What have we been learning about at Junior World?

JW-Jungle-2015.11-01At Junior World Early Learning in Nairn, we have recently been learning about some of the animals that live in the jungle. The children have been using a range of reference books and the computer to watch videos on some of the animals to help extend their learning and gain new experiences.

They’ve also been compiling a floor book on which to record what they have learned and are using different arts and crafts to make pictures and do their own drawings. The children are really enjoying being creative and taking ownership of their work.

We’ve been listening to the monkey puzzle story – it’s one of our favourite stories. We have made a wall display of their art work where children have recalled parts of the book, evaulating the story with a happy or sad face to say if they enjoyed the book. We couldn’t look at all the animals so we voted on the animals that we liked the most.

Hope you enjoy our Jungle slideshow!

Jackie Stewart, CALA Childcare Manager, Junior World & Rothiemay