Making Time for Play – Louise’s latest update

(First posted on April 9, 2015 by CALA Childhood Practice)


As part of the Making Time for Play project I have been delivering awareness-raising First Aid courses for parents and carers throughout Highlands, along with my colleague Fran from HiMATS.

These have been offered in response to the fact that many parents are unsure of what to do in cases of accidents in the home. In discussion with parents we have found that their biggest worries are burns (often from tea/coffee and worryingly, hair straighteners left within reach of children), choking, and bumps to the head. Parents and carers have been shown how to deal with these along with other techniques such as CPR, recovery position, bandaging and slings.

The training has been really well received with parents commenting they feel much more confident about what to do in an emergency. In one case a parent got in touch to say that shortly after doing the training, their child had choked on a piece of fruit and had she not done the training, the outcome might have been much more serious, but by following what she had learned, she was able to dislodge the blockage.

If your toddler group would like to access a course you can contact the HiMATS office on 01463 258832 for more information.

And just as an aside – following the most recent course in Kinlochleven, I popped into Morrisons in Fort William to pick up some bits and pieces. I was aware that there seemed to be a bit of an event going on… There was Jen McWhirter, one of CALA’s Parent and Toddler Group Facilitators, who had been helping with the First Aid course not an hour before, leading a group of children from the local primary school in a flash mob!


The group were raising funds for a school trip by bag packing and dancing, ably directed by Jen, delighting all the customers. It really brightened up a wet Friday afternoon – well done Jen and team!

Louise Gibson, CALA Play Practice Advisor