportunities for children of all ages on a daily basis. Although we miss the other members of our team and many of our service users, we have had the privilege of watching many new friendships form amongst the children.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support

Message: 5th June 2020

We had lots of fun constructing a new building for Junior World. There was lots of discussion about shape, size and colour. We had an outdoor swimming pool, an assault course, as well as a special “throne” for Jayne to watch over all the children. Children of all ages enjoyed this simple activity and were very proud of their creations

Message: 28th May 2020

Some examples of outdoor play and learning being experienced at our Key Worker Hub. Construction and engineering in the design of a balancing bridge. Mud kitchens always a massive hit, with creativity, mixing/sorting/pouring (all numeracy skills). Experimenting with colour, with painting and crepe paper, which also led to some discussion about the forces (i.e the wind blowing)

Social distancing with younger children is a challenge, however, with a consistent and thorough cleaning of resources and lots of handwashing, we are delighted to be able to continue to provide a wide range of play & learning in a safe and secure environment.

Here are some of our photos.

Message: 22nd May 2020

Hi everyone,

Following on from a discussion about face masks, “my mum made me one from a hanky”, “ I have a mask with unicorns on”, the children said they would like to make some masks.

We provided them with a variety of materials and Jayne (manager) created an example to inspire the children.

Whilst discussing with the children how we were going to display our masks, Jayne had to answer the door and after donning her gloves, held up the mask, hilariously we thought we had then created an “alternative” PPE .

Children had lots of fun, using their imaginations, developing fine motor skills from threading pipe cleaners. There was a lot of conversation about colour, shape and size and also a lot of laughs and smiles.

Why not try this at home.



Message: 13th May 2020

Hi everyone,

Today we made Dream Catchers:  After looking online for examples we made ours using Cardboard cut-out circles and a variety of materials, ribbon, feathers, wool, crepe paper to decorate.

This is a great activity to develop creativity, fine motor skills, concentration and we had lots of discussion about shape and colours.

To increase the challenge for older children why not try using a Hula Hoop!

Message: 5th May 2020

Hello everyone,

So today we looked for videos on how to make paper flowers – here are just a  few photos and simple directions on how to make some. These have been made with crepe paper.

4 lengths of wider paper and a smaller width/same length of 3 or 4 lengths of crepe paper, is all you need.

There are lots of clips on youtube on how to make a range of flowers, some more challenging than others to suit all ages of children, You can also find simple origami patterns that only require “paper” there too.


Message: 1st May 2020

After some discussion, the team at Junior World thought it may be beneficial to offer some parents some arts and crafts whilst being stuck at home. Katrina Woods one of OOSC practitioners volunteered to help collect some additional resources, and thanks to some a variety of community donations from and Morrisons, today we were delighted to distribute the first of our arts & crafts bags.

Message: 27th April 2020

Hi everyone,

Today we thought we would share an idea with you for some of our older Out of School Care children.

If you have any spare pieces of wood (this can be any shape or size) and some nails. The children can create or simply enjoy hammering in some nails. Great for developing hand-eye coordination, dexterity and creative thinking!

A further extension of play is to provide rubber bands to create a design (I think these can still be easily purchased from local stores or online).

We provide gloves and goggles for the hammering but actually this made it very hard to tap the hammer in, therefore just supervised very closely and gave clear instructions.

For older children, if you have the materials perhaps you could allow them to try and make a small planter from scraps of wood?


Message: 24th April 2020

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the staff team who have ensured that children have plenty of fun, challenging and exciting activities throughout the week. We have been very lucky with the weather and had lots of opportunities to play outdoors. The children have all been fantastic at washing their hands, putting resources away to be cleaned after each use. At the end of the week, we decided to begin decorating our windows to say thank you to all the Key Workers.

It has been a privilege to open the centre for Keyworker children and we look forward to being able to offer more families childcare in the following weeks.

Message: 20th April 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope you have all being enjoying the lovely sunny weather we have been having. We think lots of you will have been maybe helping in the garden. We wondered if you would like to try and grow your own vegetables from scraps?

Give it a go – it is really easy and very simple!

All you have to do is when Mum or Dad is using onions in cooking – why not ask them to save you the bottom part of the onion with the roots. Pop it into a shallow bowl of water and put to one side in a bright and warm place in the house. Check in with it every couple of days and watch for ‘shoots’ appearing on the onion roots. Once the shoots appear plant in the garden and see if it grows! Don’t forget to take photos and send them to us at [email protected] 

Try it out with some other vegetables – carrots, cabbage etc.

Love from us all at Junior World.

Message: 17th April 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope everyone is well and we miss you all lots.

We have been thinking about how busy we would all have been if we were at Junior World – planting our spring flowers and vegetables in the garden. We found this lovely idea of a ‘Pop-up Pocket Garden’ on the website and thought some of you may like to try this at home. Ask Mummy or Daddy to help you click here to access.

Easter Message

Hi everyone,

It was a busy week last week at Junior World, we are really missing every one but massive thank you to parents & families who have been engaging with us  through our Closed Facebook Groups, you have been fantastic in your responses and I hope that you have felt as connected as we (the staff team) have. Keep talking, keep reaching out, there is ALWAYS someone listening. 

Meanwhile, wishing everyone a Happy Easter Hols

Best wishes from all the staff team at Junior World

Kinlochbervie Pre-School Playgroup

Message: 30th June 2020

Message: 22nd June 2020

Message: 8th June

Message: 8th June

Click on the image to view the ideas


Message: 4th June

Hello from Kinlochbervie –  Part 5

 Visiting Other Planets in our Solar System

Hopefully, you had some fun trying to make your body into the shape of some new ‘space’ words you’ve learnt! We looked at some pictures and found out there is something called the ‘solar system’ and there are lots of other ‘planets’ and they’re all different colours! We thought we’d try making our own solar system complete with ‘planets’ so we use different colours of pain to

We looked at several pictures of planets in the Solar System and their different colours. We put some paper in a flat tray, dipped a marble in some paint then rolled it around on the paper. Once dry, we cut the paper into circles to make our own planets. Here’s my daughter making ‘Jupiter.’

This supported creative, expressive, early maths, science and literacy skills.

Look out for our next instalment – Paper mache moon!

Best wishes from Rachel

Message: 3rd June

Hello from Kinlochbervie – Part 4

Space Yoga!

We hope you had lots of sensory fun trying to make your own moon surface!. My daughter has learnt lots of new words from her interest in space so we wrote a list of them and had great fun moving our bodies to try and the shapes like them. Here’s our human ‘rocket!’

Can you think of some more to try? Moon, craters, astronaunts, energy!

Supports early literacy, physical and creative skills

Look out for our next instalment – visiting other planets in the solar system!

Best wishes from


Message: 2nd June 2020

Hi everyone – look what we have been doing this week – it is great fun – you should try it!

Message: 27th May 2020

Hello from Kinlochvervie – Space Part 3

What does the moon look like close up?

We hope you had some fun making rocket pictures and perhaps had a go making a balloon to the moon! We’ve been looking at the moon and at pictures and thought the surface looks a bit bumpy so we decided to make our own ‘moon’ surface.

On a large tray, we mixed couscous and flour to make a bumpy texture like the surface of the moon and then tried walking on it to leave footprints – just like the first man on the moon did!

We wondered if they would stay the same or of they would change, is there weather on the moon? We know there is here on earth so we experimented making our own ‘wind’ by blowing on it  – and discovered that some parts moved, then we used the hosepipe as ‘rain’ to spray water on the footprints – they started to disappear into floury mess!  Then we added white paint and painted a big circular ‘moon’ on black cardboard, then we threw some small rocks and pebbles of different sizes to make ‘craters’ as we can see on the moon. We learned that the craters on the moon were made by ‘asteroids.’  Here’s our ‘moon’ complete with craters!

This supported creative, early science, early maths, physical skills, sensory learning as well as learning new words!

Look out for our next instalment – Space Yoga

Best wishes from Rachel

Message: 27th May 2020

Look what we have been doing at home – why not give it a try!

Message: 19th May 2020

Some more ideas you may want to try at home

Message: 14th May 2020

Hello from Kinlochbervie – Part 2 of our interest in SPACE!

I wonder how you get to space?

I hope you liked our space sky and had a wee go at making your own!

My daughter and I wondered what people might go into space and how they would get there! We looked in a book and learned that astronauts are people who travel into space and that they go in rockets. We thought we would like to make a picture of one, so we started by practising our scissor skills to cut out a range of 2D shapes, triangles, squares, circles and rectangles and arranged them like a jigsaw rocket!

We then wondered how the spaceship would fly all the way up to the moon, we thought it would be heavy so would need a lot of power to lift it off the ground. We tried to make our own version so we stuck a spaceship picture to a balloon with a straw attached underneath. We tied a piece of string from the curtain pole and threaded this through the straw to make a track for our spaceship to fly along.

After blowing up the balloon, we let go and watched as… nothing happened!!  We wondered why the balloon might not have reached our ‘moon’ and decided that we needed to try with a thinner piece of string because maybe the straw was getting stuck on the string on the way up. We looked for a thinner ‘track’ and decided to use thread.  

So we tried, and again, we had great fun experimenting but the balloon wasn’t able to lift the rocket all the way to our ‘moon!’ We felt with our hands how much air was coming out of the balloon – lots!  We think this was ‘energy’ coming from the air being pushed out of the balloon and talked about how much more energy we might need to fly our picture rocket up to the curtain pole ‘moon.’ We decided we would need a much bigger balloon. We had great fun trying this out and learning about ‘energy.’

This supported creative,  physical, early science, early maths and problem-solving skills – all through play!

Look out for our next instalment: What does the moon look like?!!

Best wishes from Rachel

Message: 11th May 2020

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well. Just thought I would share some of the things I have been up to in my working from home. Why not try some these ideas – if you do – don’t forget to send us some pictures.

Take care everyone.

Message: 7th May 2020

Hello from Kinlochbervie! 

I’ve been supporting my young daughter’s learning through play activities based on her interest in space and thought you might like to see what we’ve been doing and perhaps try yourselves with children at home.  The interest has progressed through several activities, too many to share in one post, so we’re sharing as a wee series. Look out for these coming over the next couple of weeks!

I wonder what space looks like and what do we know already?

First, we talked about what we knew was in space, this included the sun, the moon, stars and Saturn. We then looked at images of each of these things and made notes of what we thought they were like, for example, we knew that the sun was extremely hot and that the moon reflected light from the sun. We also knew that the sun was a star and that Saturn had rings around it. We looked at pictures of space and different types of galaxies. We noticed the black backgrounds, the swirling patterns and the different colours. Using this as a stimulus, we found an old sheet and gathered together different colours of paint which we could use to make our own galaxy painting.

We took this outside and splattered the paints onto the canvas before spreading them with a large paintbrush to try and create the swirling patterns and colours we had observed in our images.

The finished space painting, with added dandelion flowers which we thought could represent the stars in Outerspace.

This play and learning supported creativity, expressive arts, early literacy and science skills!

Look out for the next ‘SPACE’ instalment – I wonder how we would get to space?

Best wishes Rachel


Message: 4th May 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. We thought we would share some of the things we have been doing while at home and maybe you would like to try them too.

I have made you a little film to share the photos of our activities and a brief description of each idea below the video clip.

Hope you enjoy!

Slide 1: Watching the story of the three little pigs and then making pig faces, using shapes to make up the various parts of the face.

Slide 2: Extending activity – making the three houses, using different materials, observations of different textures, and strength of houses made from different materials.

Slide 3: Rainbow tree, using paint, ribbons, coloured pens to decorate a branch collected on a walk.

Slide 4: Taking a walk outside and observing what is growing, picking some flowers and using them to create pictures. Looking at other ways to create flower pictures, using a cut out of hand, strips of paper.

Slide 5: Gardening, learning to dig and plant seeds, talk about what a plant needs to grow, ie compost and water….what else will they need?

Slide 6: Table game; learning the alphabet, identifying colours, can you recognise the letters of your name.

Message: 22nd April 2020

Lochinver Pre-school Centre

Message: 23rd June 2020

Let’s Count!

Message: 8th June 2020

Message: 19th May 2020

A fun way for noughts and crosses!

Message: 14th May 2020

Hi everyone,

Here is a wee story for you – after you have listened to the story – why not make the board game and try with your family.

Keep safe all

Message: 11th May 2020

Hello everyone!

Remember when we went on a walk, following the river from the School Loch all the way down to the sea. Then we found some special places in Lochinver. You wrote a poem about your special place. Maybe you can find something else special, to think and write about?

Message: 29th April 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well.

We all love sticks and always pick up a few when we are in the woods!

Here is a little game to do with sticks that we find.

Message: 22nd April 2020

Click through the slides for a fun idea to make a house with your child using an old box, pen, scissors, ruler and paint or pens.

Easter message

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe. We just thought we would send you a little message to let you know we are thinking of you and missing you lots.

We know how much you were enjoying making your puppets before nursery had to close so thought we would give you a few ideas so that you can try some out at home.

Draw your puppet (you could draw one of your friends from nursery, cut it out and tape it to a wooden spoon or a twig from the garden.

Play some games with your puppet friend that you like playing at nursery such as:

  • Go on an Easter egg hunt around the house
  • Hide and seek
  •  Read your favourite stories together

What ever you do, we hope you have lots of fun, keep checking in here for our messages.

Love from Jane and Amy x

Muir of Ord ELCC (MOO)

News from children: 14th May 2020

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your fab pictures of all your amazing activities. Click on the slides below to see what everyone has been up to.

Message: 4th May 2020


Message: 21st April 2020

Hi everyone,

We are missing you all so much and hope everyone is okay and having fun at home with your families. We have been chatting together on the phone and have come up with a couple of ideas we thought you might like try some of them at home.

At home I have been playing 3 in a row with Aimee in the garden, I have used twigs to make a board and stones and bark as counters. Its great fun. Give it go! Remember you can use any materials for this game –  flowers/ pasta etc.

Something else I thought you might like to play is ‘Alphabet bin’- I have gone around my house to find all sorts of different items and popped them in my tub. I then tried to guess which letter of the alphabet matched alphabet they started with, what interesting things can you find around your house?

Now we know that lots of you love numbers so we wondered if some of you would like to try ‘Number Match’ See if you can find some spare clothes pegs around the house, ask for some help to make a wheel with dots and put the matching numbers on pegs, you can then count the dots and match the number. Have fun!

Katie has been busy practising drawing and writing letters using her fingers, in gloop with her children. Katie has said if any of you would like to make some gloop – ask Mummy or Daddy for some help and get some cornflour and water. You will remember how we do this at nursery so you can show your family how you slowly add water to the cornflour until it is absorbed. If you have some food colouring – add that if you like (remember it is messy so good fun to do outdoors).

Any materials can be used for this salt, sand, dirt, flour, talc etc. Use different things to write with paintbrushes, carrots, sticks. Can you make patterns/ shapes instead of letters in whatever materials you use?

Claire is wondering if you can decorate a colourful stone and when you are out on your daily walk can you place them around the village for others to admire. Keep your eyes out for your friend’s stones, maybe take a photo of any you find a post them to the private Facebook page or send them to us at [email protected] and we will share them on here.

We will look forward to seeing all you work. Stay safe everyone and be happy!!

You never know we may bump into one another during our daily exercise and keep checking in here for some ideas for things to do.

Love from

Laura, Claire and Katie xx

Easter message

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all keeping well and not missing us to much!! We just wanted to check in and say hello.

We will use this space to share some play ideas, so keep checking for new ideas to try at home.

In the meantime we hope you all enjoy your Easter break as much as you can, remember your Easter egg designs we can’t wait to see them. We are missing you all very much and hope that we get to see you all soon. Take care of each other, have fun and stay safe!

From Laura, Claire and Katie xxx

Munlochy Pre-school Centre

Message: 26th May 2020

Message: 18th May 2020

Message: 12th May 2020

Message: 6th May 2020

Hello, my name is Carrie Mudge, and I would like to introduce myself as the new Senior Early Years Practitioner at Munlochy.

I have an industrial background but retrained in childcare after having my own children. I qualified from Inverness College in 2017, and have worked since then with the under-threes at Kilcoy Kindergarten. I know some of you already from my time there!

I am currently working within the centres CALA that has opened for keyworker children, and we also have lots of online training and events being put on to keep us all up-to-date and continually improving our practice for the children returning.

I have lived on the Black Isle for a number of years, so I really appreciate the feeling of community we have in our villages, and what a special place it is for children to grow up in. I am very much looking forward to working with Bridget and Philip at Munlochy, and to meeting you all once we reopen.

Until then, we will keep our page on the CALA website updated with messages and activity ideas. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email during this time, using  [email protected], if you have any questions, concerns or things we may be able to help you out with.

We’d love to hear about what the children have been getting up to as well!

Here is an idea you might like to try out at – click on the image to download.

Message: 29th April 2020

Hi everyone,

We thought you might like to try out the following activity. If you would like to download a copy – click here

Message: 27th April 2020

Hi everyone, 

Just a little message to let you know that I am thinking of you all and missing you lots. I hope you are all having fun playing out in the garden, drawing lovely pictures of rainbows 🌈 for the windows, baking cakes 🧁 and going for walks. 

Stay safe and I hope to see you all soon.

Love from Bridget 

Nessie’s Nippers Nursery

Message: 8th June 2020


Message: 18th May 2020


Message: 29th April 2020

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well and keeping safe. We would like to welcome Sarah to Nessie’s team.

We are missing you all, hopefully, we will see you all soon. We thought that you might like to do an activity at home, as you were interested in various outdoor activities before we broke up.

We thought you might like to do a mini rock garden! Why don’t you try somethings such as:

  • Find a tray or flowerpot to put it in – cardboard boxes can be used if you are not using real flowers that will require water. 
  • Fill it with soil and then add-in any plants or seedling that Mum or Dad can give you. If you don’t – why not collect some twigs and then draw some lovely flowers to cut out and tape to your twigs – hey presto – instant pretty flowers!
  • Find some rocks/stones to add-in – you could decorate these too!
  • Why not make it into a Dinosaur Land for Fairy Town! 

If you do anything like this we would love to see what you have done.  Maybe Mummy or Daddy could take a picture and send it to us at [email protected]

We will put up more ideas every week so keep checking in.

Most importantly please keep safe

Take care, love from

Sheila and Sarah 😊

Norlin Early Learning and Childcare Centre

Message: 4th June 2020

Hello again

I hope you are all fine and enjoying the activities suggested so far.  How did you get on with your bug 

hotels, remember to send in any pics you want to share to our email address 

[email protected] (remember to tell us you are from Norlin ELC).

I had a discussion about fruit and their tastes with my daughter.  We got all our fruits and vegetables together and thought of the different games we could play.  See if you can name all the different fruits and vegetables.  Then put them in a line from the biggest to the smallest.  You could then group them into their different colours.  We also sort them from the sweetest to the sourest.  Maybe you want to try their tastes to see if you agree with us and each other.

Have a lovely week and weekend.  If you are looking for activities ideas visit our other page at 

Love Donna


Message: 1st June 2020

Hello there

Another lovely day outside, we are so lucky just now.  I hope you are all managing to get outside and enjoy it, remember the sunscreen though.

If your little ones are interested in bugs this is something we have made this week.  It is called a mini bug hotel and all you need is a tin can, some moss, sticks, twigs and any other natural resources you can find.  Just put the can on its side in the corner of your garden and put the items inside.  Leave it a couple of weeks and the see who has moved in.

Have fun, stay safe.

Speak soon

Donna x

Message: 26th May 2020

Hi there  

I hope you and your family have been keeping safe and well and are managing to enjoy your daily walks.

Maybe when you go out you can start keeping track and counting, with mum and dad help, the number of bees, flies and other insects that you find.  Why not make a chart out of a cardboard box and take it out with you to put a mark in the box.  Maybe if you have a brother or sister you can see who can find the most insects.

Another activity using a cardboard box can be trying to get the ball down the hole.  I wonder how long it will take you to wiggle the box and pot the ball?

I hope you all have fun this week, remember to check out our other pages for more fun ideas.

Take care

Donna x

Message: 19th May 2020

Hello everyone

I hope that everyone is staying healthy and keeping busy!

An activity which can be fun for everyone is a treasure hunt, great for building language whilst getting some exercise too.  Playing over skype/zoom or messenger video with a friend can make it even more fun.

Here are some suggestion

See if you can find:

  • Something Yellow
  • Something Square
  • Something with wheels
  • Something that you cuddle
  • A piece of fruit
  • A cup
  • Something you wear in the rain
  • Something you draw with
  • Something that makes a noise
  • A little spoon

Here is what we found in our house. 

Why don’t you share what you found in your game by sending any photos to our email address [email protected] (remember to tell us you are from Norlin ELC)!

If you are looking for activities ideas visit our other page at 

Remember to get in touch if you would like a chat or need support.

Stay safe everyone

Donna x

Message: 14th May

Hi there

We are at the end of another week and unfortunately, the weather has been a bit rough. 

Here is an idea for an indoor activity I have borrowed from a Facebook page called Learning and Exploring Through Play, which has loads of resources and activities to do with children of all ages. 

My daughter loved painting her feet and squidging it onto the paper.  We left it to dry and she enjoyed doing the other bits with a little help.  I thought this might be a really nice memento to give to grandparents or to keep ourselves.  

Stay safe everyone.

Donna x

Message: 12th May

Hello again

I hope you are all coping, especially now the weather has taken a turn for the worse.  Bath times are always about fun and on a day of rain why not have one during the day.  By introducing different containers and household items children can explore and be helped to understand: 

  • empty and full,
  • size and quantities, 
  • floating and sinking, ​
  • practice their hand and eye coordination skills ​
  • and develop their focus and concentration. 

Household items are all you need such as:

  • margarine tubs,
  • yoghurt pots, 
  • plastic bottles  
  • sieves, 
  • plastic jug, 
  • sponges, 
  • spoons or anything else you can think of.

Trying washing out a milk carton and put holes into the top similar to a watering can.  My little one loved this and started singing It’s raining, It’s pouring.  Providing opportunities like these help to support children’s creative thinking whilst being fun too. 

Take a look at the other CALA pages, especially ours in Caithness, Watten ELC and Reay Under 5s for more new ideas.

Take care


Message: 5th May

Hi there

I hope you enjoyed some of the activities from last week, please send any photos if you have any to share and inspire other children and families.  

Burning up energy is really important and can help us to be calm and focused especially in these times where routine and freedom has been restricted.

Games like animal races are a good way to exercise inside or out, whilst being a bit silly and fun,  run like a….

  • a monkey, 
  • a chicken, 
  • a lion
  • a frog or 
  • a kangaroo, 

See who can think of the silliest animal run and see who wins each race 🙂.

Playdough is another favourite and is easy to make especially now flour is a bit easier to get hold of.  Keeping it in the fridge helps it last longer.

Playdough recipe

1 cup flour
2 tsp cream of tartar
1/2 cup salt
1 tbsp cooking oil Olive oil or vegetable oil
1 cup hot water

Mix and then knead until smooth. You can add paint, food colouring, natural scents and colours to make it as special as you like. Orange 🍊 and lemon 🍋 rind works really well!

It’s exciting making prints with your cars, or shells, dolly footprints or pine cones.  See how many balls or sausages you can make and see if you can count them all.

I hope you have a good week, take care of yourselves and please get in touch if you would like a chat.

Donna x

Message: 1st May 2020

Hi everyone,

It is tricky keeping everyone busy especially if everyone doesn’t want to stay out if the weather is cold and wet.  Creating ball games can be fun, try to find old newspapers and squeeze them into balls.  If you have empty plastic bottles you can try to knock them down like skittles.  Cardboard tubes and a washing basket can help you practice your hockey skills or try mini basketball by aiming them into a bucket.  

You might beat mummy and daddy.  Remember to help tidy up afterwards.  If you have any photos to share of doing these games or anything else you have been enjoying please email [email protected] (remember to tell us you are from Norlin ELC)!)

If you are looking for activities ideas visit our other page at 

Remember to get in touch if you would like a chat or need support.

Stay safe everyone

Donna x

My tel: 07725221123

Message: 29th April 2020

Hi there

Here we are midweek through another lockdown week  I hope you are all managing to go for a walk every day in between the showers and are keeping busy.  

Playing in the water can be fun and even though there are not many puddles to splash about and play in we can explore water in other ways.  Fill a basin and take it outside.  Find some things from the garden like daisies, stones, sticks and see if you can guess which ones float or sink, try some things from inside and ask mummy and daddy to guess with you before you try each thing.  If you do have a puddle even better.

When you are inside or outside you could make a game out of trying to find each colour, can you find red, yellow or blue, have a competition to see who can find the colour first.

If you are looking for activities ideas visit  our other page at 

Remember to get in touch if you would like a chat

stay safe everyone

Donna x

My tel: 07725221123

Message: 24th April 2020

Hello again,

We hope you have managed to get outside for fun this week as the weather has still been nice and sunny.  Remember to get in touch if there are any fun things or pictures you would like to share by emailing them to [email protected]

We would love to see them.  

Today we went outside to find different textures and see what they would look like on paper, we tried leaves, wood and different stones and rubbed with different colours of crayon.  It was fun, we have put some photos below to show you – why don’t you give it a go!

Remember to help mummy and daddy to think of fun things to do and help them tidy up afterwards too.  Maybe sing some songs that you remember from nursery like ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, we know that you all especially like this one especially when we sing it going really fast and we get you out of breath see if you can get Mum or Dad to do it!

Parents, please get in touch by emailing [email protected] if you would like a support call or just to chat.  We are here to help in any way we can.

Bye bye for now, 

Love from Donna x

Message: 20th April 2020

Hello there,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter Break and got some yummy Easter Eggs. 

I have been out in my garden and noticing some daffodils growing.  Some of you will be remember that we planted trees and daffodils at Norlin.  I wonder how big they are getting and how many we have?  Do any of you have any flowers growing in your garden?  If so how many do you have?  My garden is full of yellow just now and the trees are growing their leaves again because it is Spring.  

I hope you have managed to get outside for a play as the weather has been really sunny Maybe you could get a bowl of water and take it outside and see if you can find some leaves or grass and float them in the water.

Take care of yourselves and hopefully see you all soon.

Love from everyone at Norlins

Message: 17th April 2020

Photo by

We hope you are all well and keeping safe. We are missing you lots and can’t wait to see you all again soon. Meanwhile we have all been chatting about you on the phone and remembering the things we love to see you do a Norlins.

We know how much you love creating and designing models with our recycled junk box – so while you are at home – not try out some of the ideas below or better still – maybe you can think of something else to design with your loo rolls?

If you make some – draw us a picture of what you spy through them and send them to [email protected] and they will send them onto us.

Stay safe everyone,

Love from all at Norlins

Easter Message

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well, staying home and having lots of fun. We miss you all and after the holidays we will be in touch to share some ideas of things you might want to do at home. Meanwhile, have a lovely Easter and we will talk very soon.

Love from us all at Norlins xx

Raigmore Childcare Centre (2-3 group) & OSC

Message: 26th May 2020


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Message: 28th April 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all well and safe. We are really missing all of you who are not with us each day so we thought we would share with you what we have been up to and hopefully you might like to try some of these things also at home.

Building a bridge

We had a creative start to the week and took part in some problem-solving. The children wanted to see if they could get the ball across the tyres. With a little bit of thinking, they used a brush and the swingball pole to create a ramp to roll the ball over. We then found two benches and lifted the ramp to create a bridge and had great fun getting the ball across the bridge. We wonder what else could be used to make a bridge – do you have anything in your hose or garden that you could use to make your own bridge. We would love to see any pictures of bridges that you can build – maybe Mum or Dad could help you.

Fishing Game

The children made some fishing rods using pipe cleaners and wanted to play a fishing game but we had no fish!! What could we use? We had a look round the garden and the children found some cones and decided we could use them. We used some more pipe cleaners to make hooks on our cone fish and had great fun trying to catch them with our rods. Can you think of other ways to make some fish – we would love to see them.

We really hope you will try out some of our ideas and share the photographs with us. If you would like to send some to us – email them to [email protected] and they will pass them onto us.

Meanwhile – stay safe everyone and keep checking in here for more ideas.

Love from all at Raigmore x

Reay Under 5’s

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Well good morning everyone,

This would have been our last day of playgroup, we would have been partying today!

I would just like to thank you all so much for your continued support throughout this year and especially to our office bearers who do lots behind the scenes.  It has been quite a year but we have gotten through it together.

Your engagement through lockdown period has been fab, doing the wee homework activities I sent out and it has been lovely seeing all the amazing things you have been getting up to at home. It meant so much to me personally as I felt I still had that connection with you all.

I would like to wish Isla, Hannah, Marc, Lauren and Maja every success in the next chapter of their lives. They will all shine in their different ways.

Look forward to seeing everyone else in August.

Stay safe everyone and take care

Thank you everyone


Yvonne xxx


News for children: 30th July 2020

My sunflower was planted next to my Wendy house, it has grown a bit. It has had a caterpillar living on it so there are some holes on the leaves. We moved it to another bush. ‘He is a hungry caterpillar’.

Dad and I have been doing races as we walked around Thurso river

Yvonne and Lynn said:  You look very fast!

We also went to Strathy beach where I went paddling. I spotted loads of little fish in the rock pools too and saw a sea anemone.

Yvonne and Lynn said: ‘Wow that is exciting to find one of those’

Today we went to Dunnet Forest and played on the swings and climbing frame. I found it a bit tricky to climb as it kept moving and swinging and also wet which made it slippery.

Yvonne and Lynn said: ‘Well done for trying!’

We can’t believe it’s our last week before the summer holidays, I will miss everyone moving up to Primary.

Yvonne and Lynne said: ‘I can’t believe it either, we will miss you all too’.

News from children: 26th June 2020

We have been busy doing lots of baking for family and friends, we made biscuits for grandad Bisset’s birthday and Father’s Day and sent some to our friends and Hannah’s half brothers and sisters and we had Ferrero Roche cupcake for dad on Father’s Day.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Fabby dabby job doing all that baking, looks so yummy and very kind.

We’ve been growing and picking strawberries and pea pods, our sunflowers are taller than me now!

Yvonne and Lynn said: Wonderful, how tall do you think they will grow?

We have had some lovely walks and have made a huge daisy chains.

Yvonne and Lynn said: That is amazing, great work. I wonder if anyone else has made daisy chains?

We’ve had another visit from Mrs Tiggy Winkles!

Yvonne and Lynn said: Wow, aren’t you lucky to get her visiting. Do you set out food for her? Do you know who is visiting Yvonne’s garden? Rabbits munching on my flowers!!!!! 

Message: 23rd June 2020

Well good morning everyone,

We hope you are all keeping well, safe and healthy. We are missing you all so much and all the activities we would be doing just now if we were at playgroup.

Did you all spoil your Dad on Father’s day? We bet you did, hope you gave him the biggest hug ever and told him how much you love him. I wonder did you make him a card and a pressie?

Well, what about making some special love hearts this week all different colours and sizes and decorate them and give them to people who are special to you, such as any family members or even your special friends.

How about making some symmetry hearts – try this

  • Fold a piece of paper in half
  • Draw half a heart
  • Cut out
  • There is your beautiful heart shape.
  • You can decorate them.
  • Be careful using scissors, mums and dads must know if you are using them.

What about getting your Mums or  Dad to help you write names on them and you can give them to special to you, like your Mum, Dad or Granny and Grandad.

You could also make lots of colourful smaller hearts and make a hanging of rainbow hearts, that would be pretty and colourful.

Miss you

Yvonne and Lynn

News from children: 23rd June 2020

Thank you for sending me the scavenger hunts to do. I did the indoor hunt really quickly; it took me less than 5 minutes as I was super speedy looking around the house.

Yvonne and Lynn said: ‘Wow that was quick Marc, well done’

I loved the outdoor hunt too, we went for a long walk and saw lots of butterflies, somewhere the same as the Red Admiral butterfly you found in your garden. I made a picture of ‘Stickman’ with the things I found. ‘

Yvonne and Lynn said: ‘What a super an idea we love your Stickman’

We have had a busy couple of weeks and have had lots of fun at the beach and in the garden. We’ve been reading lots of stories as well, my favourites have been the  Large Family, I like ‘All in one Piece’ the best, it is funny when Mrs Large has paint on her dress and doesn’t know.

Yvonne said ‘I love the Large Family stories too’.

We were also at the farm helping with the sheep clipping – it was great fun, but a very stinky job! I have set up my toy farm again and it has been great fun playing with it.

Yvonne and Lynn said: ‘What a lucky boy getting to help out on the farm, straight in the bath for you, Marc’. I wonder if anyone knows how the wool would feel?’

I think if we went to the beach for our trip we would see, sand, sea, and seashells and in the forest, there would be lots of trees and creepy crawlies and maybe a fox!

Yvonne and Lynn said ‘Great answers Marc’

My sunflower has grown taller since you dropped it off and we are now going to plant it in a bigger pot.

Yvonne and Lynn said ‘That is fab Marc well done for looking after it so well’

Message: 22nd June 2020

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well and have made the most of the nice weather outside.

Have you managed to go on the Scavenger Hunt yet, especially the one outside on the good days?

Look forward to seeing if you have.

How are your sunflowers growing?  Mine are growing slowly. Can’t wait until the flower heads appear as they are such a bright and cheery flower to look at.

Did you manage to find out what the name of the butterfly was?

 Hope you have been busy bees making something wonderful for your dads for Father’s Day on Sunday. It would be lovely to see what you have made. Maybe mummy can take a photo and send it in.

We don’t have many days left of playgroup now, we finish on 2nd July.

Have a lovely week all.

Miss you

Yvonne and Lynn

Message: 15th June 2020

Well, good morning boys and girls,

Hope you are all well and keeping safe,

Can’t wait to hear what you have all been up to….

If we were at playgroup just now we would be having our summer outings and our Sports Day. What a shame we are all missing out.

Well what about doing some races at home. You could do a running race, tattie and spoon race or an obstacle course. I wonder what other races could you could do? This will keep you fit and healthy – getting exercise. Look forward to hearing and seeing what you get up to. On your marks get set go!

I wonder where we would have decided to go on our trip? Possibly Dunnet Forest and the beach and had a yummy picnic. Well, let us pretend if we did go to the beach what do you think we would find.   

Maybe you could draw a lovely beach picture and what if we went exploring in the forest what do you think we might have found there? Fairies the Gruffalo can’t wait to see what you do.

Look at the photo below of what I came across in my garden last week, I was so happy to see this in my garden. Does anyone know what type of butterfly this is? You could look in one of your nature books or get mum or dad to help you look on the internet.

I wonder if anyone went on there Scavenger Hunt yet.

Miss you all

Yvonne and Lynn   


Message: 12th June 2020

Morning everyone,

Hope you are all well, missing you all so much.

I have made up another wee scavenger hunt for outside this time. Happy hunting, look forward to seeing what you find and what you can make with the items. I will take a photo of what I find and make! Click here to download your hunt

Now next Sunday is a special day it is Fathers day. Have you decided what you are going to make for your Dad? You will definitely have to make a lovely card. What about another special present. Now I know your mummies are lovely bakers you could make him specially decorated cupcakes, or what about making planet earth using blue and green card or foam and get mummy to write or help you write, You’re the best dad in the world. Or you may have air hardening clay to make your special handprints or you can make your own clay to bake in the oven.

Here is one of my recipes for clay, 250g plain flour,

                                                                125g table salt

                                                                125ml water

                                                                 Few drops of food colouring (optional)

Bake in the oven at low setting for about 3hrs until solid.

Look forward to seeing what you all do.

Have a lovely weekend

Yvonne and Lynn

News from the children: 12th June 2020

I did my two Frozen jigsaws, one had 35 pieces and the other 70. They are super jigsaws,

Yvonne and Lynn said: 70 pieces –  that is a big number! Well done.

I was very clever and counted to 20 but also recognised that there were 7 rows of 10.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Well done you, bravo.

I also went exploring and went down a walk to the rocks at Murkle bay. I was lucky enough to find a crab. Can you all spot the crab?
Sadly, we also found a washed-up body of a whale! It was huge.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Oh dear boys and girls that is very sad but unfortunately, these things happen.

I did lots of climbing all over the rocks and picked up some stones to paint at home.
I watched the movie Matilda and loved it and was delighted to get the book to read at bedtime.

Yvonne said: That is a great movie, my girls used to watch Matilda when they were young and loved it, Miss Trunchbull wasn’t very nice to Matilda but Matilda had a lovely kind-hearted teacher to help her!

News from children: 8th June 2020

We have been gutted the weather has been a bit horrible -hopefully back to summer weather soon!

I got a lovely surprise in the post from my Auntie in Aberdeen – I got jigsaws, games and clothes and this has kept me busy in the horrible weather.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Wow,  what a lucky girl, maybe you can send us a photo of your completed jigsaw and tell us about the picture and also how many pieces it has?

I am also enjoying practising my writing this week and have been exploring the wipeable books doing reading, numbers and learning time.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Clever girl!

We have also managed a couple of walks when the weather was nice. I love finding the Monkey Puzzle trees in the woods at Forss House Hotel.  

Yvonne and Lynn said: Fab they are amazing looking trees

Message: 8th June 2020

Good morning all,

Hope you are all well and have had a good weekend. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t good. At least it dried up on Sunday. Plenty puddles to splash in with the wet weather. I have a little boy in my house who loves to splash in the puddles even without his wellies on! You will all be missing your playgroup buddies maybe you could draw a picture of your friends.

I bet on Saturday you all had a cosy day at home! Did anyone have a movie day with treats? A good day for a snuggly day on the sofa. Have you played any board games or done any jigsaws. What about practising jigsaws this week and showing us them and telling us how many pieces you can do now.

I have prepared a wee inside Scavenger Hunt (click here to download) for you to do, have fun finding these items. Make sure mums and dads say it is okay for you to go hunting for these items. Then get your counting head-on and tell us how many items you have managed to find. An outside one will be done later in the week.

I will also be giving you some ideas for fathers day later on in the week which is coming up soon.

Be safe, missing you all.

Yvonne and Lynn

Message: 5th June 2020

Hello boys and girls,

Hope you are all well.

I asked if anybody would like their special sunflowers that I have been growing for you and I am pleased some of you wanted them.

It was so lovely to see some of you when I delivered them to you and to have a wee blether at a safe distance of course. I think you have all grown just like the sunflowers. So, plant them in a sunny sheltered spot and watch them get taller and taller! Cannot wait to see your photos to see whose is the tallest. I am sure you all know how to look after your plants. I wonder have you been planting anything else in your gardens. I will have to look after the ones well I plant in my garden. I have another sunflower to deliver today too so good luck everyone with taking care and looking after your plants.

There has been some lovely weather for you to get and play and have fun in the sun. I bet some of you were in your paddling pools and playing on your water slides, what fun. The little boy in my house had fun in his paddling pool to splashing and kicking in the water.

I wonder if anyone had a picnic in their garden or even a barbecue in the sunny weather. Let’s hope the good weather returns.

Well yesterday when I came back my walk with baby Cameron, he decided he wanted to go out to my garden in my field and you’ll never guess what visitors we had! The female pheasant, the hen and her chicks. The hen ran away and left her chicks. We could hear them under my plants, and they sounded frightened.  We came away and then a short while after that the male pheasant came and helped them reunite. I wish I had a camera with me.

Then another visitor at my bedtime last night, I looked out my front window and there as bold as brass was a big rabbit digging in my front garden. The little monkey! I went out to see it and he hopped off. I do not really want holes in my front garden. I wonder if you can tell me the name of what he was trying to dig?

I wonder if you can find out what a baby rabbit is called?

Maybe you could draw some bunny rabbits or even make them out of junk.

You could get a paper cup and use that as his body, cut out ears and stick on and make a face and it would be like a little puppet. Look forward to seeing what you decide to do.

What about doing some bunny hops for your exercise, what about doing 10 bunny hops and have a wee rest and then another 10. That would be a lot of bunny hops to keep you fit and healthy. If the weather is not nice to do them in your garden, you can do them inside. Or even if you have a brother or sister at home with you could do a bunny hop race.

Well, we hope you have a lovely weekend and hope weather improves.

Miss you all

Yvonne and Lynn

News from children: 4th June 2020

I am missing everyone from playgroup, it was nice to see you when you dropped off my sunflower- thank you.

Yvonne and Lynn said: It was lovely to see you too Marc and have a wee blether at a safe distance of course.

I have been doing lots with my brother over the last few weeks, we have been playing in the garden, learning to skateboard, cycling, playing in the sandpit and sometimes helping Mum in the kitchen.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Wow you have been super busy and helpful, fabulous darling!

Me, Alexander and Mum went a walk to Mr Baikie’s field and collected 150 dandelions so we could make dandelion honey, it tasted delicious and we shared it with Auntie Pauline and Granny Macleod.

Yvonne and Lynn said: My goodness that is a lot of dandelions a very big number. That is a super tasty activity to do.

Dad took us a run on the quad bike to Loch Calder at the weekend when it was really sunny, we paddled in the water and mum packed us a snack to have. It was great fun skimming stones and exploring.

Yvonne and Lynn said:  That sounds like a super day out!

We had our paddling pool out and had a water balloon fight, it was fun. I bet there were lots of boys and girls who had their paddling pool out too, we had ours out here, Cameron loves splashing about in it.

I collected natural materials from the garden and made a picture, I like the dandelion sun!

Yvonne and Lynn said: AMAZING picture, love it.

We built a den in the sitting room on the rainy days and had picnics and movie time in there. I had a sleepover in the den one night, it was really cosy. Ace fun, I have a little boy here whose mum made him a den with my sofa cushions in my upstairs sitting room, he loved it too.

I think I can see three baby birds in the nesting box- they’re very cute.

 News from children: 2nd June 2020

I have been enjoying lots of walks around Forss Forest, Crosskirk and through the fields behind our house. I have enjoyed being with my big sister and brothers on our trips out. I found a baby frog in the grass on our forest walk. My brother was so excited! We have not spent much time inside at all, even having our dinners outside in the evening.

Yvonne and Lynn said: That is fab so healthy for you being out in fresh air exploring.

We are managing to keep our tomato plants and leeks alive; they are coming on slowly. I have been busy in the garden and taking care of your chickens and turkeys.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Well done Eva you are learning on how to take care of lots of living things.

Note from Yvonne and Lynn

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well and had an enjoyable weekend in the sunshine. Can’t wait to hear what you have been up to. Just a wee thing today as about to do in-service training.

I have decided you can have the sunflowers that I have been growing for you if you wish. I was going to plant them out at the weekend but it was far too windy. So if you would like me to drop off your sunflowers please let me know by Wednesday, if I don’t hear from you by then I will plant them out in my own garden.

Have a lovely day in the sunshine.

Miss you

Yvonne and Lynn

News from children: 1st June 2020

Mum and I had a lovely walk to the river and collected lots of different plants to make a picture. I  then drew a lovely picture of us both on the riverbank and rearranged the plants and leaves to make our very own riverbank.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Wow, that is amazing, love it.

I have been doing my calendar at home and know that it will be a new month, June the start of summer.

Yvonne and Lynn said: That is great carrying on practising your calendar just like we do every day at playgroup.

Monday 1st June

Well good morning everyone,

This weather is more like it. A beautiful morning to have your breakfast outside a picnic lunch or even a barbecue.

Can’t wait to hear what you get up to in the lovely sunshine. Remember though sunhats and suncream.

You could have a teddy bear picnic in your garden, have a dip in your paddling pool, play on your water slide, make some sandcastles in your sandpit, just have a lovely time whatever you do.

Well, boys and girls, I hope you like this photo, can you see what has happened in the birdie box. How many baby birds are in the box?

Missing you all

Yvonne and Lynn  

News from children: 29th May 2020

It was my birthday and Thursday and I am now 4. When I woke up Mummy checked my height and I had grown taller. I had a fun-filled day and got lovely presents. I had a yummy Paw Patrol cake that we all shared.

Yvonne and Lynn said: We wish you a happy birthday and you even look a bigger boy in your lovely photos. Love your scooter. We have missed lots of boys and girls birthdays at playgroup since lockdown which is such a shame, but it is so lovely to see all the wonderful photos that your family sends in.

News from children: 28th May 2020

I am really glad the weather is warmer as I have been having fun on my waterslide with my sister.
I was so excited as my first tooth came out, so I had a visit from the tooth fairy.

We went looking in the garden and found lots of sticks and Daddy helped me make a heart with them all. Mummy loves this so much she has hung it in the utility room.

Yvonne said: That is amazing, well done what a lovely idea!

We had a garden visitor… Peter Rabbit, I thought he was so cute.

Yvonne said: Do you know I have had them in my garden too and you’ll never guess what I had in my field the other morning! It was 2 sheep having a wee wander, I think they wanted to go somewhere different for their early morning stroll.

I watched a video on how to draw a bumblebee bee, hope you all like it.

Yvonne said: It is super – what great work.


Message: 27th May 2020

Hello everybody – hope you are all well.

Glad to say the weather is a bit better this week. Good for you to play outside and go on your daily walks.

I am sure your Mums and Dads have told you that we won’t be getting back to playgroup before the summer holidays. It is very sad but it what we have to do at the moment to keep safe.

On my walk last night, I popped into one of our outside areas – the mud kitchen side.
Can you see the flowers that have grown under the apple tree? Don’t they look pretty?

Will I give you a clue as to what their name is!

The colour of the sky and we ring this when Santa visits us.

Can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Maybe you can draw a pretty picture, or do you have any of these in your garden or can you find them on your daily walk?

Can you remember what shape our sandpit is? It is a 6-sided shape.  

Let’s see if you can find the missing numbers in the photographs below.  You could make your own number line 1-10 or practise writing them.

Can’t wait to see what you do. Have fun whatever you choose to do. Bigger numbers another day.

Have a great day all.

Yvonne and Lynn            

Have a look at the pictures and see if you can see the missing number

Message: 25th May 2020

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well and are staying safe and healthy. The weather has not been so good for you to get out and play, very wet and windy some days. Thank goodness it is a sunny morning a wee bit breezy but a good day all the same.

 What have you all been getting up to this weekend?

Thank you all for sending your wee homework pieces in and all your lovely photos and stories of what you have been up to. It is so lovely to see and the North blog is the talk of CALA.

We have some questions for you:

  • This is the last week of the month of May, I wonder if you can remember what the name of the next month is?
  • We will soon be coming into a new ‘Season’, can you tell us what it is called?

Your sunflowers have been in the greenhouse all weekend as the weather wasn’t too great to get them out, the strong wind may have snapped them. So let’s hope I can get them outside this week so they can then get planted out.

When you are out and about this week – why don’t you collect some natural materials such as twigs, leaves, bark and create a picture and get your Mum or Dad to take a photo of it. Or what about doing crayon rubbings, put the paper over any item that has a texture, leaves and bits of tree bark are perfect then rub with crayons to produce a print.

Once you have done your rubbings you can use your excellent scissor skills to cut them out and make a lovely picture. You could maybe write some words or numbers with things you find.

What does the message say?

Have a great day all.

Miss you

Yvonne and Lynn

News from children: 25th May 2020

I have been enjoying getting out and about when the weather has been nice enough.

I have been a lovely big sister to my baby sister and singing Incy Wincy Spider to her and  I like to read her ‘That’s not my Unicorn’, I can’t wait until she is a wee bit older and we can play together.
I have been asking about the World so we got a special book.

Yvonne is asking everyone – I wonder does anyone know what type of book this is?
I love playing with my Soggy Doggy game.
As the roads are quiet at the moment I have been out on my pony called ‘Red’, I wore my hi-viz vest so I could be seen.
I have also been very busy doing ballet and tap every week.

Yvonne said: Well done you are keeping fit and healthy doing your exercise. I wonder do any of the other boys and girls do anything like this?

Message: 22nd May 2020

Good morning everybody 

Hope you are all well on this breezy, sunny, rainy Friday morning.

Can’t believe it is Friday again, where has the week gone.

Hope you have all been keeping busy and being super good for your Mums and Dads. I am sure you all have.

Those of who have brothers and sisters –  have you been having fun playing with each other?

I wonder if you can share what you have been doing with your brothers and sisters or Mums and Dads, playing board games, playing outside?

As you know I help look after baby Cameron, I will tell you some of the things I have been doing with him, we have been outside in the garden – he has been helping water plants in the greenhouse (well sort off!), playing with his Paw Patrol football, reading books and helping him do his elephant puzzle.  He keeps me on my toes.

Do you think I should put plants out today or do you think I will keep them in until the wind dies down a bit? 

I wouldn’t want the wind to snap them!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and can’t wait to hear what you have all been up to.

Until Monday everybody –  keep safe.

Sending you all a virtual hug.

Missing you all

Yvonne and Lynn   

Message: 21st May 2020

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well and I bet you are all so glad the sun has had its hat on over the last wee while! 

What must you remember to put on this morning before you go out to play if it is sunny? —– of course, you all know it is your sunhat and sun cream and remember to keep drinking plenty of refreshing water.

Can’t wait to hear what you have played outside.  When it is a lovely day why not have a picnic lunch, with healthy snacks and a treat!

Maybe if the weather gets warmer you will be able to have a paddle in your paddling pools if you have one.

I have taken lots of my plants out of the greenhouse this morning. Do you think it was warm in there this morning, well yes it was, I have a thermometer in my greenhouse and it was saying a very big number, ( 50 ) centigrade. That is very warm for my plants.

Well boys and girls what do you think about your sunflowers now, haven’t they got taller!

Which one do you think is the tallest and which one is the smallest?

Be safe everyone and take care

Love Yvonne and Lynn

News from children: 19th May 2020

Message: 18th May 2020

Morning everyone,

Hope you are all well and have had a good weekend.

Well, thank goodness that rain has stopped and the sunshine is back out, hopefully, to stay.

Maybe this is something you can do this week, can you do some weather pictures and maybe watch the weather forecasters on the TV.

Great measuring from those of you who have managed to do it. I wonder has there been any other measuring done in your house. We measure lots of things in our daily lives. Can you think of other things we might measure, this may be in your homes or jobs people do.

What are the different things we use to measure? I will go out later in the week and measure your sunflowers.

I had two little visitors again in my garden this morning.!

They are cute but I don’t particularly want them near my plants and flowers as they munch and crunch and dig!

Can you guess what creature they might be? Maybe you can draw one or take a photo of a real one or a cuddly one.

Hope you manage to get out for your daily exercise whether it be a walk or a cycle.

Keep safe everyone.

Miss you all

Yvonne and Lynn xx

News from children: 18th May

I have grown lots and measure 106 cm.
I remembered facts about elephants – they have very long trunks and they use mud as sunscreen.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Well done for remembering, I wouldn’t want to use mud as a sunscreen!

We have been busy outside as much as possible, going walks feeding and looking after our pets and looking after our vegetables. Our tomatoes, rhubarb and lettuce have started to grow.
On one of the not so nice weather days, we had a camp out inside. That is a great idea and I bet so much fun!

I have been practising writing my name and using pebbles to count.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Well done, keep up the good work.

I have used my Little Ponies to measure herself, I was 4 ponies high.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Well done Blaire!

My ducks are getting bigger too, they will soon be going outside. They love a swim in our bath, so cute. We have been going out lots of walks wrapped up in our waterproofs, we certainly have been needing them.
I have been busy writing, drawing and colouring. I have also used my magnetic letters to spell out my name and my dogs names,

We have also been playing a board game like snakes and ladders but instead of snakes it is a spider and a waterspout.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Well done, I wonder has anyone else got magnetic letters to use?

Message: 15th May 2020

Morning everyone,

Hope you are all well. The weather is slightly better this morning, a better day for you to get out to play in your gardens or your daily walk or cycle.

It is quite windy another good day for flying a kite in a wide-open space.

Look forward to getting more pictures of you being measured!

I have put your sunflowers outside this morning, they are getting used to going outside, definitely getting bigger, which is fab.

I thought of a wee activity for the weekend, what about making a ‘Stay at home, be safe lockdown flag’.

You can either do it with card/paper, or chalks on pavement if Mum or Dad say it is okay, or even mum might have an old pillowcase you can decorate. You can use your wonderful imagination to be creative. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Missing you all

Yvonne and Lynn xxx

Thanks, Mums and Dads so much for contributing to our page. You are all doing a wonderful job, it is so much appreciated.
Missing everyone
Yvonne and Lynn

News from children: 14th May 2020

I liked the guessing game, which was bigger! I measured myself with lego and teddies. I was 50 and a half bricks tall and 5 teddies tall. I measured my mummy and she was 3 big teddies tall.

Yvonne and Lyn said: Good job Lauren, fab counting skills

Elephant facts, I remember, elephants’ tusks never stop growing, I found out that fact and I also remember my friend’s fact.

Poachers are people who shoot elephants for their tusks but to stop poachers shooting elephants their tusks are painted pink to stop them being killed.

Yvonne and Lyn said;  Absolutely amazing – well done for remembering that.

Giraffes like to eat leaves in tall trees, I have an alphabet chart on my wall, it has an ‘e’ for elephant and a ‘g’ for giraffe on it.

Yvonne and Lyn said: Well done Lauren you can be practising your wonderful writing!

We also made bird feeders and have seen lots of birds in our garden even Goldfinches.

We did Science experiments pretending we were at the Science Fayre and we had snacks too. All my family did an experiment. We made lava lamps it was so cool. Dads one was nice, it was a candle and we put a jar on it and we noticed a big jar has more air so the candle took longer to go out whereas the small jar, the flame would go out quicker.

We put coloured water in a dish and when the flame went out it sucked up the water in the jar.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Wow – that all sounds amazing, well-done mummy and daddy for taking the time to do this with you.

I drew this picture for my mummy, she loves it and is very proud of me spelling her name with stickers. In the picture is a sand timer, I told my mummy we have 4 in the nursery, blue, green, orange and yellow.

Yvonne and Lynn said: Well done for remembering that.

News from children: 14th May 2020

I am missing everyone.
We have been busy making gingerbread men and reading the story of The Gingerbread Man too.
Our plants are growing nicely too.
We found some interesting feathers on our last walk, we think it might be from a female pheasant.
We hope the sun comes out so we can play out in the garden more.

Yvonne and Lynn said:

Wow, your gingerbread men look really tasty and you have decorated so them so well. I wonder has anyone else made gingerbread people?

You are looking after your plants so well.

Message: 13th May 2020

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well and you are staying safe with your families.

Let’s hope this weather improves soon, as I am sure you would agree it makes things so much better.

I have put your sunflowers outside this morning, I will have to keep an eye on the weather and hope there is no more wintry showers, as I don’t think they would like that, do you?

I feel sorry for the lambs out in the fields in this horrible weather. Maybe you could draw some lovely Spring pictures with calves and lambs.

Before the lockdown we were learning about elephants.

Can you remember any amazing facts about elephants?

They are very large animals, we also talked about another animal who is very tall and lives in the same country as an elephant. Can you remember what animal it is?

We also read The Large Family stories, can you remember the stories. I love them all, one of my favourites is ‘Five Minutes’ Peace’

Can’t wait to hear your news as this week goes on.

Stay safe well and healthy

Missing you all

Yvonne and Lynn

News from children: 12th May 2020

I am having lots of fun at home but am missing everyone.
I loved seeing and hearing about everyone’s pets.
We went a walk to Loch Calder and I paddled in the water
I saw lots of cows, sheep and lambs. We also spotted orange and brown butterflies. We saw lots of gorse bushes too; mummy loves how it smells and I like the bright yellow colour.
We made ice-cream last week it was delicious, vanilla and chocolate junk flavour. We had a picnic for VE day and my brother and  I made fruit kebabs and we ate yummy sandwiches and cakes.

My mum set a Lego challenge- we had to make a boat that floats. We video called Owen so he could show us his boat and we could show him ours, they all floated so we all won the challenge.

I made a tower out of Duplo blocks the same height as me, it had to be 37 blocks high.

Yvonne and Lynn said

Wow, fabby dabby – we wonder if anyone can guess the name of the butterfly that you saw?
You guessed right too that Sammy is at playgroup on the apple tree and the birdie that we have in our nesting box is a Blue Tit, good guess you think 3 eggs, we will have to wait and see!

Well done, you told us the plant in the yellow pot is the tallest and Buzz is the smallest.
We can’t wait to see how tall our sunflowers grow!

Fantastic work on the challenge and such super measuring and counting!

Thank you for sharing your news – we love hearing it!

Missing you and everyone lots – take care x

Message: 11th May 2020

Well good morning everyone.

Hope this finds you all well. A slight change in the weather, which is not so good. Let’s hope the good weather comes back soon.

I am pleased to say your sunflowers are growing well and are getting taller. I will be starting to put them outside once the weather warms up again, hopefully soon.

I wonder if you have been growing taller since we last saw you? I bet you are.

Maybe you could get your family to measure you or you could use your toys to measure yourself!

How many of your soft toys are as tall as you. You can lie on the floor and do it that way, or maybe build a tower with bricks and stand next to it, I wonder how many bricks you would need.

Can’t wait to see

Try some of the following?

Can you remember what we use to measure height?

Which is the tallest the plant, the yellow pot or the one in the black pot?

Who is the smallest Buzz or Marshall?

Something else you might like to practise is your balancing and hopping this week, I wonder can you hop 5 times with one leg and 5 with other!

Try this rhyme









Until Wednesdays blog

Stay safe everyone.

Yvonne and Lynn

News from children: 10th May 2020

I have a dog called Lulu and lots of hens and ducks. I help my dad and mum look after them. I especially like taking Lulu a walk and collecting the hen’s eggs. We have to hunt for the dug eggs as they like to hide them. I have been busy this week feeding the birds and enjoying playing in the sun. My sister and I like having breakfast in the sun. I am missing all my nursery friends xxx. I love having my breakfast outside too you have been very helpful Isla helping feed the birds and collecting eggs and walking Lulu. I think if there were 2 eggs in the nest that would be a pair!

Yvonne said: Well done on spotting the pair. 4 is a good guess, I will have to keep checking the nest box, very carefully.

News from children: 7th May 2020

We have been going lots of walks around Forss, we went to see the waterfalls. We looked for things beginning with S, sun,sky, sheep,and styles for you to climb over.
We also spotted two buzzards and a Heron and then we saw a fox running through our field, Red the pony was watching it too, wow how exciting.
I have lots of pets, 4 ponies, my one is called Red.
3 dogs, Nala who is a Spitz, Theo a Northern Inuit, Blue a Siberian Husky.
2 guinea pigs, Anja and Sansa, so cute.
3 cats Cersia a Maine Coon, Stark a Bengal Maine Coon and Baby a Ragdoll cross, our cats love to come out a walk with us.
2 Jacob sheep, a male with two lovely curly horns and a female with two sets of horns, she had a lamb last year.
2 ducklings Marshmallow, yellow one and Nibbles the black one.
I love to spend time walking with the dogs and playing in the garden with them, all our animals get on great.

Yvonne and Lynn said:  Wow that is a very busy household looking after all those animals.
I wonder boys and girls how many pets altogether is that?

Message: 6th May 2020

Morning all,

Hope you are all well. What beautiful weather for you to out exploring.

I wonder if you could share with us anything interesting you see, I will when I take Cameron out a walk. I went out a long walk by myself last night and it was absolutely beautiful. I heard lots of birdies singing and then guess what I heard—- the cuckoo singing. I love hearing the cuckoos. I wonder have you heard any? The colours were amazing too beautiful bright yellow from the Gorse bushes.

Has anyone else had a guess yet where Sammy was visiting?

Exciting news, can you remember what birdie uses our nesting box? Well back again this year, see photo. Can you draw one if you remember and can you remember how many eggs they can have in their nest?

Had a visitor in my greenhouse, Curly the caterpillar was looking to see how well your sunflowers are growing. Fabby dabby she says, don’t want any real caterpillars in my greenhouse, what might they do?

Have a great day

Missing you all

Yvonne and Lynn xx

News update from children: 6th May 2020

Yvonne and Lynn said:

Well done, you have been looking after your seeds well they have started to grow.

 has been out riding his bike and baking cookies and cakes.

Those cookies look yummy, I wonder what kind of cookies they are.

What fab writing, keep up the good work. Would love to see a picture of any drawings you have been doing too.
We are all glad the sun is out too


“I love the names of the hedgehogs especially Rocket, thought you would have liked that name!
I looked through books to find S for Sammy the Squirrel, I found star, sun, sandwich and snake

My mum gave me a clue about what a Goldfinch is. We looked on the internet and found a picture to colour in. I concentrated really hard to stay in lines and copy the correct colours. I also spelt out all the letters in Goldfinch”

Yvonne and Lynn said: You did an amazing job xx

“I know that a pair is two. We had tea and toast this morning for a snack just like the soldiers used to have In the wartime, it reminded them of home.
I have been having lots of fun outside and we also have been playing a ball game inside, we had to get to a toy as near as we could with one roll, I was really good at it”

Yvonne said: What a lucky boy camping out in the garden, what fun that must have been. When I was a little girl my mum and dad used to take me and brother camping in the summer holidays, lovely memories.
What fun times you are having with your family.


Yvonne and Lyn said: You have been doing lots of exploring in her garden and look at what she has found a birds nest, how exciting. I wonder what type of bird it belongs too –  maybe you can do some bird watching and tell us.
Nice to hear you have been very busy cleaning out the chickens and turkeys and collecting the hen’s eggs. What fun that looks on your swing!


 “We looked in my bird book to find a picture of a Goldfinch, they eat lots of insects and seeds. Seed starts with ‘s’ and I know where Sammy is, he is at nursery. I remember there is a bus stop outside nursery.  We have been on a bike ride in our bike trailer, how cool is that. We went really far away but I didn’t like that. Today we are going to go on another adventure but not so far.

Yvonne and Lynn said: “Well done Lauren with all your guesses you are doing really well. Your daddy is doing his daily exercise.  Maybe you can tell us where you go?

News update from children: 5th May 2020

Wow, this all sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder if anyone else has watched some movies and had a lovely treat of snacks? Keep sharing your news boys and girls – we miss you xxx

Message: 4th May 2020

Good morning boys and girls,

We hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend. The sun has got its hat on again, so that is so good! I think we all feel a bit better when the sun is shining.

A great day to get out in fresh air to play on your bikes or scooters or maybe even play in your sandpits or even on your daily walk do some exploring – but remember if you do meet anyone – stay 2 meters apart and don’t forget to wash, wash, wash those hands when you get home.  Can you tell us anything exciting you have seen?

This morning I have seen a pair of Goldfinches in my garden, they are so pretty. I wonder can you remind us

  • What a pair is?
  • I wonder if you know what a Goldfinch is.

Don’t forget to email us if you know! You could draw or paint us too!  

Your sunflowers are growing well, this lovely sunshine will help them. I have been out and given them a drink this morning, if the weather starts to get warmer, I will put them outside for part of the day, so they get used to being outside.

Well, the decision has been made for names of my two hedgehogs. Thank you all so much for all the lovely suggestions.

Their names are going to be……………. Prickles and Rocket.  They say thank you very much for choosing their fabby- dabby names.

 On my walk today, I took Sammy the Squirrel (he is really missing you all) with me, can you guess where he is! See if you can guess and I will let you know later on in the week. He also is wondering if you can cheer him up and find as many things as you can that begins with the letter ‘S’ and drop him a wee email to let him know😊

Have a lovely day all

Yvonne and Lynn


News update from children 4th May 2020

Message: 1st May 2020

Hello everyone! 

It’s Lynn messaging today.  I hope you are all well and have been getting outside to have some fun in the sun.

It’s been lovely seeing what you’ve all been up to these last few weeks – gardening, practising riding your bikes, enjoying family walks and making some amazing pictures for Yvonne and myself.  Wow, what clever (and busy) boys and girls you are!

I’ve been seeing some photos of your lovely pets too.  I have a little dog called Holly.  She’s one year old (her birthday is on Christmas Day) and she’s a miniature schnauzer.  She loves walks on Sandside Beach and lots and lots of cuddles.  Here’s a photo of her snuggled in her bed, it’s one of her favourite places to be. 

Pets are lots of fun and they make us happy but they need us to look after them too.  They need regular food, regular exercise, a place to live and sleep and our care and attention. 

What kind of pets do you have?

What are their names? 

What things do you like to do with them? 

What do you do at home to help look after your pet? 

Maybe you don’t have a pet in your home but perhaps a family relative or a friend has a pet you’re lucky enough to spend some time with.

It would be lovely if you could draw a picture of your pet, tell us their name and one interesting or fun fact about them – maybe they can do some fab tricks or maybe they like to sleep in an unusual place?  Just tell us what makes your pet special to you.   We can’t wait to hear all about them.

I hope you’re able to get outside for a wee play today in the lovely fresh air – maybe you’ll be outside with your pet?

Thank you again for all your lovely updates.  They really make Yvonne and myself smile as we’re missing you all very much. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Take care and stay safe. 

Yvonne and Lynn xx

News update from children – 1st May 2020

Thank you to everyone for sharing your news – it truly brightens our day when we hear what you have all been up to. Check out the photos below to see what some of your friends have been up to.

Message: 29th April 2020

Hi all, hope you are all well. Thanks once again for sending your lovely photos and artwork homework.

It is great all the sunflowers are growing now, I will pot them on into bigger pots once they get a wee bit bigger.

Have you thought of any names for my two hedgehogs yet, can’t wait to hear.

Look what I got in the post yesterday, our certificate for raising money for World Book Day. Can you remember what the money raised was for and what you dressed up as?

I bet you have all been reading some super stories, can you share with us what books you have been reading. I have been playing with Cameron this morning and he brought me over one of his books to read to him, ‘That’s not my zebra…’. He loves those books as all the pages feel different, he is using his senses to explore them. Can you remember what your 5 senses are?

Has anyone else been doing baking, Hannah has her mum sent in photos and I think Isla has too, helping to make scones. I have done a little bit too, some scones, gingerbread and banana muffins. I know banana muffins or banana bread is some of your favourites.
Can’t wait to hear what you have been up to.

Missing you all
Yvonne and Lynn

Updates from children: 28th April 2020

Message: 27th April 2020

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is well and had a fab weekend. Thanks so much for sending all your lovely pictures and photos, they are all amazing. We are so very proud of you all for doing this  – a huge thank you also to your Mums and Dads for taking the time to do the things with you. We are still obviously going to be off for a wee while yet so we just have to make the best out of the situation.

Did anyone get a chance to look to see what a Mallard duck looks like or find out what a male duck is called?

We can’t wait to hear!

‘d’ for duck, ‘d’ for dog. Have you been out walking your dogs, I wonder where you have been with them?

I was out in Greenhouse this weekend and wow nearly all the sunflowers have started to grow, fabulous darlings!!!

When I was out in Greenhouse I had to rescue a little creature, can you see what it was?

“It was a beautiful ladybird.”

I took him out very carefully and set him on my Pear tree.

Can you look at the photo and tell me what the white flowers are called? Will I give you a clue it begins with the letter ‘b’.

I would like to introduce you to the two Hedgehogs that I have in my garden!! I don’t have names for them, can you help me pick names for them. Can’t wait to hear your ideas? 

Some other things you might like to try this week if you are looking for some things to do could be:

  • Practising your ball skills this week, throwing, catching and bouncing. Can you count as you do this?
  • Play some games with your family, like ‘Frustration’ or ‘Pop to the Shops’.
  • What about I spy outside on your daily walk. Can you guess mine ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘d’.

Hope you can give some of these ideas a try.

Have a good week all,

Yvonne and Lynn x

Some more of your lovely news, photos and artwork – thank you.

Message: 24th April 2020

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well, what a wonderful week of weather for you to get outside.

Well thank you all so much for sharing all the wonderful things you have been doing, we are very proud of you and thanks to your mum and dads for taking the time to do things with you especially when they are so busy with everyone from home and possibly working from home too.

Did anyone go out last night and clap for the carers? I did and it was so lovely to see my dear friends and neighbours out clapping too.

I went on a lovely walk today and you will never guess what baby Cameron and I saw!!!! Not one,  but three Mallard Ducks in the burn. Well I think they were Mallards, they had green heads. They flew away before I could get a photo of them. I will have to be quicker the next time. Maybe you could getMum or Dad to show you what a Mallard duck looks like. You could look in a book or on the i-pad. I was out in my garden today and all I could hear was lots of ‘buzzing bees’ in my blackcurrant bush, what do you think they were getting from the bush?

I wonder if any of you could do the following tasks?

  • Does anyone know what you call a male duck?
  •  Can you teach Mum and Dad ‘5 Little Ducks went swimming one day’?
  • ‘d’ for duck, can you find something outside or inside beginning with the letter ‘d’.

Look at the photo below – can you see what has started to grow? I spy with my little eye……… yes some have started to grow. Can you see if it is your one, can you find your name.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and you get outside to play, we look forward to hearing what you have been getting up to.

Keep safe everyone

Yvonne and Lynn

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and artwork

Message: 22nd April 2020

Morning everyone,

Hope you are all well. It is another beautiful sunny day for you to spend outside in the fresh air. How healthy is that! But can you think what must you remember to start wearing to protect yourself?

That’s right – sun cream and your sunhats😊

Well, we are just loving hearing and seeing what you have all been doing from the emails and photos you have been sending and can’t wait to hear more.

I took baby Cameron a lovely walk around Sandside yesterday and you will never guess what fluttered by us!  A butterfly, I think it was a small tortoiseshell one. I will be going another walk today so I will let you know what I see on my travels today. I will take a photo today if I see anything! Perhaps you could do the same if Mum or Dad says it is okay.

Maybe you could go out looking for some creatures in your garden today!

Why not try some of these other ideas too:

  • What about singing ‘How does a butterfly go, hey ho does anyone know, how does a butterfly go—flutter- flutter all day long! Then you can add in other creatures such as earthworm, wriggling and a busy spider spinning.
  • If you are allowed to use paint, why don’t you make a beautiful mirror image butterfly by folding your paper in half, paint half your butterfly then fold it over to print, ta-da a beautiful colourful patterned butterfly!
  • You could maybe read the story ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, one of our favourites if you have the book at home – if not and it is ok with Mum or Dad you could all listen and watch it here  .
  • ‘b’ is for butterfly, I bet some of you could try and write this letter or see if you can find some other words that begin with ‘b’ around the house.

Now before we go we have a little guessing game for you all…….. I have been sent the photo below by a mum – can you guess what is growing in their garden!!

If you can or you have anything to send us don’t forget to get a grown-up to help you send it to either us or [email protected]

Have a lovely day everyone.

Yvonne and Lynn

Message: 20th April

Morning all,

Thank you so much for the lovely e-mails with your stories, pictures and photos. We have included some for everyone to see at the bottom of the email.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, the weather was not too bad at all. You would be able to get outside to play in your gardens hopefully.  I was busy in my garden, I got my tatties planted, let’s hope they grow! I went into town for my essential shopping and got shopping for some other people in the village too.

If anyone would like a pot, with some compost and sunflower seeds to grow at home themselves please let me know and when I am out on my daily walk or going for my essential shopping I can leave it at your garden gate.

I have been out to Greenhouse this morning, no shoots have appeared yet, so I gave the seeds a wee talking too, I said come on little seeds wake up, wake up and pop your heads up through the compost so I can send a photo to the boys and girls.

Well it is another lovely day for you to play outside, perhaps on your bike, scooter or maybe shoot some hoops!

I bet there are lots of amazing building going on with your lego sets, would love to see photos.

Has anyone being doing any jigsaws, I have done one this morning with baby Cameron.

This week is drawing a flower for your window, I bet you can all draw amazing flowers, can’t wait to see.

When I have been out in my garden, I have seen the ‘blue tits’ going in and out of their nest and lots of bees. Can you guess what I found the other evening – see if you can?

  • It was something small – red with black spots and wings – can you guess? Draw or paint a picture of what you think I saw.

Have a look and see if you can spot your picture, model or news below – or see if you can guess which one of your friends sent it in😊 If Mummy and Daddy say it is ok – you might want to draw a wee picture or send a message for your friends at Reay Under 5’s and we will share it on here for them to see.

Love Yvonne and Lynn

Message: 17th April 2020

Hi everyone,

Really hoping that some of you are going to send us some pictures of the animals you were being yesterday. We will love to see them. Today I read baby Cameron ‘Little  Monkey’ by Rod Campbell. He thinks it is funny when the lion goes roar. Maybe we will draw an animal out of the book later and post it on here next week!

We are wondering what books you have been reading?

Can you remember the name of the person who writes the exciting stories and draws the amazing pictures? If you can tell your Mummy or Daddy and ask them to drop us an email.

Meanwhile we are wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Miss you lots and looking forward to hearing from you,

Yvonne and Lynn x

Message: 16th April 2020

Hello everyone,

Today we were outside watering your sunflower seeds and taking some exercise in the garden. We were remembering how much you all love pretending to be different animals and the animal stories that are your favourites😊

Why don’t you try playing some of the following – you can do them inside or out!

  • Pretend to be and move like your favourite animals, e.g. hop like a rabbit, slither like snake, walk tall on your tip toes and be tall like a giraffe, prowl and roar like a lion or tiger.
  • Why not think of your favourite number and see if you can do the same number of bunny hops! Phone your family and find out what their favourite animal is – can you pretend to be that one! Don’t forget to send them a photo or a video to show them you being their suggested animal!
  • If you want to explore animals from other countries, why not look in your lovely books or ask someone in your family to help you look on the internet!

You can let us know what book you got your ideas from –  it might be from there is ‘A Rumble in the jungle’ like our one at nursery. We can’t wait to find out!

Thanks everyone,

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Yvonne and Lynn


Message: 15th April 2020

Morning everyone, hope you are all well,

As you can see by the photos your seeds that I shared with you yesterday are planted up and in my greenhouse, let’s hope they grow!

Can you spot your name on any of them?

I also wonder if you can you put on your very clever counting heads and practise counting or even writing! How many is there all together?

Can’t wait to see how many you can count – can you let me know?  Remember ask a grown up to help you email me at [email protected] (remember to tell us you are from Reay Under 5’s!)

I hope you all manage to go out to your gardens today for some fresh air and exercise. It is a little bit windy today, maybe you could fly a kite or if you have not got one you could make one! I think I will make mine by using  a recycled bag and  some string to tie it to it. I think I will need some help from my family. If you are making one could ask your mum or dad to help you. Another idea I have from making one is to get some paper and draw and decorate a kite shape and adding some string.  I am sure you could come up with some great ideas as I know what fantastic designers and engineers you all are! Let me know how you get on and how you made yours – maybe I can try out one of your ideas to make another one. Have fun!

Take care everyone.


Message: 14th April 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you and your family are keeping safe and well. I am missing you all very much.

I will be sending wee activities throughout the coming weeks ahead so keep checking in with this website page for our updates and ideas.

So everybody, I have a wee task here to see if any of you can help me? I have taken a photograph of something I am going to do for you that we can all see when we are all back together.

I wonder do you know what I am going to doing for you all, have a look at the photo……

Have you guessed yet!

Well I am going to plant you all a sunflower seed and I am going to be caring and nurturing it as I would be doing to all of you if we were still at playgroup. I will plant the seeds up and put them in my greenhouse for a couple of weeks, then put them outside.

Let’s hope they grow and we will be able to see them when we are all together again!

I would love to hear from you all and I wonder if you could tell me:

  • Has anyone planted any seeds at home?
  • What am I going to have to do to look after the seeds?
  • I wonder how long it will take for the seeds to sprout a shoot; do you want to guess?
  • Can anyone draw me a beautiful sunflower and send me a photo of their masterpiece.

If any of you would like to send me pictures or comments – ask Mum or Dad to help email me your comments to [email protected]

I will keep in touch on a regular basis throughout the week.

Missing you all


Message: 14th April 2020

Hello everyone,

Just checking in with all our lovely children, their families and wider families who normally I see daily at Reay Under 5’s. Hope that you are all managing to keep safe and healthy during this uncertain times.  Keep and eye on your e-mails as i will be keeping in touch  via  them and this web page.

Best wishes,

Yvonne Morris

Rothiemay & District Playgroup

Message: 18th June 2020

Message: 8th June 2020

Message: 4th May 2020

Message 23rd April 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope you are well. We are missing you lots and have been thinking about some of the things we might have been doing together if we were all at nursery so we thought we would share some of the ideas and wondered if you might like to try them out at home. If you do – send us some of your photographs to [email protected] and they will pass them on to us. Keep checking in here for more ideas each week.

Love from everyone at Rothiemay x

Idea 1

Make a wormery and watch what happens! Follow the instructions below:

  1.  Cut the top off a plastic clear bottle, keep the top to make the lid.
  2. Make small slits on the bottle for air.
  3. Fill the bottle with alternating layers of sand, soil, sand, compost, sand etc. Spray each layer with water so that it is damp.
  4. Find some worms from around your garden and add them to the top of the bottle and watch them burrow down.
  5. Remember to put some leaves at the top for food!
  6. Secure the lid back on
  7. Wrap black cardboard around the bottle to make it dark. Worms do not like light and it will encourage them to burrow around the outside of the bottle so they can be observed.
  8. Place the wormery in a warm place. Remove the cardboard for observation periods and record findings. Check that the contents are damp and that there is food available for the worms

Idea 2

Activity to keep you busy outside! On paper or chalk on the slabs. Nice way of talking about shadows and comparisons/size and so on ☺

Idea 3

Make a birdhouse – how will you make yours?

St. John’s Pre-school Centre

Message: 18th June 2020


Message: 28th May 2020

Message: 12th May 2020

Message: 7th May 2020

Message: 27th April 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all well. Below is something we have been doing and thought you might like to give it a try too. If you do and you have a photograph of it – we would love to see it. Share it by sending it to [email protected] and they will forward it on to us.

Keep checking back here for our ideas and messages.

St. Sylvester’s Nursery

Message: 12th June 2020

Hi everyone! We hope this finds you well. We love to see pictures of what the children have been getting up to during the lockdown so please keep sharing these with us. Some simple activity ideas could be done with water, cereal or dry pasta. The children love this type of messy sensory play when at nursery and I bet they would love it at home too. 

All the nursery staff are missing you and we hope to see you all soon. It is almost the end of this term and we will be waving goodbye to some of our boys and girls. Although we will not have our usual end of term celebrations the staff are working on something special for you. Take care everyone and keep sharing your pictures with us 😁

Maybe you can try some of the things that have been shared!


Message: 6th May 2020

Hi everyone – play the video below and join us for a singalong!

Message: 20th April

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.

We popped into nursery to check on it and look what we found has started growing in the nursery garden.

We wondered if maybe you could make some pictures of the daffodils. If you did, we would love to see them and share them on here for you all to see. Ask Mummy and Daddy to help you email them to us at [email protected]

Keeping checking in here with this site for our messages.

Take care everyone

Love from us all at St Sylvesters xx

Easter Message

Hello Everyone

Now that it’s the Easter holidays, try and have some relaxing family fun.

Maybe you could make a treasure map of your house/garden, or see if can make your own pirate hat. If you do, don’t forget to take a photo and send it to us at [email protected] and they will pass it onto us.

Meanwhile, keep checking in here for our messages.

Hope to see you all soon,

Love from Claire, Emma, Sam, Laura, Jackie and Yasmin

Sutherland Stepping Stones

Message: 22nd May 2020

Our outdoor play on Outdoor Classroom Day.

Message: 14th May 2020

Message: 11th May 2020

Message: 29th April 2020

Hi everyone,

Below are some of the activities we have been doing at Sutherland Stepping Stones with the children of key workers and also some of the fabulous play and learning that you have been sharing with us from home – thank you – we love seeing all these.

Message: 23rd April 2020

Sutherland Stepping Stones is open to Keyworkers – contact  [email protected] 

Easter Message

We hope you are coping well in these difficult circumstances. We will be posting daily craft and activity ideas on our Facebook page and will be sharing photos of what you are all getting up to.  We are missing all our wee cherubs and looking forward to seeing you all again. 

Take care and stay safe xx. 

Annarie, Wilma Claire and Rachael  

Tongue Pre -School Centre

Message: 12th June 2020

Hi everyone,

Another week has flown past! Hope you are all doing well

A big thank you to another of our parents who have sent in photos of fun things they have been doing recently.

First of all having a good go at the egg and spoon race, well done ( not easy to do).

In 2nd  and 3rd photo, love all your new ducklings. I bet you look after them well!

Next photo you look like your having great fun out on the boat. Has anyone else got a boat?

last photo you look like you are having great fun climbing the tree.

Take care


Message: 3rd June 2020

 Hi Everyone

Thank you to everyone that sent in fantastic photos from your sports day. Looks like you had a great time taking part 🙂 

What a laugh I had trying to do the sack race with a little sack, Kyle and Millie thought this was so funny. Don’t know how I didn’t fall over !!!

Speak again soon


Message: 26th May 2020

Hi everyone

I  heard you have been invited to create a sports day at your homes as part of transition with the school. Today should have been the campus sports day with us included. If this week you decide to create your own sports day we would love to see any photos of you taking part in the running race, skipping race etc. What games could you come up with? Would love to hear all about it.

Have a good week


Message: 19th May 2020

Well another week has flown by! was nice to see the sun today 🙂

We have just been sent these great photos from 1 of our parents. Very busy doing shape, matching and sorting colours activities. The 2nd photo where she created a fab picture with different shapes.

Do you have blocks or any other toys that you and your child can play games where the children are looking at different size objects and comparing, grouping them together in size or colour and have lots of fun.

Maybe even if you have beads and string they could create their own colourful necklaces. 

if you have any photos of this we would love you to send them in

Speak again soon and stay safe


Message: 13th May 2020

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all doing well 

A big thank you to 1 of our parents for sending in what they have all been busy at as a family. Lovely to see all these exciting things been done, everyone having lots of fun! Was lovely to see the photos of their baby chicks 🙂

We love seeing your photos so anyone else that would like to send us some, please feel free



Message: 4th May 2020

Hi everyone 

Hope everyone is well. We have been lucky with our weather, lots of sunshine. My two children and I have been out for lots of safe daily walks close to our home. Each day I have written a list for them to find different things. We have looked at the shape, texture, colour, size etc of things, using lots of descriptive words!

When you are out for your walk can you ask your Mummy’s and Daddy’s to write you a list of things to find like flowers, twigs, leaves and whatever else you may see? Can you describe what they feel, look like and maybe you could go on to make a picture out of these outdoor items 😊

Take care and will be in touch again soon 


Message: 28th April 2020

Hi all, hope you are all doing ok.

We are missing seeing you all. I have been out on my daily walk and seen all the signs of spring appearing over the last few weeks.

Love seeing all the lambs playing in the fields.

I hear some of you also have baby chicks! We would love to see any photos you or your Mummy’s and Daddy’s have taken off any baby lambs, chicks etc. If you have drawn any pictures they would be great to see too 😊 if you have any could you please send them to the nursery email address.

Thank you.

Michelle & Eva 

Easter Message

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone is well and keeping safe!

Hope you are all having lots of fun playing and doing activities both indoors and in your gardens with your families.

Keep checking in here for our messages to you and look forward hopefully to seeing you all soon once this all passes.

Love from 

Michelle and Eva x 

Watten Early Learning Centre

Happy Holidays Everyone

Hello everyone

Thank you so much for all the wonderful photos and videos of your sports activities, it’s been lovely to see you all having so much fun.  We are so pleased with all the effort you’ve put into it and we will be delivering medals and certificates to you very soon.

We can’t believe it’s almost the end of term and it’s so sad that we can’t be together for a summer outing this year. Some of you might remember that last year we had a picnic on the beach so we thought that you could maybe set up a teddy bears picnic in your garden or in your home. Why don’t you gather up some of your favourite teddies and create your very own picnic just like we have in the photo. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • You could get mum or dad to help you make some sandwiches.
  • Can you count the number of bears at your picnic?
  • Which bear is the biggest/smallest?
  • How many cups and plates do you need?
  • Can you share out the cups, plates and food equally?
  • Maybe you can read a story to your teddy bears

We would love to see some of your picnic photos so why not send them to us on Class Dojo or on our Facebook page.

Hope you have lots of fun and some nice things to eat!

Missing you all

Love Grace, Marchael and Linsey

Message: 24th June 2020

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well and keeping busy.
We know that some of you have been outdoors doing sports activities over the last week. Thank you so much for sending in your photos and videos for us to see, it looks like you had lots of fun. We loved seeing how well you can run, jump, hop and balance. You can have a look at some of your photos below.
This week Grace has made a Song Time video for you all so why not sing along with her.

Can you remember the songs?

Maybe you can teach your family some of the words and actions and they can join in too.
It would be lovely to see some photos or videos of you singing. We wonder what your favourite songs are?
We are missing you all so much and hope to see you soon.
Love Grace, Marchael and Linsey

Click on the slides below to access the video and view some photos

Message: 11th June 2020

Hi everyone

Hope you are all safe and well. We are so glad you enjoyed our Song Time video and we will try to do another one soon with some of the songs you said you would like to hear.

We have been missing you all and thinking about the things we would usually be doing this term. We know that one of your favourite summer events is Sports Day.

As we can’t all be together for sports day this year, we thought you might like to take part in our Virtual Sports Week.  All next week you can try doing some of the following activities in your home or garden instead. 

  • Egg & Spoon (you could use a real or plastic egg or maybe a small ball balanced on a spoon)
  • Running (see how fast you can run)
  • Jumping (see if you can jump feet together across the room/garden)
  • Hopping (you could hop using either leg or maybe change legs in the middle)
  • Obstacle course (ask mum or dad to help you create your own obstacle course using items you can find around your house)

Send us your photos or videos on Class Dojo or Facebook and then your friends can see you taking part in sports week too.  We are sure you will all be prize winners and we’ll send you your very own medal and certificate for taking part.

Below are some of the photos you’ve shared with us over the last week.

Take care and hope to see you all soon.

Love Grace, Marchael and Linsey 

Message: 2nd June 2020

Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for sharing all the lovely pictures and nature faces you have been making. It is so nice to see that you have been outdoors enjoying the sunshine.
Below are some photos of the amazing work you’ve been doing.

This week Marchael has made a Song Time video for you to watch so why not sing along with her.

Maybe you can teach your family the words and actions and they can join in too. Let us know what other songs you would like to hear. What is your favourite song?

Have a good week everyone

Love Grace, Marchael and Linsey

(Click through the slides to access the video and the photos)

Message: 26th May 2020

Hello everyone

Hope you are all safe and well.

The weather is nice again so we hope you have been getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and have some fun in the sun. Maybe you’ve been out helping in the garden this week.

We have been looking after the plants in our gardens and we can see them growing bigger every day.

Grace was out collecting leaves, sticks and flowers in her garden and she used them to make some nature faces. She had a little help from her dog Rusty but he was only interested in looking to see if there were any sticks in the box!

Would you like to try making a face?

Why don’t you go on a nature hunt to see what you can find in your garden or perhaps you can look for things when you go for a walk.

See if you can find some of the following
• leaves
• flowers
• twigs
• pinecones
• pebbles
• feathers

Maybe you could ask mum or dad to help you cut out a cardboard circle or you can use a paper plate if you have one. Choose some of the natural materials you’ve found to make your own nature face. We would love to see what you come up with so please send us some photos. Will they be happy, sad or funny faces we wonder?
Thanks for sharing all your news with us and we’re looking forward to seeing what you get up to this week.

Missing you lots.
Grace, Marchael & Linsey

Message: 19th May 2020

Hello everyone

We hope you enjoyed the story of “Fireman Piggy Wiggy” last week and thank you to those who sent us a book review.
Grace went to the nursery to check on our garden the other day and look at what she found. Can you see all the flowers growing on our apple tree?

We thought you might like to plant some fruit seeds like an apple, a pear or maybe an orange.
Why not save some seeds the next time you eat an apple and get Mum or Dad to help you plant them?

  • Clean the seeds with warm water and let them dry out for a few days.
  • Dampen a paper towel and place the seeds on it. Fold the towel over several times so that the seeds are surrounded in moisture, put it in a plastic sandwich bag and place it in the fridge.
  • Check the seeds daily until they start to sprout.
  • Plant your seeds in paper cups or pots making sure that the green sprout is above the soil.
  • Water your seeds daily and make sure they get lots of sunlight.

If you do decide to do some planting remember to send us some pictures and we can share them on here.
We’ve loved seeing your photos over the last few weeks and have made a slideshow so you can see what your friends have been getting up to.

Keep checking in here for our messages and hope to see you all soon.

Love Grace, Marchael and Linsey

Message: 12th May 2020

Hello everyone
We hope you are all well and have had a nice weekend.  We know you must be missing nursery and seeing all your friends, so it has been lovely to see your photos on our Facebook page showing us what you’ve been up to.
We have been missing storytime with you all so Marchael has made a wee video of a book she wanted to share with you. Perhaps you would like to do a book review as we do at nursery. Remember we colour in the happy face if we like the book and the sad face if we don’t. Click here to access a sheet to do this on.

Talk about:

  • What did you like about the story?
  • What was your favourite part?
  • Is there anything you didn’t like about it?
  • Sometimes we like parts of a story but find other bits sad or scary. You could draw a picture of your favourite part or character.

Send us photos of your book review as we would love to know what you think of the story.

In the meantime, stay safe, have fun, and keep sharing your photos.

Love Grace, Marchael and Linsey

Scroll down to access the video!

Fireman Piggy Wiggy

By Christyan Fox and Diane Fox

Published by Little Tiger Press 2002

We are able to share this story with you through the kind permission from ‘Little Tiger Press’ publishers. Further information can be found at

Lots of useful resources for things to do from Little Tiger Press – Click here to access

Click here  to purchase this book

Message: 29th April 2020

Hello everyone

Hope you are all well and enjoying time outdoors in the fresh air. Marchael has been spending time digging a new flower bed in her garden and planting bulbs.
You might remember that we were going to make a new planter for our nursery garden using eco-bricks. Remember how we were weighing and counting all of the eco-bricks we made so far and found that we still need more bricks?

Perhaps you would like to make some Eco-bricks at home. Marchael has made a short film reminding us how to make eco-bricks and your Mums and Dads can find more information at

Remember to get in touch if there are fun things or pictures you would like to share with us. Stay safe and hope to see you all soon.

Love Grace, Marchael and Linsey

Message: 22nd April 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all well and enjoying time with your families.  We have been thinking of you and missing you lots. 

We know how much you enjoy being outdoors so we hope you have been out playing on these sunny days. You might remember that we had a robin coming to eat the bird food in our garden and wondered if you had seen any in your own gardens or while out for your daily exercise? We thought you might be able to do the following and share it with us.

Have you spotted any birds in your garden? 

How many did you see, were there different kinds of birds, maybe your mum or dad could help you to find out the names of them.

We would love it if you sent us any photos or drew a picture of what you’ve seen. You can post them on our Facebook page or send them to us at [email protected] and we will share them on here.

Look forward to hearing from you all

Love Grace, Marchael and Linsey

Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre

Message: 1st June 2020

Came to work to a lovely message in the post box from one of our “little Wimblettes”, and her little sister who was about to join us in April. 

We adore the beautiful ladybird you painted for us,  to sit on our desk.  We are so looking forward to hearing all your jokes when you return and we are very excited for your little sister to join us too. 



Message: 11th May 2020

Hello everyone

Thought we would share with you the fun we have been having during this period with our key children. They have been very busy making rainbows, gardening, painting, cooking and of course enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Hours of fun with the cardboard tubes making a marble run, it also had lots of problems to solve, and finally it was successful – very exciting.

There was much hilarity chalking round the children and staff on the decking, and the mud kitchen is just a magnet for making “dinner”, the menu is fab! 

We wish you all well and keep safe everyone. 

Message: 1st May 2020

Hi everyone, hope you all safe and well,

Before the shutdown, we were having fun with some experiments,

This experiment was done with a plate and some skittles (the sweeties) place them around the edge and add some warm water – then watch what happens to the colours, you can make some lovely patterns!

Good fun to count how many different colours there are or simply recognising the different colours and the introduction of new words.

Have some fun and don’t forget to send us a photo to show us the patterns you make if you give this a try! 

Love from us all at WECC xx

News from the children: 30th April 2020

Hi everyone – don’t forget to send us your news – it was lovely to receive this beautiful card from Olivia, 

Olivia was telling us how she is doing her “work” with her big sister and that she is missing Nursery”. 

We are missing all our children and would love to hear from you, what you are doing, what you have done, send us pictures by email or post. 

Emails to [email protected] or post to Wimberley Estate Childcare Centre Somme Crescent Inverness IV2 3YB 

Thank you for the card Olivia and I am now going to go and  get photos of an experiment for you try, be in touch soon 

Love Julia x

Message: 17th April 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone that we are not seeing at Wimberley at the moment is well and happy. We miss you.

We thought you would like to see this photograph or us when we had a lovely surprise visit from the Easter Bunny, delivering some lovely little bunnies for all the boys and girls. 

Thank you very much Easter Bunny!

We also have been  busy, with new babies starting every week, settling in is going really well for our families, thank you to the team for making this as stress free as possible for our new parents. 

Thanks everyone,

Love from Julia and the team at Wimberley x

Easter Message

Hello everyone,

All here at Wimberley are missing our little Wimberlettes, we hope you are all keeping safe during this time.

We hope you are having  fun, helping your mummy’s and daddy’s with all the chores, baking, cooking, washing dishes, dusting, wash he car, weed the garden etc . 

Keep well everyone and keep checking in here for our messages and updates to you.

Love from all the team at

Wimberley Childcare Centre xx

Wild Willows

Message: 18th June 2020

Hi Everyone,

All the children have been enjoying getting out more and visiting some friends and family now Lockdown has eased a bit. The children have been interested in playing with water here last week.

You can set up at Sinking and floating game that promotes scientific thinking and predictions.

Let your child look around the house for items that think will sink or float, this helps their thinking skills.

Once you have all the items, you could use the bath or if you have a water tray use that.

You could get them to help you fill-up the water if easy to do so.

Pop one item in at a time and see if it sinks or floats. You can ask wonder questions with will encourage think to think why.

“I wonder why this sinks/floats” talk about each item! You can have two tubs to put each sink/float item in. After you have finished can see how many items sink or float!


Message: 21st May 2020

Lots of our Children at Wild Willows have been learning to ride their bikes! Well done that is brilliant news! Some have been planting seeds and making experiments with their parents. It is great to hear that you are all been super busy!

I have an activity here that you can do that is great fun and encourages imagination and measuring skills!

Fairy soup

  • 1 hand full of flowers
  • 2 cups of water
  • A splash of pink food colouring, if you would like a pastel colour you can add a splash of milk

You can use any colour of food colouring or even mix some together to see what colour you can make.

Thank you


Easter Message

Hi Everyone

Hope your all enjoying some time with your  families and we can’t wait to hear about what your children have been up to!!!  

We would love it if your child did a picture of something they have enjoyed over the holidays and can share with us when we return or meanwhile send it to [email protected] and the lovely ladies in the office will pass it on to us.

In the Autumn we did a bag for children to collect natural items in the woods,  this could be a fantastic time to do this again, collecting items from your garden and you could could compare what you have collected this time.

We hope you all have a great Easter

Love from

Kirsty and Pam x

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