Karyn McCluskey – Keynote Speaker for the CALA Annual Conference

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Here is the final instalment in the series for the workshops and speakers in the upcoming CALA Annual Conference.

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We are delighted to welcome Karyn McCluskey as our keynote speaker for this year’s CALA conference.karyn

Karyn McCluskey is the Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, which is part of Police Scotland and is dedicated to reducing violent incidents throughout Scotland.

Karyn has twenty years’ experience working with police forces around the country, including Sussex, Lancashire, West Mercia, Strathclyde Police and the Metropolitan Police.

The Scottish Violence Reduction Unit is a national centre of expertise on violence. Part of Police Scotland, the VRU targets violence wherever it occurs whether it’s on the streets, in schools or in our homes. Supported by the Scottish Government the unit has adopted a public health approach, treating violence as “an infection which can be cured”. The VRU is the only police member of the World’ Health Organisation’s Violence Prevention Alliance. The VRU believes violence is preventable – not inevitable.

The aim of the VRU is to create long-term attitudinal change in society rather than a quick fix. The VRU also focuses on enforcement, seeking to contain and manage individuals who are involved with violent behaviour. The approaches taken have centred on the contributing factors leading to violent crimes, such as disruptive home life, domestic abuse, unemployment, etc.

This public health approach includes supporting ex-offenders to find employment, supporting their families, encouraging community cohesion and breaking the cycle of an unhealthy and abusive environment.

“Violence works like an infectious disease. It’s passed on. You can catch it. You might live and die in a square mile. Your life is not predictable or manageable. You may have alcoholic parents, suffer domestic violence. Nobody cares about you. You’re incapable of empathy: hard-wired for violence.”

– Karyn McCluskey, the woman who took on Glasgow’s gangs

Click here to read more about Karyn and the invaluable work she does with the Violence Reduction Unit.


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