Making Time for Play – Louise’s update, Sept 2014


Hello and here’s our first MTFP blog of the new term and it’s been a busy start with lots of families old and new coming along to the groups! It’s great to see so many families coming and really engaging in the craft and sensory activities as well as the singing and stories. Bookbug is working his little socks off!

One activity in particular that went down a storm at Gaarfields was one that we like to do at Toybox in Gairloch. Get hold of some really cheap rice and pasta (about 40p a bag in supermarkets), some water, food colouring (optional) and add some bowls/pots/pans/spoons etc. Do this outside or use a tray to contain the creations! Think back to when you were young – almost all the adults I’ve spoken to talk of making potions etc with items such as the ones above or rose petals to make “perfume “ etc and remembered how much fun they had had doing so. We added some bubbles and straws as well which the children loved! Have some old towels handy to mop up!


At Lairg recently we returned to the old favourite of dry sand. Mums, dads and children loved sifting the fine sand through their fingers and find it very therapeutic. You can buy bags of sand in supermarkets over the spring and summer for around £2 for a 10 kg bag. It’s ideal to get a cat litter type tray and pour some sand in it. If using inside, open up a black bin bag to put the tray on and collect spilled sand. Give children a variety of things such as spoons, funnels, flower pots so they can see the sand pour through the holes etc.

MTfP-Louise-Gibson-2014.09-02MTfP-Louise-Gibson-2014.09-03At Broadford we’ve had water play, playdough, painting and recently using soup mixes, barley, dry herbs and spices to make collage pictures. This works really well as the children have all their senses stimulated in this kind of activity.

They love the colour of the different pulses, the rattle they make when shaken in a jar, the feel of them, the smell. in particular of the mixed spice and mixed herbs (80p for a reasonably large tub from supermarkets and you don’t need much) and a few of them decided to taste some of it! Why not try this if you have dribs and drabs dry food left over? A bit of pva glue, some card and imagination and you have a lovely sensory picture.

Remember to put the date on it for future reference!

Louise Gibson, CALA Play Practice Advisor