The Latest News from Lochinver ELC – Litter Hotspot

The media recently highlighted pilots identifying litter hotspots around the coast and using aerial photography to identify litter on remote or un-accessible beaches.

The children of Lochinver Early Learning Centre don’t have planes or fancy cameras but, with a determination and stamina beyond their years, they discovered large amounts of litter on a cove rarely visited. With the help of volunteers, Ken Fairchild, Fiona Saywell, Sarah and Chantelle Farmer, they revisited the beach to try and clean up. This was extremely difficult! The rope and net has been there for several years and the vegetation had grown through.

Once bagged the question remained, how to transfer it from the shore? Harbour Master Joe MacKay and James Macaskill to the rescue! It took two trips with the boat to transfer all the rubbish, which included a large float.

Lochinver ELC would like to thank all those mentioned above for their help. Equally well done to the children of the ELC, you are superheroes!

Our Indoor Garden

The children have been busy this last term creating an indoor garden. Please have a look at our video to see how they have achieved this.

Press the image below to play the video!

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