Making Time for Play Project – CALA’s Play Practice Advisor’s Autumn 2014 update

October was a quiet month – partly due to holidays but also due to the weather closing the Stromeferry Road, making Skye difficult to get to without a 266 extra mile detour! Never mind – we made up for lost time.

We’ve had lots of activities including glueing and sticking, sand play, making leaf pictures with all sorts of leaves and seed heads etc, gathered from the garden and woods (making sure none of them are poisonous!).

At Broadford, Heather held a [email protected] Session for us all which went down really well – home made instruments were a great hit!

We used a big pile of dry leaves to help in our Bear Hunt at Portree; we had a big blue tarpaulin as the river and used the leaves as the forest. The children (and parents) had great fun kicking the leaves and throwing them, and everyone helped to tidy up afterwards.

Mums have started planning activities for the next few weeks and it’s great to have their input. We hope to make decorations, salt dough creations, cards etc, so it’s going to be a busy time!

Louise Gibson, CALA Play Practice Advisor