New free module on the CALA E-Learning Zone: ‘Healthy Body Image and Body Confidence’

Care and Learning Alliance are pleased to announce the launch of our latest free E-Learning module: ‘Healthy Body Image and Body Confidence’. Made in partnership with (and funded by) NHS Highland, the module is designed for parents and anyone who works with children. 

Through interactive content, including animations, links to current research and guidance and a few simple tasks and questions to help consolidate your learning, this module supports adults to support children to have a positive body image and reach their full potential.

Accessing the Module

To get started, click here to be taken to the E-Learning Zone. Simply click the green ‘add to cart’ button and you will be guided through the checkout process. Fill in a short form, press the ‘submit’ button, and that will be you up and running. 

Is it difficult to use? 

If you don’t count yourself as a proficient computer user, rest assured that the modules on the CALA E-Learning Zone are designed to be easy to access and progress through. Take a look at some of our recent feedback: 

“I was a bit unsure before I started but got on well”

“Simple and informative”

“It’s easy to use and is great for CPD. I’d like to do more modules and regularly check for course updates.”

And if you do get stuck, just send an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to help. 

Click here to get started!

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