Benefits of Membership

Membership of Care and Learning Alliance gives you…

Access to Direct Support

Through its network of childhood practice and administrative professionals Care and Learning Alliance can provide direct group support by phone, email, or face to face.

Access to CALA Gateway

The CALA Gateway scheme offers employment guidance and comprehensive targeted support which is aimed at assisting committees/employers to re-examine working practices and help them to take steps to meet the additional pressures arising from management, financial and employment responsibilities. Find out more here.

Access to The Gateway Link

The Gateway Link Newsletter is issued each term and provides up to date employment advice.

Access to CALA Policies & Literature

Care and Learning Alliance’s policies and procedures will help guide a group’s own policies and procedures. Areas covered include…

  • Early Years key policies and procedures
  • Additional guidance for Early Years settings
  • Committee information
  • Employment matters

Access to Training

Our training is local, relevant and mostly free!

Access to Child Protection Guidance

Our child protection guidance information and specialist support is from Child Protection designated officers.

Access to Competitive Insurance Cover

Albany Childcare Insurance is a Scottish based company who specialise in childcare insurance. Their comprehensive insurance cover, with very few optional extras, gives members peace of mind. The premium and pricing structure is extremely competitive and they have a friendly, dedicated team of experts to answer all your queries.

Find out more about Albany Childcare Insurance.

Access to an Online Presence

Care and Learning Alliance member groups can have their own static page on the CALA website where parents & carers can access information on opening hours and other useful information.

A CALA member group can have its own ‘Noticeboard’ on the CALA Blog where they can:

  • share stories & pics of the children
  • advertise staff vacancies
  • encourage comments from parents & carers

Access to a dedicated CALA email account

Member groups can have their own dedicated CALA email account for swift and efficient two-way communication.

Access to Start-up Grants

For new Toddler, Early Years and Out of School groups Care and Learning Alliance can provide advice, information and, possibly, some financial help with your start up plans.