Making Time for Play – Louise’s update, July 2014


We’ve had another busy month working hard at playing. I think the most popular activities this month have been water play and balloons. Water play is so easy, even inside, if you are prepared with a plastic bowl of water on a plastic cloth with some towels close by. We used jugs, funnels and flowerpots and had great fun! Don’t forget bathtime is another great play opportunity. With the good weather hopefully here for the summer it’s a great opportunity to get outside with water. Give the children a paintbrush to water paint fences etc.

The balloons (I was given them free by a local shop) were put to good use. Firstly, we used them to paint with. We blew them up a little bit then dipped them in paint and used them to make prints. Afterwards we washed them (more water play) them used them for some physical play – blowing, kicking and playing keepy-uppy with them. All great fun!

We continued our baking activity from last month by making playdough cakes and cookies. Silicone cup cake cases are great to mould the playdough into and make realistic looking cakes. I was really impressed at how well the children at Sutherland Stepping Stones shared and helped each other during this activity.

I’ll be attending the Brora Teddy Bear’s Picnic on the 24th July so am looking forward to that.

Louise Gibson, CALA Play Practice Advisor