New guidance – Realising the Ambition: being me

Education Scotland has published the new guidance document ‘Realising the Ambition: Being me’

This guidance is for anyone who works with and for babies and young children in all areas of early learning and childcare and early primary school.

Education Scotland state:

“Realising the Ambition: Being Me builds upon the original principles and philosophy of Pre-Birth to 3 and Building the Ambition.

This refreshed early years national practice guidance for Scotland presents key information about the characteristics of child development based on research and evidence.

It explores the range of  interactions, experiences and spaces  we need to provide for babies and young children to help them learn and grow best from their earliest days through to being a young child in early primary school.

In essence, ‘Realising the Ambition: Being Me’ increases expectations of high quality but still provides the necessary support for all who work in the early years’ sector and beyond.”

The guidance covers:

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Being Me – Starting Strong

Section 3: What I need to grow and develop

Section 4: Child’s work: the importance of play

Section 5: Early childhood curriculum and pedagogical leadership

Section 6: Putting pedagogy into practice

Section 7: Ensuring quality through critically reflective practice

Section 8: Transitions matter; to me

Section 9: What we can learn from other curriculum approaches

Within each of the sections there is a depth and breadth of information including guidance on Schemas, play pedagogy, the role of the adult in supporting learning, responsive and intentional learning and suggestions for learning from other curriculum approaches.

Click here to access further information about the guidance including a PowerPoint presentation of ‘Challenge Questions’ to support our engagement with the guidance document.

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