Muir Of Ord ELC (MOO) welcomes MOO FOOD

The following blog article was submitted by Laura at Muir of Ord ELC :

The staff and children at MOO invited Rachel from MOO FOOD to visit us in September to talk to the children and some parents about what they do as a group and some ideas of what we could do together here at our setting.

MOO Food is a community food company located in the Highlands of Scotland, with the aim to build community resilience by bringing people together to grow food, knowledge and confidence. Learn more about them at

It was agreed that Rachel would provide us with a raised planting bed, compost and bulbs to plant in it. Everyone is so excited about working together with MOO FOOD

Early in November Rachel and Jasmine came back and helped all the children fill the raised beds with compost and plant some onions and garlic bulbs.

We learned that the bulbs needed frost, sun and rain to grow. Our bulbs should be ready in Spring, so the children counted how many months we would need to wait before we could harvest them. We talked about things that could harm the bulbs and put netting over the planting bed to protect it from birds.

We have only planted seeds before, so planting bulbs was a new experience for us. One of the children explained: “you have to break them up.”

We have had so much fun, and cannot wait to harvest our crops. “We are going to make garlic bread!” exclaimed one child! See you soon MOO FOOD!!!!!

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