Little Lochinver Litter Lifters

The following blog article was submitted by Jane and Amy from Lochinver pre-school:

Lochinver Early Learning Centre has been carrying out a marine litter project as part of their Eco School journey. The ‘Wrigley Litter Less’ campaign awarded us a grant of £200 towards the cost of litter picks and leaflet printing. The children have been learning about the different dangers from marine pollution and where it comes from.

They have produced 2 leaflets: one for the fishing industry and one for the local community. We hope to persuade local harbours to join the KIMO ‘Fishing for Litter Initiative’ and raise awareness of recycling and micro-bead/glitter pollution in the local community. Our video charts our journey so far. Next we want to approach schools and Highland Council to encourage them to use biodegradable glitter – would you feed plastic to your pet fish? Then don’t wash glitter down the drain!!!!!!!!!

Click the image below to play our video:

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