Munlochy Pre-school Go Wild Bird Spotting at Munro’s Nurseries.

MP-Munros-2015.11-02On 6th November, Munlochy Pre-school were invited to go to Munro’s Nurseries as part of the ‘Go Wild’ project to find a range of bird pictures placed around the plants. We didn’t need to be asked twice so, along with the children’s mums and dads, off we went.

We were given a pictures of the different birds we had to find and the mums and dads had to write down where they were hidden.

The children were really up for the challenge making their way around the different plants shouting “I found one” or pointing “there’s one on the window”.

After we found all six birds we went to the coffee shop for a cup of juice and a snack. When the children sat down and saw a small chocolate bar at their plates, they couldn’t believe it! All eyes turn to the staff as if to say “are we allowed this?” – after all it was only 9.45 am! Once we explained that it was a treat and they could eat it, all the children quickly tucked in.

The children were all given a bag to take home with a book for spotting birds and some bird food to encourage birds to visit their own gardens.

Here are some of the comments made by the children when they saw the photographs after the visit:

We had china cup with juice”.

 “We had juice and chocolate, chocolate is bad for your teeth”.

“I found a birdie”.

“Finding birds we found them all mum helped “.

“I’m finding the birds”.

We would like to thank Munro’s Nurseries – the children had a great time. And so did the staff and parents!

Enjoy the photos!

Marion Laidlaw, CALA Childhood Practice Manager